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aomine, ushijima and kuroo hcs as a husband and father? Thankss

mori: HHHHHH STOOOPPPP!!! I’M IN LOVE!!!! i’m gonna focus more on the father part


  1. assuming he’s retired from basketball and became a policeman instead, he’s the dad all your child’s friends are terrified of
  2. but really, aomine’s really awkward? he often goes to their school to give presentations about being safe in the neighborhood and he doesn’t know how to do public speeches very well. no one in class really pays attention because they’re either admiring or cowering in fear from his muscles
  3. when your child is on a date, he’ll stay up and do the ‘sit-in-the-corner-with-the-lights-off’ dad thing and makes them blow into a breathalyzer
  4. the most suburban dad. he has his cop car, but doesn’t like to pick up his kid in it, so he drives the mom van or a regular sedan a lot. he’s also the coach of the neighborhood’s basketball team
  5. if his kid plays something other than basketball, he’s still the competitive dad that almost always gets into fights with other dads
  6. refuses to give your kid ‘the talk’ so he leaves it up to you
  7. when it comes to discipling your kid, he plays the bad cop
  8. you and him are both hard working and work long hours, so one of you does daytime hours and the other nighttime and then you both call off on the weekends so you can all spend time together
  9. date nights are rare, but he likes to keep it simple with dinner at a restaurant and sex all night long LOL


  1. the “cool” dad who thinks he’s cool but only because he has killer dad and chemistry jokes
  2. the dad that would initially try to push their kid into the science field or to play volleyball, but then ultimately will support their kid’s decision
  3. the ultimate hype dad, especially when it comes to sports or any type of competition their kid participates in. makes big signs and brings annoying instruments to bang on
  5. “hey kid, go out and get these for your dad” “what!? why can’t you go get it?” “BECAUSE I SAID SO, THAT’S WHY”
  6. as a career, kuroo would probably be a teacher at a nearby high school different than his kid’s, so he’s always helpful when it comes to homework and projects since he knows the curriculum
  7. definitely on the parent-teacher committee/volleyball coach.
  8. the dad that all your kid’s friends want as a dad
  9. kuroo still acts like a teenager when it comes to you. it’s like he’s still in the honeymoon stage of your relationship and still falls head over heels for you
  10. a very teasing and playful husband - lots of pda, playful fights, laughs all around


  1. the dad that scares all of your kid’s dates away
  2. ushijima has a really hard time showing affection, even to his kid, so if his kid is upset or they have a deep moment together, he’ll just playfully punch their shoulder or ruffle their hair
  3. wouldn’t necessarily force their kid to play volleyball, but at a young age, he’d play with his kid and it just sort of happens?
  4. too busy to coach the kid’s team, but always comes to watch, sits front row and gets very excited and anxious. at the end of every game he’ll lecture their kid what they did wrong and commend them on what they did well
  5. the dad that only knows how to make a bomb breakfast and leaves the dishes for their kid to clean up LOL
  6. secretly loves interior decorating, so family bonding time for your family is rearranging the living room and going to ikea
  7. a hobbyist kind of dad - picks up on a lot of different artsy hobbies on the weekends, like photography and painting, and often reads books about them
  8. “Who are you going on a date with? Do they play sports? What’s their blood type - no, what are their stats?”
  9. when he gets mad at his kid, he’ll feel bad and buy a cake and make it say ‘I’m sorry I yelled at you :(’
  10. does most of the house chores when he knows that you’re stressed out
  11. a very loving husband ~ after being married for so many years, you know that he shows his love in different ways, like kissing your forehead, light arm touches, and cuddles on the couch