Kimi to Boku - Ch. 77 [English]

There, I did it. My first ever attempt at scanlation. (scanlation groups can have my full respect, coz that was darn time consuming OTL). So this is my own english scanlation of Kimi to Boku - Ch. 77 (note: the official eng scans for KtB is up to about ch. 28, whereas the chinese/raws are at ch. 79) So I decided I was NOT going to wait 10 years for the eng one to catch up. I went ahead and translated this particular chapter because its super sweet and one of my fav~

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lemon colored m e m o r i e s

Hello everyone!

We just noticed that there isn’t a week for this tiny fandom, so we decided to host one ourselves. It’s a great opportunity for us Kimi to Boku fans to showcase our posts celebrating this week - fics, playlists, art, you name it! Not just that, but we can discover other fans who are either posting stuff for the week or just along for the ride!

The prompts are:

Day 1 (August 10) | Favorite Character

Day 2 (August 11) | Chizuru’s Birthday (because the birthday boy deserves something special)

Day 3 (August 12) | OTP (your favorite pairing/s)

Day 4 (August 13) | Favorite Moment (favorite scene from the anime/manga)

Day 5 (August 14) | Beach

Day 6 (August 15) | Rhythm

Day 7 (August 16) | Freestyle (anything you want!)

Make sure to tag your post/s with #ktbweek and it should one of the first five tags in it.

Finally, it will also be very appreciated if you reblog this post to spread the word. Are you guys as excited as we are?

- Mod Yuta and Mod Kaname