aight folks

since my artblock seems to be dying down and my life isn’t exactly perfect rn but I’m at a better place, I wanna try and be more active and do shit, even maybe establish weekly streams and stuff like that

but for now what i would like to know: what fandom content would you be most interested in at the moment? Reply to this post so I can have an idea what tickles your fancy the most about my art :)c 

     Hello everyone! After a lengthy discussion with some fellow artists, I’ve decided to come up with a more specific and complete pricing chart for my commissions. When this is completed, prices will be higher than they are now, but I hope it will not deter you from considering commissioning me anyway.

     Anyway, until I have updated my info, please refrain from sending in any commissions! Thank you for your understanding and patience.


climbing up small Mt. Fuji by kazu saito



Tawang tawa ako sa friend ko kasi gusto nya daw yung mga boys na mahilig mag-swim at dadalhin daw sya sa beach tapos diba nauso yung 

‘choose who can do both’ ganun tas…

s : ano josh??

me : why not choose boat?? 

eh kasi diba ang hassle kung lulusingin nila yun papunta eh kung mag-boat sila so ayun na nga ang corny ng joke ko hmmm.


Carrie Fisher as Leia Organa with her daughter Billie Lourd as Lieutenant Kaydel Ko Connix and Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair.

This is a common refrain among the new generation of Star Wars actors: that Fisher was the one who taught them how to deal. Boyega recalled that when there was a backlash against his appearance in the first Force Awakens teaser trailer, released in November 2014—the sight of a black man in stormtrooper armor drew ire from racists and doctrinaire Star Wars traditionalists—Fisher counseled him not to take it to heart. “I remember—and forgive me, I’m going to drop the f-bomb, but that’s just Carrie—she said, ‘Ah, boohoo, who fuckin’ cares? You just do you,’ ” he said. “Words like that give you strength. I bore witness in a million ways to her sharing her wisdom with Daisy too.”