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i cant believe no one's asked the classic imagines question: how do the libra members propose to their s/o and what is their wedding like (small group or big party, outdoors or indoors, etc.)



  • he takes special care in preparing a special bouquet of flowers for his proposal
  • then he has a rose seperate from the bouquet with a wedding ring on it because he’s a total plant nerd
  • makes sure that it’s just him and s/o alone when he brings out the flowers and quietly asks them to marry him
  • the wedding is outdoors in nature (because it’s Klaus) with literally all of Klaus’ and s/o’s friends because everyone should be there AAAHHH
  • Klaus is pretty cool and casual about the wedding until he sees s/o walk do the aisle - then he gets very emotional because A) s/o looks so good, and B) he’s!!! getting married to them!!!
  • eyes get teary, but only one happy tear trickles down his face lmao


  • alright, so he goes to a fancy restaurant, right? Sets everything up to be all romantic, y’know?
  • but then it just doesn’t work out - some monster came in and smashed the restaurant and no, it won’t be rebuilt soon, sir, we’re sorry
  • agh, fine, he’ll make do with what he has - a flower he bought at the last minute, the ring, and the surprisingly pretty sunset behind them
  • the wedding itself is very lowkey - only the bestest of friends show up, they keep quiet about it and they chose a nice, cozy place to get married at ^^
  • heart starts beating really quickly when he sees s/o in all their wedding clothes because he loves them… so much…
  • can’t believe that he gets to be their husband now, aaahhh!!!


  • he’s so nervous about his proposal - he rehashes it, replans what he’s going to say, how he’s going to do it, etc., etc.
  • finally, he just forces himself to propose anyways because if he doesn’t, he’s just going to end up going in circles about it
  • he starts crying when s/o says yes - even after Leo dropped the engagement ring and lost it. Even after they were interrupted by a runaway criminal. Even after literally everything went wrong, s/o still says yes
  • he and s/o go back to his childhood home for the wedding (Michella is the Maid of Honor/flower girl because they wanted to keep the wedding small and very intimate)
  • Libra is there for some reason??? Like, even Lucky Abrams?? Uh, whooPS-


  • he tried to be really romantic - oh heavens, how he tried
  • but his ideas are sometimes just awful and he gives up the barbershop quartet was a bad idea anyways, I gueSS
  • finally he just opens the box with the ring (he doesn’t even kneel) and in a slightly defeated tone asks, “Will you marry me?”
  • he’s just sad because he didn’t even get to use the baby goat! Like, the barbershop quartet he was okay with dropping, but goats
  • the wedding is colorful and fun and the reception involves a lot of eclectic music (it’s an amalgamation of literally everyone’s music tastes)
  • Libra’s all there + Zapp’s master (Zapp’s not sure why but he does know that he’s more than a little bit terrified)


  • he doesn’t??? Know how to go about proposing??? To his s/o??? So he goes around asking other Libra members for advice
  • Zed makes the mistake of asking Zapp what he should do and next thing he knows, Zapp’s yelling across the room at s/o
  • “Hey, (Y/N), Zed wants to marry you! He’s even got a riiinnn - OW!”
    “Shut up!”
  • welp, that’s how Zed’s proposal goes ;-; whoops Zapp’s not invited to the wedding now
  • indoors wedding with immaculate designs and decorations that are simultaneously sensible and simple
  • small party with the main people from Libra (yeah, including Zapp, I guess -_-) and also Zed’s master - however, his master is more focused on chewing out Zapp than congratulating Zed dammit Zapp-


  • she’s not subtle about her preparation at all. No, seriously. She’s so obviously preparing to prepare to her s/o RIP
  • gets somebody (either from Libra or the Bureau) to get s/o from work to a designated Romantic™ location
  • appears behind s/o with the engagement ring before suddenly second-guessing herself and wanting to start over
  • but then s/o turns around and sees Chain and it’s too late for her to disappear ;-;
  • manages to say “Will you marry me?” without stuttering (which she mentally high-fives herself about lmao)
  • also quickly plucks a flower from one of those Romantic™ displays that are surrounding them and presents it proudly to s/o
  • the wedding is with close friends and coworkers and a lot of plants (courtesy of Klaus) and quite a few balloons :)


  • she takes special care in her planning to make it so intimate and romantic
  • she’s pretty much the only one that the proposing works out perfectly for lmao
  • but she put so much thought into literally every aspect of it that she didn’t sleep sometimes because it needed to be perfect
  • immediately sweeps her s/o in a hug while squealing in delight when they say ‘yes’
  • BIG!!!!! WEDDING!!!!!!
  • every detail is immaculate and wonderful and there are fairy lights as well because it adds to the mood!!! :D
  • takes place in the evening and there’s stars in the sky and it’s A+ and perfect

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do you think you could do scenarios of the libra members fighting alongside their s/o (who is also in libra) and s/o gets really hurt?? like potentially fatal bc i thrive on angst. or if that's too much then hcs are good too!!

I’m doing scenarios just to spite the lack of free time I have, f i g h t m e

this is literally all of the scenarios in one post, forgive me

all are around 500-ish words (some are less, some are more) 

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