GOM+Kagami as hamsters

Well, I can die rn.


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  • Kagami:Kuroko, I’m hungry.
  • Kuroko:Hello hungry, I’m Kuroko.
  • Kagami:Kuroko, I’m serious. Please.
  • Kuroko:No, last time I checked you’re hungry.
  • Kagami, getting mad:Damn it Kuroko, I know I’m hungry!
  • Kuroko:Then what’s the problem? I’m Kuroko and you’re hungry.
  • Kagami, puts his hands in the air and walks away:ENOUGH OF THIS INSANITY!
Chubby S/O getting attention from boys at the beach...

Anon asked: Can I get gom + kagami and makoto gets jealous because the chubby reader is getting more Attention from boys at the beach because she’s showing her body off?

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Kuroko: He couldn’t take it, he was patient, but this was it. The boys continued to stare at your chubby form in your new swimsuit which was a bit revealing, but Kuroko loved how it looked on you. Other guys staring though, he didn’t like that. Easily moving through the masses of men, he grabbed your hand and started leading you to the water, reaching out until most of your body was hidden in the water. “I’m sorry (y/n)-chan, I just didn’t like how they were looking at you like that.”  

Kise: He didn’t like this at all. The pout on his face was evident and how restless he was. You were his (y/n)-chi, not those guys who were staring at you like a piece of meat. Yes, he thought you looked beautiful in your new swimsuit and your chubby form filled it out nicely, but the guys just looking at you was making him jealous as much as he hated to admit it. Stomping down to the shallow part of the ocean, he wrapped his arms around your soft waist and pulled you against him and proclaimed, “Stop staring at my (y/n)-chi, she’s mine, not any of yours!” To make his point, he plastered a kiss on your plump lips. 

Kagami: He was flustered when you showed him your new swimsuit. You looked amazing in his eyes and he looked at you with adoration, but the way the other guys were looking at you was infuriating him to no end. You were happily splashing in the water, moving your chubby form around and having a grand time while the guys continued staring. Growling, Kagami finally walked towards you and basically shielded your body from their eyes. He looked down at your confused face and blushed. “G-gomen (y/n)-chan, I just hated how they were looking at you.”

Makoto: The way your body swayed and shimmed in the clear water was really riling him up. God, you looked so sexy right now, in that new swimsuit revealing the body he claimed as his to all the other ogling guys on the beach. No, he didn’t want others to look at what was his and you were oblivious to the whole thing as you continued to play around, the droplets dripping down each curve of your body. Scrambling off the towel, he stomped down the beach and through the water, grabbing your hand and leading you away from the stares. You tried to go back to the water only to have Makoto tug harder. “We’re going back to my place, I think you need a reminder of who you belong too.”

Akashi: Nobody but him was supposed to see you, his flower, so exposed like this. You were padding around the water as if you didn’t have a care in the world and even though he loved seeing your chubby form in such appealing clothing, he didn’t like the fact that other men were ogling you like a slab of meat. The scowl that was on his face showed clear annoyance of that fact and finally having enough, he calmly made his way to fetch you and whisk you away from the prying eyes of these animals. Wrapping his arms around your plush waist, he steered you towards the beach. “Akashi?” He kissed the back of your neck softly. “Sorry my flower, I don’t enjoy the way these animals are looking at you, now I need to mark you my dear.”

Aoime: He wasn’t going to deny it, not one bit, he loved seeing you like this. Being so exposed in that tight swimsuit, showing off your cute, plump body on the beach. His only reservation was that all the other guys were staring at you so intently just like him, but you were his, he was allowed to watch! He let out a low growl, seeing all the guys stare you down as you innocently played in the water. Frustrated, he stomped down the hot sand and into the cold water to your splashing form. Throwing you over his shoulder, he made his way to your claimed spot. “We’re leaving (y/n), I don’t like them looking at your amazing body in this swimsuit, it’s mine, not theirs.”

Murasakibara: He chomped harder at each handful of chips as he glared at the guys surrounding you as you waded in the water. You were his (y/n) and even though he liked to see your chubby body in such clothing - revealing skin to him, he didn’t like how the other guys were staring at you too. Letting out a growl as he finished the bag of chips, he stomped down the hot sand and into the cool water, grabbing your plush form and throwing you over his shoulder all the while glaring holes into the now fearful boys. “I’m the only one that can stare at my (y/n) when she’s dressed like this.” 

Midorima: Sighing, he pushed the book he was trying to read aside after reading the same paragraph for the fifth time. Glancing up, his teeth gritted against each other in irritation. Those guys were still staring at you. He wouldn’t admit it, but you looked fantastic in the new, skin revealing swimsuit. It hugged you in all the right places and really showed your supple form off, but he didn’t appreciate the fact that other guys were basically undressing you with their gazes. Having had enough, he scrambled off the towel and made his way to your splashing form in the water and gently grasping your soft waist. With a blush fully on his face he said, “It’s time to go (y/n), we have some important matters to discuss.”

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Hi can I request a scenario where Akashi gets jealous because s/o treats his guy friends like bros because she's super close to them 💖💖 thanks! :D

Of course! Here, hope you like it! ^^

He hated the feeling of jealousy, he knew that they didn’t like you in that way and nor did you like them. But the feeling always plopped up when he saw you together with his friends. And today was he more jealous than usually.

As soon as you two got home he where going to remind you of whom you belonged to.

Suddenly you felt arms coiled around your waist.  He started to give you small kisses on your neck and started biting.

“Someone is a bit jealous?” you said when your boyfriend sneaked his hand in under your shirt.

You squealed when he pressed his cold hands on your belly.

“Seij…stop…” he turned you around and kissed you roughly.

“You are mine, remember that, and only mine ______.”

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Can I request for Aomine and Kagami falling for their childhood (female) friend and they get a little jealous seeing her talking with another guy? :)

Maybe he should man up and confess already. Maybe he wouldn’t have to deal with seeing your classmates clearly trying to charm you over, hanging arms over your shoulders and warming you up with obnoxious jokes and compliments. The urge to clench his fists in his pocket wouldn’t be surging through him in waves, and he wouldn’t have to admit to himself that maybe he was jealous?

Taiga?” You ask, voice softened by concern. That is, until Kagami snaps out of his daze, and your lips settle into a pout as you know for a fact that he didn’t hear anything you just said. “What’s wrong? Did the make up test really go that badly?”

“It’s nothing.” He lies. He’s still trying to will away the slow lurch in his stomach, that leaves a sickening and bitter taste in his mouth. A frown still crosses your features, you’ve known him long enough to know when he’s hiding something from you. He makes the mistake of glancing back at you and witnessing the puppy eyes that have been his weakness for years.

He sighs, a blush creeps on his cheeks as he stammers over air. “W-Who were those guys you were talking to when I came out?”

“Hmm? That’s just the guy who sits next to me. He was asking if I could set him up with a friend of mine.” You explained, watching slowly growing blush on Kagami’s face despite his attempts to hide it until it clicked.

You tried, but you couldn’t hold back the teasing lilt as you asked. “Taiga, were you jealous?” 

His ears are red, and he’s stammering broken sentences in dismay, but while words are gathering into a lump in his throat you don’t miss the fact that he failed to say no.

You weren’t sure what it was about your newest friend that made Aomine decide to act like a spoilt brat. It seemed to be the mere sight of him that turned Aomine’s mood sour, or in this case, physically take you away from him before he could even run up to you to say hi.

Then again, you weren’t the one who caught him about to slip a confession letter inside your locker the other day, only to back out last minute and hurry home.

“Daiki! What was that for?” You snapped, and he winces at the harsh use of his last name. Still, his grip on your smaller hand is unfaltering as he leads you away from your friend, you miss the narrow glare Daiki shoots back at him.

“If I’d waited for you to finish we’d be late for the movie.” He yawns as he lets go of your hand, albeit gingerly, and resumes walking. You pout, both at his  sudden spur of childishness, but also at how cold your hand feels in comparison. “Besides, you were the one that didn’t want to go alone.” He adds, and you almost believe that he’s desperate to be on time for a movie that had taken you weeks of begging and bribery to get him to take you to.

You don’t press any further. Instead, you catch up to his long strides and loop your arm around his own. “Fine, let’s go. You can pay for popcorn since you don’t plan on being nice.” You decide on his behalf. 

He has half the mind to object, yet those thoughts dissipate when your arm tightens around his as you giggle to yourself. As long as he was the only guy who could spoil you like this, he’s not too annoyed about it.

Hi hi! I got a few asks about “Kareshi Series” for other fandom. Before, I told you guys that they do have Kareshi for KnB, HxH and Samurai X, but I’ve never seen someone’s translating it.

But today! A very kind @geckokun22 told me that @knb-kareshi actually translated KnB Kareshi! You might want to go to check their translation here.

Thank you so much for telling me @geckokun22 <3 

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haizaki/akashi, most rare of pairs for the ship meme

It’s true that this pair is one of the rarest. Anywho, I kept this one concise since I believe that the shorter it is, the more people read it…🍑

Send Me A Ship And I’ll Tell You Who…

  • Drinks all of the coffee
    • AKASHI. Well, Haizaki does drink coffee on occasion, especially when he tries to cram the entire semester in one night. Akashi just consumes it as a means to not fall asleep on his work. The redhead strictly drinks it only during weekdays.
  • Brings up adopting a pet
    • AKASHI. Aside from Yukimaru, Akashi always was good with animals, in contrast with Haizaki who almost killed every pet he had back as a child. I can’t tell you how many times he “accidentally” killed his goldfish and had it replaced. They end up adopting (ironically) another pet fish.
  • Kills the bugs
    • HAIZAKI. He does it for fun, much to Akashi’s dismay… as he sometimes comes home to dead roaches on the floor. I mean, how was that even possible when they had housekeeping?! One time it was a dead rat and that was when the point guard decided to put his foot down.
  • Cooks the meals
    • HAIZAKI. Mainly for the reason that he is so freaking picky with food! And that’s saying something since Akashi was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Honestly speaking, Haizaki is not the best cook. But he does cook a pretty mean steak, Akashi admits.
  • Starts getting into holidays way before they should
    • AKASHI. He never really enjoyed the holidays because his father was usually absent so family was out of the picture but ever since he and the delinquent started dating, it became somewhat an event he looked forward to. Haizaki does not complain though since he does get amazing gifts from Akashi (if you know what I mean). 
  • Initiates the couple selfies
    • AKASHI. The photos are normally kept for personal use such as when the redhead decides he wants to change his phone wallpaper, Facebook photo, or just something to keep as a memoir. Despite Haizaki’s stubborness, Akashi always manages to keep him in check. The emperor can be very persuasive when he wants to… ;)
  • Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries
    • HAIZAKI. There’s no question here.
  • Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping
    • HAIZAKI. Again, self-explanatory.
  • Nicknames the other
    • AKASHI. The first time Akashi calls him “dear,” it took Haizaki a whole month to answer to the pet name. After a while, he starts calling Akashi the same but only in private due to… him wanting to keep his “bad boy attitude”, I guess?