I am currently without a laptop at the moment (I’m writing this on my brother’s PC). I’ve gone through three chargers in the past MONTH only to discover that my charging port is busted and my computer is dead and without a charge.

On top of that, the computer itself has more issues like

  • it’s literally falling apart (many pieces have broken off, shattered, bent, busted, ect ect)
  • it’s horrendously slow
  • it crashes at least twice a week if I’m lucky 
  • it’s about four/five years old at this point  and on its last leg

If you can, I would be over joyed and SO thankful if you could please donate to my paypal: jackie.roberts93@hotmail.com

Any amount of money you wish. I’m looking to raise about 300-400 or so for a decent laptop. I don’t need anything fancy, just something so I can do my work and school things ect ect.

So, why donations? Why can’t I just work for the money? I’m all about working for money, earning things my own way, but here’s the thing:

My laptop is my work, and right now I’m unable to do any of it, and I am broke. 

All my commissions, my logo jobs, my illustration job, my store, it is all digital art based. I can’t continue to work with a faulty laptop and I can’t do any work at all without a laptop in the first place. 

But I hate just asking for money; If you do plan to donate, PLEASE send me a message, I will do maybe some headshot sketches or something in return. 

I understand if you can’t donate, there are people out there who need money for better things and I want my followers to take care of themselves!! 

I’ll put a button on my page and a link to this post for the future!

Thank you so much for reading! ;w;