sapphic-loser  asked:

Just wanted to say i absolutely adore your blog!! Oh and any good quality fanfics? I've sorta ran out... ^~^

Hey there!

Thank you for your message! I’m so glad to hear you say that you enjoy my blog! For fanfictions, I would recommend a few authors because all of their stories are really really nice :) 

If you would like to read 18+, NSFW stories that involves smut/coarse language, then robovacation,Finnian4ever and Nova_Gem’s stories are quite suitable in that area! They write really good smut (haha yes I’ve read them), especially robovacation’s. Her characters have really unique personalities too!

A lot of my favourite stories are from Sebas-chan001SakuraTannaTakashi,Kawaii DreamThoseCrimsonEyesAnimeCujo,BlackRoseEden and SebasuchansKitten. They write mostly rated M and occasionally rated T stories about SebaCiel and they’re really nice, go check the authors out! :)

Besides that, I’ll list a few of my personal favourites:

Ace by kiminitodoke (Rated M)

The Serenade of the Devil by Sebas-chan001 (Rate M- I love this fanfic!)

True Love by Ischagoras (Rated M)

Rêve de Bonheur by Kawaii Dream (Rated M- A really good sad fic~made me cry ;-;)

Relapse by robovacation (Rated E-a nice AU where Ciel’s a sex addict and Sebby’s an adorable, innocent virgin therapist~~)

Only Temporary by robovacation (Rated E- a really good sad-ish one-shot)

Robin and Tutor by TheAntitype-ZEPHYR (Rated T - I love it but the author hasn’t updated for years ;-;)

The Darker Side of Cinderella and Dark Beauty and the Devil both by GarryxMrChairFan (Rated M- a good kuroshitsuji twist in the classic disney tales!)

Funtom of the Opera by SebasuchansKitten (Rated M- again, Phantom of the Opera, Kuro-style)

Realization by Kawaii Dream (Rated T- a cute and sweet one-shot!)

These are just a millionth of the stories I really enjoyed :) However, I’m not really following any new stories now besides reading the ones from the authors I follow (so sorry ;-;) If you would like to check out the really good quality stories, some people from the blackbutler.net forum has made a list here, or you could simply check on the most reviewed/favourited/followed stories on fanfiction.net or any other fanfic sites! Some authors from fanfiction.net also has an account on ao3, so you can check them out too! For ao3 fanfics, robovacation, silverwing26 and soulless_lover all write good quality explicit stories in my opinion! 

Anyway, I guess this is the most I can do for you in terms of suggesting fanfics! Again, thank you so much for leaving a kind message in my oh-so-lonely ask box, your message made me happy :)

Feel free to ask me anything else if you have any problems beside fanfics! Any sort of messages are always welcomed and appreciated! :D