I swear the hate on gay ships needs to stop

Stop it. Just stop it. In nearly all discussions I’ve had with people about a homosexual ship, I get the response “Not all male/male friends are in love”. No shit Sherlock. Not all male/female friends are in love either.

Stop throwing your homophobic shit at people. Accept the fact gay ships exist, and that they are sometimes in fact canon. Just because I ship two males (and this applies to females too of course) doesn’t mean I’m a “Yaoi obsessed fangirl”.

  • Person: Your OTP is problematic/will never become canon/is my NOTP
  • Me: ¸. ¸    :.  . • ○ °   .   . .   ¸ .   °  ¸. ● ¸ . …somewhere   ° °  ¸. ● ¸ .   ° :.   . • °   .   :. . ¸ . ● ¸       ° .   ° :.  . • ○    .  °  . ● ¸ .    ° .  • ○ °   .      ° :.  . • ○    .  °  ¸….Way up high… ● ¸     ° °  . ¸.     ° . .    ¸ .   °  ¸. ● ¸ . … in the Universe…   °   ° .   . • °   .  * :. . ¸ . ● ¸       ° .    ° . .   ° :.  . • ○  ° :.  . • ○ ° :.  . • someone is not giving a fuck

Do NOT imagine your otp spending a cold and rainy day together.

No matter what you do, do NOT imagine them huddled close under blankets and pillows, one of them nuzzling the other’s chest.

Don’t imagine how one of them clings to the other as said other has to get up to go make hot chocolate.

Don’t imagine them playfully arguing over who gets to pick a movie/TV show to watch while they drink said hot chocolate and cuddle under said blankets.

And most of all, do NOT
think of them falling asleep together, carefully holding each other, with small smiles on their faces, as rain trickles down the windows.

Don’t do it. ;)

Some embarrassing AUs to think about:
‘You were singing really loudly in the shower when I broke into your apartment but then i heard you slip and crash and oh god i should probably check on you in case i get done for murder instead of just robbery’ AU

‘I thought I was alone in the apartment block laundry room but you were taking a nap in the back corner and woke up to me dancing and singing Britney Spears with a towel around my neck like a cape’ AU

‘You wandered into the 24hr Tescos/Walmart etc. I work at drunk at 2am and now you’re crying over a lettuce and comparing it to your ex and I have to ask, are you okay?’ AU

‘I bet my coworker that i could fit a whole iced bun in my mouth and you walked in to buy a cake just as i choked and coughed it everywhere’ AU

‘I saw you at a con but mistook you for my friend from behind who was cosplaying the other half of our OTP so i kissed you from behind and OH MY GOD I’M SO SORRY’ AU

‘I’ve just finished watching Marley and Me in the cinema and snot is dripping down my face because “THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE THAT’ and you’re the person who was sitting next to me the entire time and can’t get out of their seat until i move’ AU

anonymous asked:

how to start to ship Lavi/Allen?? And Lavi is straight, as I can see... Life is hard

Lavi did say that his interest lied in females between 16 and 40 but he never denied liking guys. Also, he did have a crush on Chomesuke and he was a guy. Another guy he was attached to was a Finder called Doug who Lavi seemed to be fond of. In fact, to me it seems that whileLavi might be sexually attracted to girls in general, he can be romantically attracted to the “one who cares about others to the point that it’s self-destructive” type of people.

Now, the Laven reasons:

  • Lavi immediately went for bonding with Allen, they built cute snowmans. It was a very brief pause where Allen could feel like a kid again.
  • When he saw that the thought of hurting humans freaked Allen out he didn’t try to push the topic or berate him, he gave him the place he needed. Lavi is clingy but when he sees that someone needs time to think he gives them space.
  • Lavi taught him an important lesson: the fear of being attacked any time by an Akuma
  • The whole Krory arc. They worked together as if they were old friends, solving mysteries. As Kanda and Allen are a strong combination, the two of them make splendid investigators.
  • Once Lavi saw what Allen saw he grew concerned for Allen’s mental wellbeing and made sure to stick close and tease him to ease him up (the hunt for Cross was a perfect opportunity for this)
  • He was worried sick when Allen was kidnapped by an Akuma, a feeling that only amplified when Lenalee came back beaten up and anxious because she couldn’t find him
  • It was hard for him too when they lost Allen. He missed Allen terribly and his feelings were out of control. He temporarily lost his teasing spark and became easy to anger: he snapped at both Miranda and Lenalee and lost his shit when he met Tyki who supposedly “killed” Allen. 
  • Despite the whole “Bookmen have no need for a heart” rule, Lavi still kept the Ace of Spades, the only vestige Allen left behind
  • When Allen did return Lavi stuck to his side and regained his playful spirit. He always was a step behind him to protect him
  • This:
  • Within Road’s dream world he could cut down and trample over everyone. Anyone, but Allen. Only he could make Lavi falter. It was the vision of Allen getting killed that made him lose. 
  • Allen’s voice led him out of Road’s world. Allen who threw himself in actual fire to save him.
  • Now that we’re at it can we mention how Allen was completely unable to bring harm to Lavi or even defend with his claw in fear that he might even just accidentally harm Lavi and rather got beat to pulp than hurt him? Yep, that happened.
  • “Can’t you hear my voice?”
  • Cuddling inside Allen’s cape. Also, Allen had Lavi’s face pushed in his chest
  • When Allen wanted to bring Tyki along he was worried for the risk that Allen might get in trouble rather than the act of saving the enemy
  • The two of them fighting Tyki and Lavi worrying about Allen another round
  • Even after the whole mess he kept following Allen around until the night Allen was told he was the 14th. It is unknown whether he wasn’t allowed to see Allen, couldn’t or had some other reason why they didn’t meet much onscreen afterwards.
  • Another thing that I really like that Lavi never took Allen’s recklessness towards his own wellbeing as a personal offence. Kanda and Lenalee mean well, but yelling at Allen won’t help. Lavi is probably aware that this isn’t Allen not trusting him, this is just how Allen’s own trauma affects him: he keeps people at an invisible distance. Even if he were to say that it made him angry that Allen cared so little about himself it wouldn’t solve the actual problem. 

In my interpretation neither Lavi nor Allen knows what’s with the other. Lavi probably doesn’t know what happened in North America, at most the Noah vaguely said “Allen Walker is a Noah now”. He might know if he was coherent enough to understand what he’s been told.

As for Allen, it wasn’t revealed if he knew what happened to Lavi and Bookman because he was imprisoned right after the Noah left the Order. It is possible that he’s unaware that Lavi has been the Noah’s prisoner while he was on the run.

Canon isn’t in Laven’s favour currently, but it started out as a very sweet, soft and playful relationship with lots of hidden affection. Currently they are both before a character development and it would be amazing and a good boost for this pairing to have them search for their paths together.