Tokugawa Ieyasu 1st Night Event CG Preview

His preview:

Ieyasu: “Then prove to me that it’s not a lie.”
Ieyasu: “Show me all of you.”

Stared fixedly at me, his whispered voice is serious and earnest.

MC: “…Yes.”

I capture Ieyasu-sama’s eyes and give him a firm nod. As I put my arms around the back of his neck, we kiss over and over. My fingertips touch Ieyasu-sama’s bare skin…I feel deeply that this warmth returns back to me.

His letter:

Each and every time, you come near to me with that fool and delighted face… I have become used to it already to the point it’s beyond irritating and troublesome.

So, you should just stay by my side with that carefree and thoughtless face of yours. And also…tell me. I still need to learn from you about this unknown and strange feeling. And yes, you have no right of veto in this decision, you know?

Don’t leave, Mimi.

- Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Book Review: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe by Ryan North and Erica Henderson

Squirrel Girl has defeated pretty much every bad guy in the Marvel Universe – Thanos, Galactus, Doctor Doom…everyone. But thanks to a series of unfortunate coincidences and some unknown technology, Squirrel Girl finds herself face to face with an exact duplicate of herself! Well, perhaps not an exact duplicate. It seems like this twin is more of the evil twin variety. So Squirrel Girl, Tippy Toe, and their friends are going to have to team up to save the Marvel Universe!

I’ll be the first to admit that I am late to the beautiful party that is Squirrel Girl. I’ve been hearing and reading about how great Ryan North and Erica Henderson’s run is, but I hadn’t taken the time to picking up a trade. So when this original graphic novel came out, I figured it was the perfect place to start.

What I have learned that any place is the perfect place to start because this run is just as amazing and fun and smart and hilarious as all the reviews say it is. I had a total blast reading this graphic novel. Henderson draws an excellent Doreen and I love all the cute outfits she’s created for her. Squirrel Girl has the body of a wrestler/gymnast and not a super model and that is so amazing. North also writes a hilarious script and his running commentary at the bottom is hysterical. The supporting cast is fantastic.

I imagine that the best place to start is at the beginning of the North/Henderson run. But if you’re not convinced yet or still trying to figure out what comics you may like, I would suggest reading this first.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a sharp, funny comic with a kick-butt female lead. Stop reading this review and go pick it up!

I gave it a 5/5 on my Goodreads account which translates to “It was amazing.”


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