• Kuroko: Now, let’s say you haven’t eaten for days and you’re in desperate need of food. What do you do?
  • Aomine: I walk over to Kagami's house and have him cook for me.
  • Kuroko: Okay, yes. But he’s not here.
  • Midorima: Where’s Kagami?
  • Kuroko: It’s not important where he is. He’s gone. He left the country.
  • Akashi: He left the country?
  • Murasakibara: Why?
  • Kise: Is he okay?
  • Kuroko: Yes, he’s fine.
  • Aomine: Well, if he’s fine, I don’t see why he couldn’t cook me something.
KnB character descriptions
  • Kuroko: now you see me, now you don't
  • Midorima: tsundere nanodayo
  • Aomine: I'm the best madafuka
  • Murasakibara: I'LL CRUSH YOU but first candy
  • Akashi: I AM ABSOLUTE

derp-lord  asked:

breathes. I love your blog like girl your writing is amazing and beautiful. Can I get a reaction of Kasamatsu + Nakamura + Nijimura + Mayuzumi + Himuro + Takao thinking they see their crush waving to them from the window of the classroom and decide to wave back but soon realize their crush is just cleaning the classroom window and really don't notice the boys at all. I hope this makes sense.

AWE! Thank you very much for the kind words :) Of course I can write reactions :)

Himuro: He’d blink when you don’t wave back, silently chuckling to himself. Well you did look busy so it’s only natural you wouldn’t wave back, but he secretly wishes you had.

Kasamatsu; He’d feel a bit embarrassed, though silently thankful you hadn’t reciprocated his wave. He only had that little bit of confidence because you weren’t paying attention.. He would’ve stumbled if you had. 

Mayuzumi: His hand falls to his side, grey hues blinking tiredly. Well, not many people noticed him anyway, so it’s nothing new. But he kind of wishes you had, as it would make him seem less invisible.

Nakamura: His heart would race a bit before his shoulders slump in disappointment.. Well, there’s always next time, but maybe he should gather the courage to say hi, rather than hide behind the window.

Nijimura: His lips would curl into a frown, and he’d try to cover up the embarrassment running through his veins. The next time he sees you, he pretends the other incident didn’t happen, and talk to you as if everything was fine.

Takao: He’d laugh his ass off, until a tired sigh leaves his lips. There’s a bit of disappointment in his eyes, but he’ll get that wave from you, even if kills him. Besides, watching you from across the school is amusing, and the disappointment vanishes into a soft smile.

salad-notq  asked:

Okay please don't mind my anonymous ask earlier. May I request hc of nijimura having a clingy gf? I'm sorry if it's too weird!

It’s not too weird! Thank you for sending this in! ヽ(*>∇<)ノ

I wrote the clingy partner as reader/you—I don’t think the gender matters much in this request so I left it neutral. I hope you enjoy!

  • You’d think that he’d be annoyed, but no—he was once responsible for the entirety of the Generation of Miracles, it would take a lot more than a clingy partner to crack him.
  • But that said, Nijimura doesn’t necessarily view the clingy-ness as a pain. Sometimes he appreciates your company, since he can get lonely from time to time.
  • Especially thankful for you when he’s going through hard times.
  • Let’s be real omg he’d be the boyfriend that says stuff like “why are you like this” while letting out a heavy sigh, but his arms would reciprocate the tight hug you’re giving to him. 
  • and kiss the top of your head
  • He would be the type to bring you along to hangouts with his friend
  • Nijimura would only be worried if the clingyness comes in the form of PDA. He doesn’t want to be that kind of couple, so the two of you have to come to an agreement as to the maximum amount of PDA you have in public.
  • There’s probably just going to be an arm around your waist and light pecks on your lips, that’s all.
  • Behind closed doors, though, it’s a different story—he doesn’t mind getting more touch-feely at all.
  • “I’m sorry we can’t do this in front of people. I just want you to myself.”
  • Overall would be a very understanding boyfriend, unless there is too much physical contact in public ( ◞・౪・)   

(source: midorichan10)

Random observations:

- KagaKuro being unable to do selfies unless one bends down to peer over the other’s shoulder or the other gets up on a little stepladder will never not be 150% pure delight

- Kagami being unsure of/unused to flashing the “v”-sign in a selfie /returneewoes

- Kuroko owning a Nigou phone decal. Which means either he went to a shop to request a custom decal with his dog’s jersey number on it, or someone gifted it to him (b-day present from the team?) but either way, it’s precious as hell


Kagami getting all flustered/nervous when Kuroko asks to take a selfie together. He doesn’t have a problem lining up for a group picture or candid shots from any of the overenthusiastic picture-takers he knows (not like any of them even ask permission gdi Kise/Alex/Takao), but Kuroko usually takes photos of other things.

Scenery. Vintage book stores. Nigou being cute. Neighborhood cats. (or sass photos. he’s very good at sass photos)

So in the odd event that he asks Kagami to pose with him, Kagami gets the fucking dokis so hard and he doesn’t even know why, like jesusfuck self stop fidgeting it’s a fucking selfie what the hell.

Not to mention why does Kuroko even need to take a picture together they see each other every day anyway––

“It’s for those times we don’t, Kagami-kun,” says Kuroko, like there is nothing even slightly embarrassing about that and oh great now he’s in the picture fidgeting and blushing and looking all pissed off when he’s actually kinda happy and URGH. THE WORST.

iamonlyfrogo  asked:

And good god. As a KNB fan I am in a DROUGHT honey w/ the lack of fandom activity. If possible, get to these whenever (I'm sending 2 asks like this, I can't help it, you're too good of a writer!), but could I get some kise, kuroko, and akashi friendship hcs? *breaks keyboard* INNEEEDGHG. Thank you! <3

AN: I was really in the mood to write this one!! I’ll definitely get to your other one later hehehehehehehe


  1. Akashi is someone who is very mature and has a heavy workload, so he needs someone who is also mature, but is able to help him relax and have some fun once in a while by forcing him away from the court, his violin, or his desk. He likes someone who is balanced and an all-around type of friend.
  2. Avoids inviting you to games where he plays against his former GOM teammates. He’s afraid that you’ll see his second self and that you’ll think he’s some type of monster. But he won’t stop you if you somehow find out about it and arrive on your own; he’ll even feel a little excited on the inside.
  3. Goes all out on gifts, not even just for your birthday. He’ll make care packages for when you’re sick or have exams, he’ll surprise you with your favorite foods when you get a good grade, on Christmas he adopted the puppy that you wanted, man you name it. Don’t you dare say, “Oh, that’s cute” when you’re walking pass a store because he will immediately buy it. One time you did that and all the store clerks gushed as you tried to take his credit card away.
  4. Is hesitant on introducing you to the rest of GOM because he knows they’ll try flirting with you or something weird.
  5. Asks you to tie his ties for him.
  6. Makes you his slave when he’s over at your place while at the same time criticizing how messy it is and then drinks all of your coffee.
  7. He’s your rich, snobby friend that goes, “Oh, you don’t have _____? Everyone I know has one.” Ok, but not everyone makes six/seven figures, Akashi.
  8. Forces you to go to Orchestra concerts with him because he’s too embarrassed to go alone.
  9. Waits until you get inside of your place and lock the doors before giving his driver the ok to go.
  10. He’s your dietician/nutritionist meaning not only does he make you eat salads with him, but he slips some weird, expensive powders and vitamins into your sports drinks. He weirdly emphasizes the importance of your health.
  11. He’s had rumors going around about him being weird with scissors after the Kagami incident at the Winter Cup, so he made the best out of the situation by using it jokingly when someone tries to harrass you for your number.


  1. At first, you two hung around each other only outside of school to avoid his fangirls and refused to be seen with you for your safety. But then he later realized he missed you during the day time and so now he yells across the hallways to say hello to you and makes you eat lunch with him.
  2. He bought a pair of stud earrings once and gave you the right half and said something corny like, “Look, _____-cchi, it’s like you’re my other half~”
  3. He steals your phone all the time to post the same selfie on all of your social media platforms.
  4. Because his fangirls can get a little crazy, he always keeps an eye out for you, even when you don’t notice. One of his biggest fears is for you to get hurt because of him, and he would never forgive himself if it ever happened.
  5. He has to keep up a certain skin care regime to keep his face all model-y and he blocked out at least one day in the week where you both can have a spa day with his products.
  6. The friend that sends you unsolicited “nudes” (in his underwear) and asks if they’re tasteful or if it’s a good angle.
  7. Asks you to pop his back and butt pimples.
  8. When you’re upset, he’ll hold you so tightly that it’s almost suffocating, but they’re the warmes hugs you’ve ever been given. He’ll always tell you how important you are to him and everyone you care about and if that doesn’t work, he’ll sing for you. Then he’ll wrap you up in a blanket and make you both a nice, hot drink.
  9. He makes your profiles on dating websites and chooses the people you talk to, although they’re never your type, and he knows it. “What’s the point of me having these account then!?” “So you know what love feels like, _____-cchi!” “I said no to all of these people!” “I know….! I’m not ready to give you up, yet.” “….”
  10. Bought one of those cheesy keychains with “Ryouta” on it and gave it to you as a present
  11. Made himself a copy of your house keys for himself so he can barge in whenever he wants and nap on your bed.
  12. When he’s upset, he takes you to the karaoke bar so you can buy him sake and two hours worth of break up ballads.
  13. Isn’t good at giving advice, and he knows it, but always offers to listen and even tries anyways because he knows that you need him. He thinks really hard about what Kasamatsu, Aomine, or Kuroko would say in this situation.


  1. Occasionally pops up behind you and scares you and it never ceases to amuse him. Most of the time though he’ll approach you a little slower so that you’ll get the hang of knowing what his presence is like when he wants you to notice him.
  2. An excellent listener! He listens until you’re completely finished speaking your thoughts before offering his two cents, but will support you 100% no matter what you decide to do.
  3. Treasures friendships very very dearly and thinks of his gifts he’s received from friends as good luck charms. His aura is more present when he’s given something and does the best he can to give you something of equal value.
  4. Calls you Nigou’s mother to guilt-trip you into watching over him while he’s away. He likes to joke around dryly that you’re both like divorced parents passing Nigou around all the time.
  5. “_____-san, there’s a bug on your window,” is his way of telling you to kill the bug because he’s too afraid to do it.
  6. Also doesn’t want to bring you around GOM because they’ll flirt with you. Doesn’t even want to bring you around Kagami because he doesn’t have manners and can’t help but stare at you.
  7. If someone upset you/made you cry, he is not afraid to scare them and give them a stern talking to. They’d probably take it as a joke at first, but Kuroko went as far as following them home and scaring them in an unlit street.
  8. Leaves you small, cute notes of encouragement when you’re having a bad day or if you have an exam.
  9. “_____-san, what are you in the mood to eat?” “Hm, I’m not sure.” “How about Maji Burger?” “Why did you even ask what I wanted to eat….” “I was being polite.”
  10. When he’s having a bad day, he needs a whole day to himself to recharge before talking about it, and you’re the first he turns to. He invites himself in without you knowing and you don’t notice until he plops on the couch wrapped in your blanket that you left in your room and wonder how he got into your room without your knowledge.
  11. Gets offended if you go to Maji Burger with someone else and don’t even bring him back a vanilla milkshake???? like?? are you even his friend????

loveaominedaiki  asked:

Scenario where Hara & Hanamiya (separate) is forced to share a room together for a week in their dorms during college? Thank u for always answering my asks ur amazing ❤

you’re more amazing though!

Hara Kazuya
For all his pick up lines and his touchy-freely nature, Hara hadn’t been as unpleasant as a roommate for you as you had earlier expected. Cuddles had been more frequent; your studying had improved with the pink head accompanying as he slid a lazy scrawl across his otherwise empty page and those late nights created by a haunting dream became easier to cope with as he would wrap an arm around you and let his heartbeat soothe you to sleep. All in all, not too bad a deal.

Hanamiya Makoto
“A perfect proposal,” the captain had smirked as he made his way to inform you of the changes. And it truly was; what better way was there of keeping an eye on a significant other who, like others had done, could cheat? He allowed himself to comfort of a lack of items, as well as the ability to take your equipment (you weren’t going to fight him about it after all; despite your long relationship, there was still an element of fear detectable) and watched comfortably as you slept. Not a bad deal at all- now there was just the easily overcome-able challenge of getting a hold of himself when your pyjama showed enough skin to allow his hormones to tell him that they were still around and of all things he could do to you.

Went to see Last Game yesterday at TOHO cinemas! They gave us all pins with our tickets, even though it’s been out for a while now the theater was packed, so much fun! I was excited that I didn’t have any trouble understanding what they were saying!!