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I adopted like 200 sons? Like, each time a new character comes in, I say, “Hello, son.”

  • Kuroo:*suspiciously looking at Iwaizumi and Oikawa and Haru and Kazu doing exactly the same* HOLY SHIT! THE MULTIVERSE EXISTS! Fuck Einstein and its relativity! Quantum physics was right about everything!
  • Akaashi:But how come they can exist in the same space-time continuum as us?
  • Midorima:I guess something is disrupting vacuum fluctuations.
  • Kuroko:Maybe I shouldn't have done that zero-point energy pass after all?
July 24, 2016
  1. Scorpio

  2. Pisces
     Hair styling product

  3. Cancer
     Spiral staircase

  4. Taurus
     Japanese gardens

  5. Virgo
     A peaceful walk through the woods

  6. Capricorn
     UV protection goods

  7. Gemini
     Book cover

  8. Aquarius
     Culture school

  9. Libra

  10. Leo

  11. Aries
     Etiquette brush

  12. Sagittarius
     Housing information magazine

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GOM and Kagami reaction to seeing their s/o wear an overly revealing outfit to an event

Kuroko: Covering your shoulders with his jacket under the guise that you must be cold, Kuroko tries to hide the light blush that’s staining his cheekbones. His skin betrays him by deepening in color when you start to tease that your outfit may be too much for him to handle.

Kagami: The flush that crosses his cheeks when he sees your outfit is bright red, almost matching with his hair. Kagami is conflicted, wanting to keep you covered but not wanting to overstep his boundaries. In the end, he lets you wear what you want, but he keeps a close eye on anyone who’s stare lingers too long.

Kise: It’s flashy and reminds Kise of all the different outfits he sees at his photo shoots. He can’t help but wonder if you’re suddenly dressing up because people he worked with would be at the event. Either way, he thought you looked cuter (and more modest!) in your normal clothes you were comfortable with.

Aomine: Though he can’t deny that the extra expanse of skin you’re revealing is enticing, he wished you would have done it in a more private setting. It was like every person in the room was looking at you and it made Aomine grind his teeth. He’s ready to pounce on anyone who glances at you for longer than a second.

Midorima: When you step out of your room in an outfit that shows way more skin that he thought legal, Midorima is instantly pushing you back through the door. Cheeks flushed a bright shade of red, he’d insist that you change into something that didn’t show off everything you had to offer.

Murasakibara: Jealousy was something that came easily, especially when other people were obviously ogling a scantily clad you. Practically shoving his suit jacket around you, Murasakibara would insist you wear it so others would know you were with him only. You were practically swimming in the material!

Akashi: His suggestion seemed simple at first as he asked you to maybe find a shawl or jacket that matched with your outfit, covering you up a bit more. When you refused, he handed you his own jacket with a sigh. You couldn’t expect him to let you walk around in such a risque outfit, could you?

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GoM, Imayoshi, and Kagami reacting to their young daughter boldly declaring to their wife that she will "marry daddy". :"D

{My hEART}

Akashi Seijurou:
Akashi chuckles at his daughter’s antics, leaning down and scooping her up so that he can sit her on his lap. He holds her hand and kisses the top of her head before smiling apologetically. “I’m honored, but I’m afraid Mommy is already married to me. I promise, you’ll still get plenty of love between the two of us, alright?”

Aomine Daiki:
Aomine bursts out laughing, covering his mouth when his wife whacks him on the shoulder. He reaches out and ruffles his daughter’s hair as she pouts upwards at him. He holds out his other hand in a gesture of surrendering ‘i’m sorry’. He finds it hilarious and adorable all at once, and lets his wife be the one to break it to her how they’re kind of already married.

Imayoshi Shouichi:
Imayoshi covers his mouth to stop the grin threatening to break across his face from doing so. When his wife explains that she’s already married to daddy, his daughter looks towards him heartbroken to ask if it’s true. “I’m afraid so, squirt,” Imayoshi declares, reaching out to bring her into a hug, “But between you and me? You’d be my second choice next to mommy, promise.”

Kagami Taiga:
Overhearing it, Kagami almost chokes on his coffee as he tries to cover up the small smile on his face. He’s delighted to hear that his daughter is such a daddy’s girl. When he hears his wife explain  carefully that she’s already ‘married to daddy’ his daughter is almost in tears before running up to him and hugging him tightly. He hugs back, petting her hair before panicking just a little bit in an attempt to calm her down. “D-Don’t cry! I’ll marry you too. We can all be married!”

Kise Ryouta:
Kise’s eyes sparkle and he practically scoops his daughter into his arms the moment he hears the words leave her mouth, spinning her around with tears over how adorable she is. He cooes such things adoringly before stating, “I’ll divorce mommy right away! We can get married tomorrow! Let’s go pick you out a dress and-” He gets scolded for the joke, but laughs. In the end, he does take his daughter out to buy her a new dress. Her new dream turns into being a fairy-dinosaur princess, which is okay in his book too.

Kuroko Tetsuya:
Kuroko blinks in surprise at the declaration, a smile burning on his lips as he turned away to hide the chuckle that was bubbling up in the base of his throat. Adorable. She was adorable. He made that. When he feels a tug on his arm he looks down to find his daughter grinning widely at him. “You’re going to let me marry you, right daddy?” Kuroko allows the smile to burn on his lips as he kneels and kisses the top of his daughter’s forehead caringly, “Of course I will. Though you’ll have to talk to mommy about when the wedding’s going to be.”

Midorima Shintarou:
Midorima quirks an eyebrow at the conversation before pushing up his glasses. “That’s impossible,” He states factually, “Your mother and I are already married, you know that don’t you?” It was a gentle question, not meant to hurt her feelings but help her better understand the concept of marriage. What? If she went around saying she wanted to marry every guy she met Midorima would just about have a heart attack. “One day you’ll find someone you love just as much as I love your mother, and then you’ll want to marry them even more than me, nanodayo.”

Murasakibara Atsushi:
Murasakibara scarcely pays attention through his morning coffee and cake as the conversation persists around him. When he hears his wife explaining why they can’t get married, he quirks an eyebrow and puts down his fork. “Eh?” He blinks confused, “You can’t marry me, chibichin. You don’t cook as well as your mom. Learn it from her and then maybe I’ll think about marrying you, neh?”

  • Sousuke:Do you really want to know how I got my shoulder injured?
  • Hanamiya:Yes.
  • Sousuke:I was hula hooping. I attend a class for fitness and fun.
  • Hanamiya:Oh my god.
  • Sousuke:I’ve mastered all the moves: the pizza toss, the tornado, the scorpion, the oopsie-doodle...
  • Hanamiya:Why are you telling me this?
  • Sousuke:Because no one will ever believe you.
  • Hanamiya:You sick son of a bitch!

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