Not Ink for Laven Week 2016
August 14th
- Saturn | The World | Control, deep study, fixation

You succeeded passing through the mirror, waking a human once left behind. Please, stop shattering: the memories you reflect cannot be forgotten by this lens-like eye.

Fanfic Appreciation

For Fanfic Appreciation day, I want to share a few of my absolutely favorite DGM authors. :3 They all need more love, so if you have time, please go check out their works and send them some kudos and comments! 

@errantknightess is a wonderful author who is basically a hidden gem among the Laven shippers. Her fanfics are amazing, and I can’t give her enough praise. My favorite fic: Almost There.

@novastellaluna should get more love for her amazing fics. Her style is refreshing, and her ideas are fabulous. If you’re into Laven, please check her out. My favorite fic: We’re Not Broken, We’re Living Life.

@bottlecapmermaid always surprises me with their great fics. They disappear from the fandom for a while, then jumps back in and gives me too many feels. My favorite fic: I’m Only Happy When it Rains.

@the49thname never fails to drag more and more feels out of me. Her fics are great, and she can write pretty much any genre. It kills me every time. My favorite fic: Duality.

Laven Week 2016 - Day 7 - The World

Keywords: Control, deep study, fixation

Word count: 807

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It’s funny how the mind works sometimes, setting up bridges between things that shouldn’t be really connected.

Maybe it was because of the snow piling up outside the window that Lavi’s thoughts kept wandering, fluttering about with the flurry of flakes. The snow was so white and soft, and just begging to go out and play in it. He should find Allen later and build a snowman again. Or they could go ice skating – he had to learn it properly one day. Yes, that was a good plan – but first, he had to finish his work.

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I’ve always been a Laven shipper since starting D. Gray-man, but the recent episodes have been killing me.
Yu has had such a tragic past and Allen has to watch it through Yu’s memories. Yu needs someone to love him and Allen understands. They’re so much alike and they’d be perfect. I think I ship Yullen.
But I love Laven so much!!!
My brain’s solution first solution of course: well looks like it’s an ot3 now!