Having seen @askull4everyoccasion​ and @unrestedjade​ talking about ko-fi buttons recently, it’s reminded me of my own thoughts on the subject.

The short version is: I feel like that ship has long sailed for me (if I’d decided I was going to get one, December last year probably would’ve been the time to do it), and I’m not badly off (I have a stable job that pays the bills and leaves me with pocket money at the end of the month and the ability to do things for other people when they need it).

Having just been woken up for the second night in a row at 2am with tooth ache, however, I’ve been cautiously reconsidering this stance.

I don’t have the time or nerve to commit to a Patreon and I don’t really want people to feel like I’m monetising something I’ve cheerfully been doing for myself and for free for so long. If I get myself sorted out with my big original project then I’ll consider it more seriously. For the time being though… .

I’m hoping that a ko-fi might be a gentle, low-key way of putting aside some funds in case something goes tits up and I need help. This will be a contingency fund be it for my teeth, for if my car breaks down, for if I have any urgent vet bills, or - hell - if I urgently need a coffee. 

I’m not completely without resources to call on and there are people out there who need donations way, way more than me. I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking that they have to do this otherwise I’m in trouble. This is just something for my peace of mind. And coffee.

So, uh, yeah! If you’ve read and enjoyed my writing and you’re feeling generous…

/me slowly slides link across…


(thank you for reading. I’m going to put the link somewhere permanent on my blog when it’s not approaching 3.30am after 4am and I have work tomorrow morning. Hell yeah, pain killers.)

A ismol and adorabol M21 inspired by the latest Noblesse manhwa updates and the Noblesse fanfiction written by @madameazzure (on tumblr & ff.net)


Definitely worth reading and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 😊😍❤

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Look, if you guys don’t want to go hang out with me, fine! why not just tell me now instead of making me wait for hours. 3 fucking hours! Because every time you people reject me, another piece of me breaks. I mean real friends are supposed to hang out and tell each other deep wonderful secrets that only they know. They tell each other everything and pick up the other when there’s a man down. Why can’t we be like that? Why can’t we actually be real friends? Instead of just saying we are!


Kakain kami sa labas kasi birthday ni mama. Pero di ko alam, galit pa din yata sya sakin dahil sa seafood restaurant nya balak kumain. Pano naman ako?!? Hahahaha makapagice cream na lang don. Hay. Bukas 5:30 am nasa school na ako, hirap pala maging SC Pres. duties overload. Maglilinis lang naman ng munisipyo yung mga shs samin kailangan pa iguide. Wth.

*Hi LM! Miss na kita, ang dami mo na kasing kausap, tampo na ako sayo mga ¼. 😑 Nakita kitang online e. Hahaha. Pero for sure may kausap ka na naman.