people were fucking wild for dbry but they can’t muster that anger anymore? like, not for sami, not for finn, even, if someone in the company deserves better there’s not the same outcry and rage and rioting for them. the closest thing we got was #GiveEmmaAChance and that led to a sequence of events in which the company mocked her, discredited her, and released her without looking back. like. if you think someone deserves better you find it easier to just give UP and fall into apathy because what’s the point? wwe isn’t listening. what does it matter

wwe is vilifying performers by showing that they have the AUDACITY to want better for themselves, and wwe refuses to acknowledge they they are in control of the booking and it is IN their power to give their employees better, instead just making it…stupid and selfish and laughable to think you deserve better. they did it with emma. they’re doing it with sami. they’re edging towards it with finn. it’s…like. 

the yes movement couldnt happen today. wwe’s just wrung its audience and its performers so thoroughly now that no one even has the energy to try anymore. its. just. yknow

A lot of people are riding the bi!Jake train and honestly, same. This episode once again proved it to me, but imagine Jake seriously not realising he’s bi. But he is so emotionally invested in this Rosa situation. Sure, he doesn’t like being dragged along, but it really has impact on him.

And he’s like: “Obvs. She’s one of my best friends!”

But the more he’s helping Rosa with coming out as bi, the more he realises this might apply to him again and he doesn’t know how to deal with that. He asks Amy about it and Amy admits that she’s thought about it too, because Jake does not shy away from saying that men are attractive. She never said anything about it because a) she doesn’t mind, because she knows he’s in a committed relationship with her and b) she felt like he needed time and space to figure it out himself.

Jake doesn’t really believe it because “pfffft, if I really am bi, why didn’t I know amiright?”

And Rosa just goes: “Just because I knew I was bi since 7th grade, doesn’t mean all people have to figure out at a young age.” And in typical B99 style, Charles has a random one-line about one of his family members realising he’s gay when he’s in his forties.

So slowly, Jake starts to realising he is bi and he connects all the “hints” in his mind, because he’s always talked about women, but he cannot deny that he’s talked about men as well.

And by the end of the episode, captain Holt gives Rosa a bi flag to put on her desk, because he loves having his gay flag on his desk and Rosa is touched and she thanks him, but Rosa gives it to Jake, because she’s already bought one herself.

Crackmas Day 2: Kwami Swap

Laaaaate, but here it is! Enjoy some LB!Nino, and hopefully I can get caught up over the next couple days.

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Day 2: Kwami Swap

While akuma attacks were never what Ladybug and Chat Noir would consider “convenient,” they still usually managed to escape whatever obligations that bound them in order to perform their hero duties. Or rather, that was the case most of the time, but given the frequency with which akumas popped up and the intricacies of being a human teenager, there was bound to be a time when an inescapable event arose that would prevent one of our heroes from making an appearance.

Today, as it turned out, was that very day, and it all began when Marinette woke up with severe pain in her right side…

“Tom, we have to take her to the emergency room,” Sabine was saying as she pressed a hand over Marinette’s forehead. The ailing girl in question sat on the steps in her pajamas, doubled over in pain with a grimace.

“Okay, you go, and I’ll handle the customers and close down then be there as soon as I can,” Tom said with a nod, stooping down to kiss her on the cheek. He cast Marinette a worried glance, brushing her cheek with his finger gently. “Hang in there, sweetie.”

“I’ll call a cab. I don’t think you can handle the metro,” Sabine said with a sigh, pulling her phone from her pocket and dialing a cab service. Marinette whimpered in pain, so Sabine sat beside her and rubbed her shoulder. “It’s gonna be alright.”

One trip to the emergency room later, and Marinette found herself in a thin hospital gown on her way to the OR. Turns out even superheroes could suffer a ruptured appendix, though akumas were the furthest thing from her mind as the anesthesiologist injected her with the most delightfully pain-numbing substance she’d ever received, and before Marinette could count back to 97, her world went black.

Meanwhile, her friends and adoring teen-model boyfriend weren’t surprised in the least bit when Marinette wasn’t present for home room as she was notorious for oversleeping, and they had no reason to suspect anything different on that day. Marinette was Marinette, and it was likely that she’d turn up eventually, sneaking in with only half of her hair combed or breakfast crumbs still stuck to the corners of her mouth from where she inhaled her croissant on the way up the stairs to the classroom.

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If I were to witness with my own two eyes, Marinette and Adrien finally knowing each others identities and dating, AND THEN THEY SOMEHOW LOSE THEIR MIRACULOUS TO HAWKMOTH AND HE TURNS BACK TIME AND I HAVE TO WITNESS WITH MY OWN TWO EYES. LOVE SQUARE JUST CEASING TO EXIST AND THERE IS NO LADYBUG AND CHAT NOIR AND THEY HAVEN’T EVEN MET I WILL tuck myself right into bed and sob for like 5 days straight bc please my heart will not take that thanks