Reborn: Aren’t you supposed to be in jail?
Mukuro: Yeah, and you’re supposed to be dumpster diving for ham scraps, you six-piece chicken McNobody

nip thy affections au
inspiration from this post + tags

mukuro (and chrome) spends 6 months breaking allies out of jail and this is what he comes home to

i’ll try to explain why bleach ending was shit in examples using other animes:

gintama: gintoki marrying kagura, bad hair cut, shinpachi isolates himself from yorozuya and becomes a doctor, sadaharu becoming a worldwide boxing champion, hasegawa being shogun.

d.gray man: allen marrying miranda, bad hair cut, lenalee isolates herself from the order and becomes a doctor, lavi becoming a worldwide boxing champion, kanda being the supervisor instead of kamui and continues the 3rd exorcist plan.

beelzebub: oga marrying hanazawa, bad hair cut, hildegard isolates herself from belbo and becomes a doctor, furuichi becoming a worlwide boxing champion, kunieda becoming the devil queen.

sailormoon: usagi marrying umino, bad hair cut both, mamoru isolates himself from the senshis and becomes a doctor, ami becoming a worldwide boxing champion, minako becoming new queen serenity.

khr: tsuna marrying bianchi, bad hair cut, gokudera isolates himself from the gang and becomes a doctor, yamamato quiting baseball and becoming a worldwide boxing champion, lambo becoming the new boss.

you think this post makes no sense? so does the bleach ending to me

I think I’m ok with how the colouring turned out. I’m soooo out of practice. Not too fond of the swirls though (coz I don’t know how it should look; I tried but no matter how I draw the swirls, they come out funny. Perhaps I haven’t looked at as many swirl-designs as I need to ;v; ) …Can you tell I love colouring eyes? ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

The fanfic, Dragon of Vongola, was kinda cute. Only 3 chapters so far so I can’t really say much. I’d link this to the author (azusa mukami on ff.net) but I don’t know how to get in contact (I don’t have a ff.net account). 



tsuna: king penguin, perpetually ridiculous hair
reborn: anhinga, hair is only ridiculous post-swim

for my khr / fandom bingo ‘wingfic’ slot, except i’m starting out with pictures and concept stuff. no one ever does penguins!! i’m gonna pick the weirdest / uncommon birbs for my wingfic.. because i can…

also PLS anhinga basically means ‘snake bird’ or ‘devil bird’ how could i not

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you please write a scenario with Alpha!Dino being protective of his mate? Like, another Alpha (poor foolish soul) corners Dino's mate and gets a little handsy when Dino swoops in like the BA he is and saves the day.

 Oh God the idea of this scenario is just making me melt (/)///w///(\) Thank you for such an amazing idea anon!


 You worked under one of the best mafia bosses of the era, Dino Cavallone, as his personal assistant and lover. There were very few places you were allowed to go where Dino or his men could keep a close eye on you and make sure you were not hassled by other Alphas; especially when you went into heat. One of these places was your mate’s strip club. The place was crawling with his men and he almost always had you right by his side. I say almost always because sometimes shit hits the fan.

 And boy did it hit the fan tonight.

 Dino had left you alone at the bar so he could go attend to the needs of one of his business partners. It honestly scared you being out here, around so many Alphas, without your mate but you knew you could do it. You weren’t supposed to go into heat until the next day so you should be fine. Dino had promised that you wouldn’t be here long.

 Of course, not everything in life can be scheduled except ruined plans. Dino was known to only be gone with his business partners an hour at a time if you were with him, and ten minutes to the hour it started. Everything became hot and stuffy and suddenly it was like you couldn’t stop panting so loud. You could feel the slick lubrication ruining the underwear you wore. You knew it was only a matter of time before every Alpha in here would be staring you down. Luckily enough the Omegas who were bound to the Alphas smelled it too and dragged their Alphas away. Unluckily, however, that left you with half of Dino’s men (the hardcore Omegas and Betas) and some unmarked Alphas, one of whom was just drunk and ballsy enough to start stumbling towards you. Dino’s men immediately made a box around you but of course they were no match for this guy, drunk or not. Every nerve ending was on fire in your body and it caused you to gasp out loud when he grabbed your arm.

“W-wait.. agh…” you groaned, trying to push on his chest when he pulled you closer.

“Fuck no. God I love it when a bitch goes into heat.” He growled, biting your earlobe and sliding a knee up between your thighs. Tears pricked your eyes at the thought of this not being Dino and just how angry your mate would be when he found out. You almost started crying when you felt someone press up against your back, wrapping his arms around your waist. You would’ve if they weren’t wearing the sleeves of the green jacket Dino always wore.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing Haveir?” Dino growled darkly, his eyes glowing blood red as he pulled you into his chest. He bared his teeth in an animalistic way, a warning sign for this new guy. “This is mine.” He growled as he sunk his teeth into your neck, causing you to moan.

“D-Don Cavallone, I’m-”

“You’d better fucking be sorry. I’m still debating on whether or not I should kick your teeth down your throat.” he growled, pulling you closer. You couldn’t think straight, the heat was unbearable, the tightness of your clothes almost too much.

“Dinoooo…” you whined, dragging out the last syllable, panting lightly.

“…It seems as though ___’s going to be your saving grace. But watch your back Haveir, if you so much as think of coming near ___ again, I’m going to show you why I’m the Don.” Dino snarled before dragging you off to one of the many mating rooms in the back of the strip club.


Part of the KHR Collab Exchange. I was partnered with the lovely @luchesharman who wanted a Miraculous Ladybug/KHR fusion fic. I hope you like the fic!

ff.net link | ao3 link

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn/Miraculous Ladybug (knowledge of ML not required)

Pairing: R27

Warning: N/A


“Don’t do that; it’s unbecoming.”

“But, but, but.”

“Please tell me you’re used to it already. We’ve been at this for six months.”

Internally wailing, Raion looked at his partner. “Koumori,” he said, clutching his tail in a nervous gesture. “That Akuma is freezing everything, causing tornados and making cars fly!” Did his partner not see the same thing as Raion? Sure every villain they faced was dangerous, but this one, the one calling herself Arashi took the cake.

Naturally, Koumori smirked that infernal smirk of his and clearly welcomed the new challenge.

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@ollypuro has an amazing au for break dancing/b-boying Tsuna and i got to write for them omg. i read the au wrong so it isnt in the canon universe but ayy hopefully they like it n so do you guys!

[a link for ff.net]

[n art for the au]

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how was ur break? did u eat well get some nice naps in?

There was a lot going on. Not to mention, the stress just kept piling up. But I’m fine now, everything is fine! 

Hm, but a nap does sound like a good idea.