GoM + Kagami Vegas Headcanon

As I’ve been distracting myself from studying for my finals, I thought about a headcanon where GoM and Kagami go to Vegas. Akashi reserves a fancy ass suite at Caesars Palace and everybody just gets SO drunk. The next day they all get a really bad hangover, realize what happened and wake up to this:

  • Kise: Gets multiple piercings: on his ears, one on his nose, small rhinestones near both his eyes, one on his lower lip
  • Aomine: Has scars on his back (wink wonk); gets face and neck tattoos; loses his pants
  • Midorima: Gets married
  • Kagami: Has a lamp cover as a hat; has a bruised eye and face
  • Murasakibara: Has a tie tied around his head; has smeared black greasepaint stripes on his face; holding a crowbar and a big ass M&M decoration because he stole it and tried to eat it
  • Kuroko: Somehow makes it back to the hotel after being forgotten by everyone else; GoM + Kagami freak out when they can’t find him but discover that he’s been in the closet the whole time because he mistook it for the bedroom; has dark circles under his eyes
  • Akashi: Goes on a gambling spree and wins a lot of money but then loses most of it by paying for everyone’s shit like Kise’s piercings, Aomine’s tattoos, Midorima’s wedding; wakes up wearing an animal print robe, a gold chain, disheveled, and red lipstick kisses all over his body (ALL OVER); apparently GoM + Kagami went into a strip club at some point and Akashi loses some of his money there too (but was the BEST CUSTOMER. WINK WONK)


Midorima: I wasn’t that drunk.

Aomine: Dude. *points to finger*

Midorima: *looks at wedding ring*

Kise: Midorimacchi.. You were so drunk you got married.


Akashi: You made me the best man and I said, “Shintarou, don’t do this.” But you said, “DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO AKASHI. I’M PAYING FOR THIS WEDDING.” And I said, “But you’re making me pay.” And you said, “DAMN RIGHT.”

Kagami: We had to hold you up ‘cause you kept losing your balance.

Murasakibara: The reception was nice though. Loved the complementary cake.

Kuroko: At least you all went. I was stuck in the closet for crying out loud.


Midorima: Oh my god.

BTW: If anyone would like to write a full scenario/story about this or whatever, feel free to do so! Just give me credit & tag me because I would love to see it! 

I might actually come back and draw this out later. Maybe. If I have time.

I had nothing better to do. Except study. Yes, this was influenced by the movie The Hangover and the song “Hot Mess” by Cobra Starship.

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scenario where hanamiyas girlfriend goes to market at midnight and is chased by some stranger and she calls hanamiya and i want angst please

Did you just say angst and Hanamiya? (⊙ ͜ʖ ⊙)

Usually in those kinds of situations Hanamiya would comply with your request and go to a shop to get you your supplies, although he would jab at you about being stupidly forgetful. It was just that this time he had a paper on the vascular system due midnight - which was only half an hour away - he was running on coffee and nearly no sleep the past two days to finish on time, and he was really pissed at everyone and everything because of it.

Hence when you informed him that you ran out of pads, he only glared at you and hissed not to disturb him and to go get them yourself. The shop was just around the corner and it wasn’t like you would leak through within the next 15 minutes that it would take to restock, right?

“You’re such a fucking ass, Makoto,” you growled, taking a gulp of water to swallow a painkiller. 

“You gotta admit it’s a fine piece of ass, though,” Hanamiya didn’t bother to look up from the screen, focusing only on typing at a crazy speed.

“I’m dying of cramps here, and you are almost done with this thing anyway. But whatever.” You put the glass on the coffee table in front of him.

“Yeah, yeah, calm your tits while you take a walk, idiot,” he droned.

You snarled, slipped on your shoes, took your bag and left, slamming the door shut behind you.

Hanamiya rolled his eyes.

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i saw the nsfw request asking for voice kink with aomine. cn i have the same kind of prompt, except w/ kagami? tnx!

Kagami was trying hard not to seem affected by your quietness as he tried his hardest to pleasure you. He thrusted harder, faster, slow, deeper, but nothing was working. You weren’t making a sound and Kagami suddenly stopped.

“T-Taiga, why did you stop?” you breathed out, cheeks flushed and eyes filled with lust and confusion.

Kagami just blushed and looked away, not meeting your eyes. He didn’t want you to know about his insecurities and how much he was affected by the fact that it seemed that he couldn’t pleasure you properly.

You stared at him with a soft expression and gently pulled his face to face yours. “What’s wrong?”

He averted his eyes and said, “I- I don’t… I don’t feel like I’m satisfying you enough…”

“What? Why?!” you asked in confusion.

“You’re just so quiet, I don’t know if you actually enjoy being intimate with me. You never make a sound even when I try so hard to get you to moan or to say my name.”

You blushed a deep red and tried to stutter out a response. “U-umm, Taiga, the reason I don’t make sounds in bed is because I want to hear you. Your voice t-turns me on and I want to hear just y-you.”

Kagami’s face flushed and he smiled, gently kissing your cheek as he picked up his speed again. He made sure to vocalize his pleasure, in hopes of turning you on even more. Moans, groans and pants filled the room and your core was burning up as Kagami pleasured you with all he had.

When you both came undone, he flopped next to you and grinned, happy that he had satisfied you.

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Scenario? Where aomine discovering his shy girlfriend is an otaku while having a study date

I’m so sorry it’s taken me a while to get to this request! Thank you for your patience.

Aomine twiddled his pencil around his fingers. Then he started tapping it on the table. Then he leaned back on two legs of his chair. Finally he sighed and fell forward, placing all four legs of his chair back on the ground.
“I don’t want to study anymore, _____.”
“That’s fine, but I’m going to study a little bit more.”
“But I’ll be bored without you.”
“We’re literally in a library, Daiki. Go find a book and read until I’m done.”
“But that takes so much effort,” he groaned, leaning forward on the table.
You huffed and dug around through your backpack. You pulled out a book and tossed it to him.
“Here, read this.”
Aomine caught the book and looked down at the cover. It featured a short boy with wild orange hair jumping.
“What the hell is this?”
“It’s manga.”
“You know, the one about the volleyball players?”
“No, I don’t know.”
Aomine watched the smile on your face falter slightly. You swallowed and nodded your head.
“Oh. Right.”
“Does it matter?”
“No, I was just… kind of hoping someone else had heard about it.”
Aomine observed the way your eyebrows pinched and the corners of your eyes crinkle. You were definitely upset. It slowly dawned on him.
“_____, are you a, a uh–”
He couldn’t say the word. Not to you. That word was derogatory and he didn’t want to give you the wrong impression of his thoughts. Thankfully, you offered him a small smile.
“Yes Aomine, I am an otaku, and I don’t care what you or anyone else has to say about it.”
Aomine held his hands up in a defensive manner.
“Don’t go pointing fingers at me so quickly. I don’t care if you’re an otaku or not. If you like it, you should pursue it. Even if basketball was the most taboo thing on Earth, I would still play it. I think you should approach your interests with the same enthusiasm.”
You beamed and nodded.
“Right. Thanks, Daiki.”
You turned back to studying while Aomine looked anywhere but the book in front of him. Eventually, his curiosity got the better of him and he cracked open the book.

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do you have any relationship headcanons for kagami with a dominant female s/o? thank you !

- Kagami likes it when she takes charge of their dates, e.g. she decides where they go and what they do. He knows that she knows what they’d both enjoy.

- She was the one that asked him out first and she initiated the first kiss.

- He loves it when she stands up for him and herself when people judge their relationship.

- She blindfolds him when they have sex and teases him endlessly.

- He really loves that she’s dominant because Kagami is quite shy about these things so she helps him through all this.

The Interview part 1

It had been quite a few years since the generation of miracles had disbanded and gone their separate ways. Yet here sat, Akashi Seijuro, in an interview with the same old questions being asked to him about the generation of miracles. He shifted in his seat as the next interviewer was coming in and he couldn’t help but say a silent prayer to himself that she wasn’t as dumb as the last. The girl perched herself in the seat sitting across from him and trifled through her bag for a moment. He couldn’t help but feel a small sense of relief as she pulled out a tape recorder. She hit record and flashed him a smile that left his heart racing; only slightly he amended in his head. “I hope you don’t mind, we’ll be taking some pictures throughout the interview.” Akashi didn’t really respond outside of his nodding his head, the day was already dragging for him. “So, if it’s alright. I am going to skip the usual questions, I don’t want to give the readers the same questions that they can just google search for. Before we start is there a topic that is absolutely off topic?” He studied her face carefully, attempting to conclude if she could be trusted. He laced his fingers together and rested them in his lap. “Other than the obvious topic, I am open to most.” The interviewer shook her head and jumped right into the questions she wanted to ask. He fielded a few questions, minorly impressed with the not the average questions normally asked. He knew they were both testing each other’s boundaries, seeing what they can get out of each other. It wasn’t until she threw him a curve ball that the interview really got interesting.
“Tell me a time, that greatly influenced you that most people wouldn’t know about you.” It was her turn to lace her fingers and rest them in her lap. She had planned to throw him off guard, but she knew very well there’s no way she did. He was, if nothing else, always in control. This was not the question she wanted to ask, she was saving that little gem for a true opening. “I suppose you’re thinking I’ll mention something about basketball here, or maybe even discussing my mother’s death.” Akashi took a moment to pause for sheer dramatics, he enjoyed this interview. It had broken up the monotony of the day, he felt the need to give her something that she could use. His gift to her for her cleverness. “I am inclined to mention the time I played a close friend of mine. It was my first loss and it reminded me of how much I love to win.” He had given her an opening, he knew their time would be up soon. He wondered to himself if she would truly take the chance and run with it. Would she merely settle on the little nugget he had given her? Many people always questioned him about that game, but he always gave a generic answer. Nothing remotely as direct as he had just offered her; Akashi’s do not admit defeat. She tilted her head as if this was not the answer she expected. “Tell me about a time you truly lost control of yourself.” The question, not fully unexpected, still made him reel. His mind raced back to when he was the captain of his team in middle school. Murasakibara had challenged him, questioned him, as if he was not fit to lead them. It was the first-time Akashi had truly acknowledged the other side of him. If he was honest with himself, they had always played a game of chess against each other. His mind’s eye could still see the chess set in front of him, gone where the classic pieces. In their steads were pieces shaped like the people in their life. When he’d move, or do something, so would the pieces around him move. They were at a stalemate up until that day, on that day his other half had taken his bishop causing him to have the upper hand in their little game.

[Possible part 2 coming]


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You are taking requests right now? :3 yosh! How about a scenario with Hayama, Mibuchi Reo&Haizaki with their male s/o? Their s/o loves every kind of creepy shit and wants to go to an abandon prison/hospital/psychiatry/etc. || ♥♥♥ I hope it's not against any rules... :|


“I’m so excited to see the abandoned hospital! What if we meet some ghosts?” Hayama was very excited and so was his boyfriend. “We’re almost there, Ko-chan,” the boy said, anticipating the creepy outing.

The building was cold and dark, much to Hayama’s dismay. He hadn’t expected it to be this scary. “W-what was that?!” he shrieked as he felt something scurry past his foot. “Just a mouse, Ko-chan,” he laughed and gripped Hayama’s shaking hand. “I’ll protect you, okay?” the boy reassured and gently kissed his cheek. Hayama spent the whole night hiding in his boyfriend’s shoulder.


“Absolutely not! I will not go to a scary cemetery this late at late at night!” Mibuchi argued. “Please, Reo. I’ll hold your hand the whole way and I’ll do anything you want,” his boyfriend begged. “Anything I want?” he smirked suggestively.

“I can’t believe I agreed to this.”

“Oh, come on. It’s not that bad. You have me after all,” he said, pecking Mibuchi’s lips.

“Aww, ___-chan.”

A loud bump was heard and Mibuchi’s scream resonated through the cemetery.

“What was that?!” he squeaked.

His boyfriend just laughed loudly and held him closer.


“Why? Are you scared, Shougo?” he complained, trying to convince Haizaki to go with him to the abandoned mental asylum.

“Of course I’m not scared! Fine, I’ll go with,” Haizaki exclaimed, even though he was completely terrified.


“Uh, what the fuck was that?” Haizaki asked, gripping his boyfriend’s hand tighyly. He laughed at Haizaki’s constant outbursts.

“I thought you weren’t scared?” he teased.

“I’m not!”

“It’s okay. Let’s go home, I’ll make it up to you,” he smiled gently.