saw @ghoststrawberries do the thing where you post your lock screen, background, last song listened to, and a picture of yourself, i haven’t done one of these in a while so yea!!

can’t change lock screen wallpaper individually so it’s the same as my regular background, which is cute art done for me by @n-aotica!! then last song is careless by royal blood (i don’t really listen to music on my phone so all i have are songs i use for alarms l m ao), and the picture is a selfie i took recently!!

not tagging anyone but feel free to say i tagged you!!


Do NOT imagine your otp spending a cold and rainy day together.

No matter what you do, do NOT imagine them huddled close under blankets and pillows, one of them nuzzling the other’s chest.

Don’t imagine how one of them clings to the other as said other has to get up to go make hot chocolate.

Don’t imagine them playfully arguing over who gets to pick a movie/TV show to watch while they drink said hot chocolate and cuddle under said blankets.

And most of all, do NOT
think of them falling asleep together, carefully holding each other, with small smiles on their faces, as rain trickles down the windows.

Don’t do it. ;)

you ever start to read the summary of a fic and with each word you get more and more excited because the idea for the story seems so cool and the you get to the last sentence and it ruins it completely like what the hell i was rooting for you


1080x1920 phone wallpapers: D.Gray-Man - Laven wallpapers

↳ request by @leomoemegane | wallpaper requests are closed

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Laven and touch

Ok., o.k we all know that Lavi loves touching Allen right? Especially hugs and all, which we got some in series… But but, did you ever realize how often he does this?! Like really really, he is just like glue when you will look at official arts. :D Please look:

Lavi just loves putting his arm on Allen’s shoulder…

he REALLY does

And look how happy face Allen have when Lavi is near and so touchy:D

Such angelic

smile. :D awwwww :D And Lavi really never stops. :D Hhaha such possessive cutie boyfriend ;)

Look even on this kid au art Lavi does this, almost hugging Allen, and they are so happy :D 

And you see… when Lavi can’t be more touchy he tries at least to touch Allen even a little, to makes him feel his loooooove and support. :D 

Just look at his happy face when doing this. :D Awwwww :D 

Ane he even pats baby Allen

And Allen is so happy… :D (crying, how precious they are aw ////////) 

And really look Lavi body is like magnesium to Allen’s… Like he doesn’t even stop just at putting arm on allen’s shoulder, just he can casually resting on his back… :D (they are so close i’m just crying here o.k //// hahah ;))

And aw this one, look how these two are near two each other comparing to Kanda. :) (Kanda is probably very happy with this haha, Kanda you are such saint to dealing with these two touchy love birds all time around hahah :)) Like two glued angels. :D How happy they are. and haha look at Lavi’s hand. ;) Hahah i wonder what it is touching. ;) 

See? Lavi just can’t stop to be glued to his cute little boyfriend and they are so happy together. :D Awwwwww :D Just slay me. :D Too perfect babies.