I wonder if tumblr has like, an issue with eating/deleting the text people add to their submissions, cause I’ve been getting more submission lately that just have pictures with no text attached, and it’s feasible to me that some people don’t understand that they’re supposed to add the text themselves, but like, there’s so many of these, I get the feeling some people are writing out the text but tumblr just eats it cause it’s a terrible horrible website coded by birds randomly pecking on a keyboard

//triumphxnt didn’t know what h.e double hockey sticks meant

[4:38:37 PM] Shannon: I EVEN JUST
[4:39:25 PM] Shannon: HAD TO THINK ABOUT IT LIKE but why are they hockey sticks ?? won’t regular sticks work too ?? it’s just lower case l’s BUT THEN I REALIZED HOCKEY STICKS LOOK LIKE A CAPITAL L THIS IS GROUND BREAKING
[4:39:35 PM] Lightybulb: RILEY
[4:40:03 PM] Shannon: I DON’T PLAY HOCKEY

anonymous asked:

You love The Smiths don't you? It's kind of cute. :)

I really do. Even though I try to hide it, I’ve always been a very sensitive and introverted individual, and I’ve always been more feminine than masculine, so it makes sense that I was able to identify with their intimate and tender lyrics, and transcendental guitar arpeggios.

queencirie asked:

Top 5 things about me :')

the fact that you’re a survivor blog i like
the fact that you’re my son
the fact that you stan banks 
you’re one of my fave young people in the tag
the fact that me and you are my fave non drama people here <3

die-welt-dreht-sich-weiter asked:

Omg was fällt der Hure ein? Darf ich ihr ins Gesicht spucken? Ich finde dich eigentlich echt sympatisch! Und nein tus nicht, glaub mir es werden dich mehr Menschen vermissen als du denkst...

du bist echt lieb💞