I think sometimes we get confused because we think things are supposed to be perfect all the time or we’re supposed to feel perfect, or act perfect all the time, and that’s not the case. I think sometimes you get credit for just showing up and getting on with things, getting out of bed in the morning, going to school, going to work. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you do have to keep going.

Good morning, Happy Valentine’s Day, and Happy Singles Awareness Day Bombshells! Today I am wrapping up in in all red, lace, fishnet, and light as air comfort love. My picks are from the VS Dream Angels collection and are the push up bra and cheekini panty. Feeling empowered, confident, sexy, and beautiful to the core, I am ready for the day to come. Start your day off feeling beautiful and in a lingerie set you love. Take these few minutes just for yourself, celebrate your beauty, focus on the positive, engage in the moment, and open your heart a little further to see yourself for the incredibly beautiful person you are inside and out. Today is the day to truly love yourself unconditionally and share this love freely with all of the people in your life. If you have a someone special in your life use this day to strengthen the love and bonds that must continually grow between you. If you are currently riding the single bus, enjoy the ride, celebrate the beautiful life that is yours, the love and beauty that you carry within your soul, and allow your spirit to be free to find like hearts. Whether single or together use this day to celebrate the love itself, its beauty, power, and the magic of connections formed. Strengthen your bonds of love through your words and actions, always taking the time to let the loved ones in your life feel the truth of your love. Believe in all that you are and know in your heart that your light makes this world a brighter place each and every day. Be ever proud of the person you are and never stop striving to be the good in the world you want to see. Love freely with open arms, believe in the power of love, and have an incredible day no matter your relationship status. Stay true to the beautiful light that is you. Love you all to pieces. xoxo MML <3


valentine’s day over the years with nick and charlie

[nick and charlie are from solitaire by alice oseman]


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