you ever start to read the summary of a fic and with each word you get more and more excited because the idea for the story seems so cool and the you get to the last sentence and it ruins it completely like what the hell i was rooting for you


Do NOT imagine your otp spending a cold and rainy day together.

No matter what you do, do NOT imagine them huddled close under blankets and pillows, one of them nuzzling the other’s chest.

Don’t imagine how one of them clings to the other as said other has to get up to go make hot chocolate.

Don’t imagine them playfully arguing over who gets to pick a movie/TV show to watch while they drink said hot chocolate and cuddle under said blankets.

And most of all, do NOT
think of them falling asleep together, carefully holding each other, with small smiles on their faces, as rain trickles down the windows.

Don’t do it. ;)