[ fanacc] 161204 Minho @ jonghyun’s concert #3

*Before the encore Jjong asked if fans knew what song he was going to sing they said Deja boo & Minho had no idea so he said it after shawols ( op:@geminids_night )

During Beautiful Tonight Minho accidently held up the event banner (op:mihye_kk )

J: Is Minho here? Is that… Taeyeon noona next to Minho?!? Hello thank you!! Thank you Minho

trans cr: @omggminho

**When Jonghyun first saw Minho he was on the cart waving and he got such a shock ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Minho was jumping with 2 lightstick, soooo adorble ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Minho said “Minho thank you” ㅜㅠㅠ

Minho was so hyper that the manager told him to calm down ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

trans cr:** @_misnaa   


Your lips are red
Your eyes so blue
On your birthday
Let me tell them
How much I love you
From day one up to now
My heart beats only for you
Happy birthday my love!!!
- hopefully KK sends a birthday post like this ;)

star stable online is not perfect.

kk folks, time for a rant by your Problematic Nightstar Player.

star stable online is not perfect. they are a small team of people and cannot cater to every single request. they can’t just implement new characters, they can’t just edit a quest to make it more inclusive.

don’t be offended by the little flaws in the game.

verafajirah  asked:

Kak gmana menurut kk tentang kecemburuan terhadap pertemanan ? Misalnya ada seorang teman yg biasanya slalu sama" kk , tapi kemudian dia lebih asik atau lebih terlihat dekat dgn teman yg lain. Dijwb y kak, thanks

Kamu cuma kurang piknik, jadi kurang menikmati hidup sendiri. 😂

anonymous asked:

Before the comic canon confirmation: "Dave and John are best bros!!! Daves are looking for their Johns!!!" After the confirmation: "Daves completely ignore John's existence and suddenly start pining for Karkats." Me: What the fuck. Where is my best bro. Why are the other mes acting like he wasn't important. Where are all the other mes that were looking for their prankster boyfriends. Did they suddenly go "no it was KK fuck John"????? -an extremely salty and confused Dave Strider

This is for @kk-artz
Thanks for requesting me I love drawing for people and if you want a drawing then please ask I won’t bite😊😊😊

You guys are awesome
Keep smiling

anonymous asked:

I kinda hope that the 2 stories are not connected. Y/N is a psychiatrist but then she is still at school? Or Deranged is about Y/N past? And there is where she met Jb? Like he was the one that entered her house? But then what about Taehyung or Jungkook? As always, your stories makes me curious kk

Haha don’t overthink it love! The stories can still be read separately so think of “Y/N” from Mad and Deranged as two completely different females. They each have their own storyline and as the series continues it’ll make more sense, I promise haha. I just write “Y/N” instead of an actual character name because people seem to like it that way better.