The signs as cliché breakup lines
  • Aries:I just don't feel that spark
  • Taurus:You're too good for me
  • Gemini:We’re just on two different paths right now
  • Cancer:I love you, I’m just not in love with you
  • Leo:It's not me, it's you
  • Virgo:I really just need to work on myself
  • Libra:I’m just not ready for a serious relationship
  • Scorpio:I’m too f*cked up for you
  • Sagittarius:I'm too young to be tied down
  • Capricorn:I don't really see a future together
  • Aquarius:We’re just better off friends, you know?
  • Pisces:You deserve someone better than me
I think you do love me. Or you could love me. But you’re just too stubborn and scared to admit it because the last time you really gave your heart to someone it got broken. And I get that, I’ve been there. But somewhere along the line you gave up on the idea that you deserve to feel this way again

Tramp Harbor

I think it’s safe to say you were getting pretty comfortable in front of the camera by this point in the day. 

The first thing that we decided about our elopement was our photographer. I had been a fan of Jonas’ work for a long time. I really believe in good & bad energy and vibes, and I loved how while looking at his work you could kind of feel the room. It’s not just that the photos were mostly candid, which I do love, but also that he included the setting and environments. For me, that helps to create such a clearer image of a situation. His photos procure the feel of a room and the subjects in it. That’s what always drew me to his work, and I knew that if I ever got married he would be who I’d want to hire. After we hired Jonas everything else just fell in line. Our family is scattered so we knew we wanted to elope, just the 3 of us. We wanted to take a roadtrip for our honeymoon anyway so Seattle seemed perfect. Jonas helped us so much with everything, he set me up with our amazing hair and makeup person, found locations for the perfect portrait walk before we even left Oklahoma, told jokes with our daughter while waiting in the car for the ferry. It was such a gift to be able to have him and Mary there to document the day, and they did a beautiful job. The photos look exactly how the day felt to me, there’s something very authentic about how he captures moments. It’s like journalistic wedding photography if that’s a thing? When somebody has an extraordinary talent it bounces off whatever is around them, and I am so honored to have had the opportunity to have our wedding day serve as a reflection of his talent.



As a member of the BlockWorks build team I created a few builds for Mianite season two. Here’s a journey back through my personal contributions. (The bits of architecture in the first three and the Fortress of Fury aren’t mine.) 

Also as a member of BlockWorks I am open for commissions. I’d like to present the opportunity to those of you looking to add a dose of life to your Minecraft server. Organics (sculptures of people, creatures, plants, etc…) are my specialty. 

BlockWorks is always looking for new contacts.

Drop us a line on our Twitter: https://twitter.com/blockworksyt
Or official website: http://blockworksmc.com

nd if you’d be interested in commissioning me personally, a message on Tumblr will do just fine. (To Mianite fans: If you seek my in-game services, you might get to meet someone quite familiar to you.)

I hope you’re all enjoying your seasons, whatever they may be. Happy Minecrafting. <3


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So on March 28 I met Set It Off in Pontiac, Michigan. It was the most amazing experience ever, I kid you not! So initially I was just going to the concert to see them and As It Is perform, without the whole VIP deal. But as I waited in line outside of the venue, some random guy said they had a few extra VIP tickets to meet SIO. I guess he worked there or something. So I basically paid him $60 right there on the street for my friend and I to meet them. But let me just tell you, it was sooo fucking worth it. Not only did I get a signed poster by them, but I also got a group picture and a little acoustic show. They are so good live, but especially when they play acoustically. You can just see the passion in their eyes and it’s so inspirational. I love their music more than anything because I think it’s crafted really well. I tend to be picky with music because I am involved with music myself, but all of their music is so incredible. They were also such sweethearts and I remember they spoke to me as a friend, not a fan. Which is such a great feeling. Anyways hopefully I get to meet you at Warped Tour in Michigan:)

from the amazing embarrassingdoodles.tumblr.com

[picture of a Siamese cat’s head against a triangle-sectioned background with many shades of blue. Top line of text reads: Friend: How are you feeling? || Bottom line of text reads: Me: Like someone beat me with a baseball bat yesterday without me noticing. But, you know, besides that, I’m fine.]

bell blake + s3

So now people are angry about Bellamy allegedly resenting Clarke for leaving. 

Some people are going out of their way to criticize Jason for this writing decision, already complaining about how it seems that Jason “doesn’t understand Bellamy as a character” or that he’s somehow systematically sabotaging him by making it look like “he is lost without Clarke”.

I’m just going to comment on this line of thought because I’m annoying as shit and sticking my nose in these kinds of things is my number one favorite thing to do on the internet, so here we go: 

I really don’t get people who are unhappy about their fave running into conflict within himself/with another character/with the enviroment around him. Because this is essentially what you’re complaining about: Bellamy’s (and Clarke’s. Even Bellarke’s!) journey not being a smooth and safe road to a happy ending.

Admittedly, it could have gone either way. Bellamy could have been fine with her going or not, we didn’t know what would happen. But put yourself in the writers’ shoes. What kind of tension does him being cool with her disappearing into thin air create? Bellamy should be ok with Clarke leaving…why exactly? Isn’t is better, plot wise, to create a little drama? A little angst? You all read angsty fics, I know you do. How is this any different? Why do you watch tv, if not for the endless possibilities that it brings and for the entertainment of watching your favorite characters fight and suffer and love and surprise you with every move? 

Jason does understand Bellamy. He has yet to make a writing decision that feels out of character for him, and it’s been two seasons. I don’t understand where this particular criticism stems from, but it’s certainly unfounded in this case: Bellamy resenting Clarke would make sense. Especially when Clarke left the group in a very precarious situation: winter is only a month or so away, they’re surrounded by the Tree Kru - a people which essentially broke the alliance in the most dramatic of ways and is now unlikely to stay faithful to the peace terms - at the end of a war which cost the Arkers hundreds of lives, low on morale and supplies. Furthermore, I’m not entirely sure that Octavia will keep Clarke’s involvement in the bombiing of TonDC a secret for much longer - especially when it could have cost her own life. Especially when she’s talking to her own brother. 

And finally, let’s get this out of the way: Bellamy struggling - with anything - is not an indication of the fact that “Jason thinks he’s lost without Clarke”. Bellamy struggling with leadership is not about Clarke. Bellamy losing people in battle is not about Clarke. Bellamy struggling to remember the lyrics to Candle In The Wind doesn’t mean that Jason thinks he’d remeber them if Clarke were by his side. Struggle is a part of any human endeavor and leadership of any kind - including Bellamy’s more “man of the people” kind of leadership style - is no different. 

Accusing Jason of undermining Bellamy is wrong, because he treats him as a character who’s indipendent from Clarke in every way - ever since the beginning, he makes his own decisions, heeds her judgement but sometimes doesn’t agree, fights his own battles, does things his way, plays within his strenghts. And if you think he’ll come off as incompetent just because he’s struggling in some way, then I think it says more about you than it does about Jason’t interpretation of Bellamy. 

Bellamy is not her White Knight and she’s not the Savior. I think the show made that abundantly clear. Especially when Clarke is probably one of the most controversial characters on the show. Yes, her people did survive the war at the end, but the cost of that victory screams “morally grey”. Hell, she singlehandedly destroyed a minor civilisation. She, along with Lexa, allowed the bombing of a grounder city. That’s not exactly whitewashing her, is it? 

You cannot think of her as the Savior of the people, and you’re definitely not encouraged to by Jason. He did refer to Bellamy as her “knight” one time, but I think it had more to do with the fact that Clarke, at that point, was considered to be The Leader of the Sky People by virtually everyone - therefore everyone, including Bellamy, is bound to be considered beneath her. He’s her right hand man at that point. There is only one leader, just like there’s only one protagonist in the show - Clarke Griffin. Everyone else, including Bellamy, are supporting - albeit important - characters in her show. I think the fanbase read into that quote too much, but that’s just my interpretation of it.

To wrap this sausage up: Bellamy resenting Clarke makes sense. It’s sensible. It’s understandable. If he and Kane and Abby struggle to keep their people in line, it’s understandable. It’s not Jason being mean to Bellamy. Bellamy has his talents, Clarke has others. Bellamy has his position within the Ark community, Clarke has another. Jason doesn’t hate Bellamy. He basically wrote him as a smooth talking GI Joe. Don’t be ridiculous.

Claire’s history

I had not slept with many men other than my husband…

I supposed it would be harder if I found him unattractive; in fact, the opposite was true. Still, I had not slept with any man but Frank in over eight years.

– Claire, Book 1 (Outlander)


“I‘ve known men who, well…”

“Men? Was Frank not your first?” he demanded, surprised. 

I put a hand behind my head and regarded him. “Would it matter if he wasn’t?”

“Well…” Clearly taken aback by the possibility, he groped for an answer. “I suppose—” He broke off and eyed me, meditatively stroking one finger down the bridge of his nose. One corner of his mouth turned up. “I don‘t know.”

– Claire and Jamie, Book 7 (An Echo in the Bone)


If you read between these lines, Claire had other lovers before she married Frank. We know next to nothing about her life between her roving girlhood with Uncle Lamb and her marriage to Frank at age 19.

[[Side note: I would *LOVE* a short story or novella about Claire’s life during that time - much like how Diana Gabaldon chronicled Jamie’s time as a mercenary in France in the wonderful novella “Virgins”]]

Claire never (to our knowledge) shares her non-Frank romantic history with Jamie (save the dragoman’s son in Egypt who gave her her first kiss at age 9). On the other hand, we - and Claire - know everything about Jamie’s romantic history. There are memorable scenes in The Books where Claire asks Jamie to share everything about what passed between him and these women (e.g., Annalise de Marillac, Mary MacNab) - and he does.

Yet Jamie never asks Claire about any of the men she may have been with - even when she brings them up in conversation. Why? 

I think it goes back to the very first days of their marriage - their understanding that respect has room for secrets, but not for lies. Jamie has always recognized - and respected - that Claire had a whole other life and marriage before him. He doesn’t necessarily like it:

“Damn right I begrudge! I grudge every memory of yours that doesna hold me, and every tear ye’ve shed for another, and every second you’ve spent in another man’s bed! Damn you!”

– Jamie to Claire, Book 2 (Dragonfly in Amber)

But - Jamie respects her, and loves her, so he never asks her explicitly. He knows that she’s tied herself to him in every way possible, and he understands - rightfully - that that’s what truly matters between them.

i mean i dont wanna fuck you up or anything but if jessica was still in the group she would probably have a cute english line in party like “are you ready to party? *giggle*” 

Imagine spending a rainy day teaching Cas to play video games...

This was an anon request. I am apparently in a smutty mood today and couldn’t help throwing a little naughty at the end of this. Maybe I’ll continue it in a full one shot?

“You have to choose a vehicle first, Cas. Do you want a motorcycle or a car?” you asked, grinning at the angel’s confused expression.

“I am an angel. I will just ‘zap’, as you call it, to the finish line. Though, that does make the race feel rather pointless.”

“Cas, it’s a game. Your character can’t zap to the finish line. You have to drive him there.”

“I don’t understand,” Cas said apologetically.

You looked at Dean for help, but he simply took another swig of his beer and shrugged.

You spent the next few minutes explaining how the controller worked and how Cas would need to use it to drive his character around the track.

During the first race, Cas kept trying to drive through the barriers surrounding the tracks, becoming more and more frustrated when the game wouldn’t allow him to take a shortcut.

“This is the fastest way to the line where we finish. I don’t understand why I am not allowed to go there.”

“You have to stay on the track, Cas.”

“But why?”

“Because those are the rules. It makes it fair for everyone. Just think of it as a challenge. A challenge is what makes it fun.”

Dean chimed in. “I hate to say I told you so, Y/N, but Cas is never going to play video games.”

Still determined, you tried again. This time, Cas spent the entire race trying to knock others off the track.

“If they aren’t on the track, they can’t beat me,” Cas replied proudly, as if he had found a way to beat the system.

“Cas…” you groaned. When the thunderstorm outside had kept you confined in the motel room for the day, you had thought teaching Cas to play video games would be a fun way to spend the time. Now you weren’t so sure. Maybe you should have gone to explore the local library with Sam.

A few more races and a few more misunderstandings solidified your desire to do just about anything else.

“Maybe there’s something else we can do?” you asked, looking at both Cas and Dean for suggestions.

“We could play Dean’s game,” Cas offered.

“Dean’s game?” You raised an eyebrow at Dean, who was looking at Cas with a puzzled expression.

“Yes. Dean has mentioned before that he likes to play a game with cards. I believe it’s called strip poker?”

You couldn’t help your giggles as Dean’s face flushed with embarrassment.

“Cas, that’s not exactly a game you play with close friends,” Dean huffed.

You glanced back and forth between the two men sitting in the room with you. It may have just been the boredom talking, but they were even more gorgeous than usual.

What the hell?

You grabbed your duffel bag and pulled out a bottle of tequila and your deck of cards. You turned to a surprised Dean and gave him your sexiest smile.

“Are you sure you don’t want to teach Cas strip poker?” you asked.

A slow grin formed on Dean’s lips.

Kevin Bieksa traded today to Anaheim in exchange for a 2nd round draft pick next year. I’ve read all over that the Canucks do not intend on doing much in the free agency market. which keeps the Canucks down one centreman and one defenceman. maybe Dane Fox, Brendan Gaunce, or a big surprise with Cole Cassels making the jump from the CHL could fill the role for 4th line and bump Linden Vey up to the 3rd.

Bieksa, a fan favourite (my personal favourite) and strongest leader in the locker room leaves a gaping hole in the defence. it seemed pretty obvious that both Frankie Corrado (who will be on the NHL 3rd line this season) and Alex Biega are not ready to fill his shoes when they were filling for injured D-men last season. making it to the Calder Cup finals as a team doesn’t mean that all these individuals are ready for a Stanley Cup run. 2015-2016 season looks grim for the Canucks.

This is why I hate professional sports. The business, money, and greed take over. Saad who told all of Chicago he would take a pay cut/hometown discount didn’t do that. He asked for 6.5 mil.. If we paid him 4 mil a year for like 2 years then upped his contract.. I mean if you can’t live off of 4 million a year that’s a problem. I’m mad with him. He has done great here. He won 2 cups, played with some of the best players in the league, played on the 1st line and money took over. Not only is he hurting the team but also himself. He would’ve done great things in Chicago.. Would’ve been a star like Kaner, he already was on the rise.

Not ready - Part Seven

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The Not Mature Enough Series


Ashton POV


“Who the fuck is calling me in the middle of the night?” I mumbled as I stared at my phone screen. The number was unknown.

“Dude can you please pick up the damn phone?” Calum asked me from where he stood in the doorway.

“Cal, shut up.” I said as I picked up the phone, hearing someone cry on the other end of the line.

“Hello? Who’s this?” I asked. It was quiet for a few moments, so I thought a fan had somehow figured out my phone number and I almost hung up.

“Ashton?“ The voice on the other end came out scratchy and hoarse, like she’s been crying for a few hours already. “Ashton, are you there?”

“Yes. I’m here.” Hearing those cries was the most painful thing I’d ever heard in my entire life. “What’s going on, Y/N?”

“She-oh my God, I’m such a shit mother.” It all came out very panicked and unclear. “She’s-oh my God!”

Y/N started to cry even harder and a string of curse words, focused on herself, left her mouth. Her breaths were fast and I knew she had a panic attack.

“Y/N, calm down!” I yelled into the phone. “Deep breaths in and out, just like I taught you when you had your first panic attack. Remember? In and out, in and out.”

She seemed to calm down and a few minutes later, she was able to speak and tell me what the hell was going on.

“Ashton, I’m such a shit mum.” She said to me.

“What happened? Is everything okay? Are you and Scarlet safe?”

“That’s the thing!” She cried. “I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

“I don’t know where she is!” She yelled. “Scarlet’s gone!”

Ten minutes later, I arrived at Y/N’s house, Calum in tow. He had no idea what was going on, I hadn’t told him anything on the way here. I had been too anxious to talk.

What the Hell happened? I left after the little fight Y/N and I had. Then she called me at four in the morning, telling me Scarlet’s gone. How did that happen in a span of a few hours?

I got out of the car and ran up to the porch. Y/N had somehow heard me, because she came running to the door and opened it immediately, throwing her arms around me. Her whole body shook with each sob that managed to escape her lips.

“I’m such a shit mum!” She cried over and over.

“Y/N calm down.” I told her, running my fingers through her hair as she still clung to my body.

“Can someone please tell me what the Hell is going on here?” Calum stood behind me, watching us.

I turned around, wrapping my arms around Y/N’s small frame. “Scarlet’s gone.”

“Scarlet?” He looked at me confused. But not like it was real confusion, more like fake confusion.

“Yeah, Scarlet. Our daughter.” I said, glancing down at Y/N for a moment. “You know something, don’t you?”

“What? Me? Huh, what do you mean; I know nothing.” He was nervous, I could see it in his face. “I swear, dude. I know nothing.”

“Yeah, whatever.” I said, returning my attention to Y/N and Scarlet.

“Who has access to the house, Y/N?” I asked her.

“Only me and Y/F/N.” She said, then shaking her head. “No, Y/F/N couldn’t have done it. Could she?”

“I don’t know, but we have to find out where she is.”

“She was going to stay with her boyfriend tonight, I know where he lives.” Y/N wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“I’m so suing the person that has my baby.” I said as I pull Y/N towards the car to go find Scarlet.

“What?!” Y/F/N yelled. “Scarlet’s gone? How? When? Please explain.”

“I woke up to the front door being closed and then I went into Scarlet’s nursery and she was gone.” Y/N was surprisingly calm, compared to the mess she was when Calum and I arrived at her house.

“Any idea who has her?”

Y/N and I glanced at Calum and then at each other.

“Guys, I didn’t steal your baby!” He exclaims, obviously offended. “I haven’t even seen the kid in person, how the fuck would I steal her from the nursery in your house? I didn’t even know where you live until now.”

“Wait, you thought Calum stole your baby?” Y/F/N questioned Y/N and me. “Guys, you are crazy. He’s your friend, why would he steal your kid?”

“Wait a minute.” Y/F/N’s eyes shifted between you and Ashton. “You did not come here to ask me if I had your daughter, did you?” She put her hands on her hips, looking like an annoyed mum. “Y/N!”

“My baby is gone!” Y/N threw her arms in the air. “She’s my everything, of course I’m suspecting everyone.”

“Well, you can keep looking, I don’t have her.”

A few hours had passed and we hadn’t found Scarlet yet.

“We can go to the house, ask Michael and Luke to come help us?” I suggested, sipping on my coffee. Staying awake was becoming a problem, with only about four hours of sleep. Stay awake.

“Yeah, sure.” Y/N said, a frown evident in her forehead. “Call them first, so they know we’re coming.”

I pulled my phone from my pocket and tapped away, until I found Luke’s number.

“Hi, this is Luke. I can’t answer my phone, probably because I’m doing stupid shit. You can lea-” His voicemail was heard on the phone and I sighed. “Luke’s not answering.”

“He said he went to bed early tonight, you know, to get as much sleep as possible for tour.” Calum told me from the backseat.

I don’t know why we did, but Y/N and I glanced over at each other.

I scrolled through my contacts again. “Michael… How did I save him in my phone again?”

“Asshat.” Calum said from the backseat again. “He woke you by throwing a bucket full of water on you, remember?”

I tapped on his contact to call him. “Michael?”


“Yeah, it’s me.” I said, a lump in my throat. “Uhm… I-Y/N-Y/N woke up tonight and…uhm…Scarlet’s gone.”

“You say what now?” Michael said, obviously shocked. “Are you looking for her now? Is Y/N there with you?”

“Is that Michael?” Y/N asked me, holding out her shaking hand to take the phone from me. I only heard her part of the conversation as I listened.

“No, I’m not okay! My child is gone, Michael!”

“You don’t have her?”

“I’m such a shit mum.”

“Ashton’s here, so is Calum. We’re looking for her, we wanted to come over to see if you don’t have her by any chance.”

“Michael, I’m suspecting everyone at the moment.”

“Oh my God, you’re really calming me down here.”

“No, of course you’re not comforting me!”

“Yeah, we’re on our way. Bye.”


“Oh my God, are you okay?” Michael yelled out, as you hugged him tight.

“I’m such a shit mum, Michael.” You began to cry again. “I lost my child in my own house.”

“Calm down, I’m one hundred percent sure that wherever she is, she’s safe.”

“What are you doing outside?” Calum asked Michael.

“Well, I certainly didn’t lose-”

“You lost your keys, didn’t you?” Calum cut him off. Michael nodded. You were almost going to respond, but then you heard a cry. A very familiar cry, to be specific.

“Who’s in there? Open the door, now.” You asked, pointing to the house. “I swear to God, if someone doesn’t open this fucking door, I’ll go through a window.”

Ashton fiddled with the keys and then opened the door. “My girlfriend and Luke are here, I think.”

You ignored the fact Ashton still had a girlfriend and he had kissed you hours before.

You leapt up the stairs, into the direction of the cries. They were Scarlet’s, you were sure.

Six steps.

The cries were getting louder.

Four steps.

Scarlet was here, you knew it.

Two steps.

Almost there.

Zero steps.

And then you threw open the door and heard the wailing of your daughter.

“What the fuck are you doing with my kid?!”


this was probably very shit omg


As some of you may know, I’m also writing this 5SOS Teenage Pregnancy Series, and I’m almost at the point where I have to come up with names for the babies.







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