!khr challenge


Reborn being reincarnated into Tsuna’s older brother and still having incredibly strong sun flames so he couldn’t exactly become Vongola Decimo.

Then this world’s Reborn comes and then it’s CHAOS.

Like Orig!Reborn(this the reincarnated Reborn) creeping AU!Reborn out because this boy is just so similar to him only a bit more relaxed and shit but only around Tsuna and Nana.

The other Arcobaleno double taking whenever Orig!Reborn and AU!Reborn is in the same room because fuck it these two are just so similar in personality (and looks if you want to go that far) that it’s so scary because that would imply there’s ANOTHER Reborn out there and the world is DEFINITELY not ready for that shit.

Dino then comes to visit his new little brother but then meets Orig!Reborn and nearly fucks the hell out of no there because his spartan tutor is enough and his new little brother’s real older brother is scary as fuck because he keeps teasing and testing Dino under the pretense that he tests everyone because his family only deserves the best (but fuck Iemitsu just because and he makes Nana cry sometimes at night because of loneliness and Nana isn’t exactly stupid but she’s just waiting for Iemitsu to tell her the truth).

Orig!Reborn most definitely having all of the pictures and videos of Tsuna being dressed in dresses and cute outfits by him and Nana because Tsuna was just too cute when he was a kid and a baby

Bonus points:

-If it’s All27 with major R27, Orig!Reborn practically BURNS the whole world down because nobody deserves his dame but precious baby brother (and he doesn’t let Tsuna forget his innocent promise of marrying Orig!Reborn in the future because that was just far too damned precious and blackmail worthy)

-R27 would probably have Orig!Reborn staring at AU!Reborn with a bit of horror as well as super duper protectiveness over his younger brother because he knows himself and he knows that his other self could hurt Tsuna because he was just too damned stubborn when it comes to emotions but also torn between the emotions of disapproval as well as approval because Tsuna deserves only the best and HE is the best but still

-Orig!Reborn nearly murdering and burning Namimori and the entirety of Italy and nearly the world down when he notices that his precious baby brother charmed and had the entire world falling in love with him because of his kindness and accepting nature

-That’s probably the only point where he and Iemitsu can agree to because there is NO WAY in hell are they going to let the youngest Sawada be corrupted by these perverted and unworthy swines

PS Anybody can actually use this idea so long as it’s credited of course oh and gimme some links when you guys make the fic I wanna read iiiit. I might write it in the future but no guarantees 

11/365 : HIbari/Nagi.

I don’t know if I see them as couple, or just nice partnership since Nagi is like silent and is a strong confident women damnit. But that’s probably one of the couple I wouldn’t mind //still ship them with several others tho- LOL
ALSO IM A FERVENT BELIEVER THAT TSUNA NEED BOTH HIS MIST : the soft gentle layer Nagi, and the poisonous dangerous Mukuro.


Day 30: Why do you like love Katekyo Hitman Reborn?

Characters, plot, animation, music, fights, funny moments, Vongola, Varia, Simon, Millefiore, Reborn, Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Hibari, Ryohei, Chrome, Squalo, Xanxus, Bel, Luss, Mamon, Fran, Enma, Dino, Bianchi, Colonello, Lal, Irie, Spanner, Byakuran, Haru, I-pin, Lambo, Giotto, G, Hyper Dying Will Mode, Uri, Poison Cooking, ten-year bazooka…
… and for give me friends when I was completely alone, make me laught when I was sad, gave me hope when I thought I’m useless.
This anime hold me in one when I wanna fall into million pieces. Now I’m fine. Don’t worry :D

Day 19: Favorite mafia boss

Juudaime Tsunayoshi Sawada

He is one of the best “from zero to hero” characters I’ve ever seen! He’s very well done. When I meet Dame-Tsuna I don’t except those things to happen. I mean I was very surprised of his strength and awesomeness. And however wird it will sound he’s so strong because he’s weak. Because of his weakness he can do all those amazing things on Dying Will Mode. He’s Making me feel better. I definitely love 10th Vongola.

And for all of you who hates him, let’s just think! You won’t know Gokudera, Yamamoto, Mukuro, Hibari, Dino, Squalo, Xanxus, Byakuran… and the rest of KHR boys if there wasn’t this too ordinary boy who was involved to mafia world.

Btw just look how he looks next to Xanxus. They’are both badass here even if Tsuna is still uke even if Tsuna is ten years younger.