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Alright. So we got the murder weapon. -Ethos

Along with the time of death, the locations of the deaths, and I’m sure the others have been conducting their own investigations, despite my saying not to.

*Glares at the monitor* But it’s not important right now. Once we collect all the information and alibis, we’ll gather everyone in the gym and bring this to an end.

  • Naegi:[about Junko sending in Monokuma's after something] Alexander the Great sent troops in search of it.
  • Kirigiri:Great for him.
  • Byakuya:So did Caesar.
  • Kirigiri:Yeah, look what happened to his career.
  • Naegi:And Napoleon.
  • Byakuya:Yeah, but, we're smarter than him. And taller, too.
  • Naegi:Exactly. That's why we're the ones who are gonna find it.
  • Hagakure:Because we're taller?

Not sure how this happened (probably porn blogs) but thank you very much! I’m not really that good at follow-forevers, like I don’t have any special sections or anything but it is super hard to choose!

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I know I’ve missed a load and if I did just know that I appreciate everybody who took the time to follow this blog and put up with it’s weird mun! Thank you for loving Daremo and here’s to more future threads (and don’t be shy, I’m just as shy as you are!).

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Celeste! I was wondering if you ship any of your fellow classmates and why? (Thanks for answering!)


Who do I ship…as in pair together within my class? Well let’s see…

Naegi and Kirigiri get along well, too well for my taste at times. Though admittedly, it’s really cute. Chihiro and Mondo look like quite a nice pair as well. I have a guilty pleasure of having Junko and Naegi together, it’s just a weird thing for me. Mukuro and Ishimaru look well too…

Oh my I said too much!