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If you're up for it would you do a fic where Cherri is kidnapped by Korse & used as bait to get to the Fab Four?

Suggest a ficlet!

(I love this prompt. Btw, trigger warning for some violence.)

The tires squealed as Korse pulled up to the motel. Warning signs with the Better Living logo had been plastered on the windows and doors. At the old vending machine, white-suited employees painted over the graffiti. They stopped and watched Korse barge through the entrance. The blast from the air conditioners greeted him, rattling on the floor as he marched through the hallway.

Employees bustled up and down the hall, stopping as he passed. Some of the motel doors had been replaced with clear plastic sheets that crinkled when pushed back. Through the sheets were beds, makeshift offices, and whirring radio technology. When he reached a wooden door marked NO ENTRY, Korse slashed his ID through the scanner. The light beeped green. Then he unlocked the door and stormed inside, letting it slam shut behind him.

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just saw a post about how op didnt want a brave sequel bc it would most likely be about merida falling in love, and someone commented like ‘ok but imagine if she fell in love with a princess instead!’ and like, the sentiment is nice, but i think sometimes people dont realize that when someone says they dont want romantic arcs, its not just because theyre all heterosexual, its because they want to see themselves represented. they want to see aromantic and/or asexual representation. like, non-straight representation/headcanons still dont equally represent everyone yeah, so if someone expresses a desire for non-romantic/non-sexual characters please dont just be like ‘kk but what if they were gay/lesbian’ bc thats really not the point

I am such a terrible person okay

my little sister was whining because she didn’t want a cherry coke she wanted vanilla

well I had finished my vanilla coke and she was just upset

so I took her cherry coke
went outside
grabbed my vanilla coke bottle
and poured the cherry coke into the coke bottle
then I gave it to her

she still hasn’t noticed that it’s not vanilla coke and frankly, this is the greatest scam I have ever pulled off