alex was never posessed and is doing deals with bill, in return alex gets dreams made of smooth jazz

only the abolition of class is satisfactory as a political goal

charity and donating do not absolve the rich from the violence that is inherent in class

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Umm, let me see if I can do this hate mail thing right. Bronies are a menace- *knocks over lamp* Ah, that is, a menace to right-minded people- *accidentally drops backpack which spills out MLP merchandise* ...damn. Can I try this again?


there, there, no need to hide you’re true self, you’re safe here. 

Welp after all that crap let’s talk about something nice

I had my first RA meeting today! I got my room assignment - I was hired to be in the same suite I live in right now so I’m essentially taking over my current RA’s job lmao but we’re still gonna be working together so that’s great!

I also found out I’m getting much better financial aid for this job than i expected. i won’t go into the details for obvious reasons but WOW, I’m really happy about that. unexpected money is always, always a good thing. so yknow i wasn’t joking when i said good things were happening!! they really really are and i need to focus more on those than the things that keep bringing me down

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Hello may I have a ship in EXO as well? You can include original 12. I'm 5'3, long brown hair, brown eyes with glasses. I love music, but I can't dance or sing. I love to play video games and read good books. I do love a good romance but not too cheesy. Thanks!

“Holding you from behind and giving you a kiss on the cheek. I imagined him playing with you some video game, or maybe some book you would like to read you recommending. Suho is a corny guy, but I think it would check if you do not like it … it would be very very cute.”

i hope you like~!!!
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