So I was a little worried about the Epic Medal Draw because of what people were saying about the odds, but at the same time, I went in going, “At least I’ll get one Org. XIII Medal” AND….



Although, I was hoping for Axel, so I can equip him to TAKE ON FUCKING CLOUD…

But even SO, I was in need of more Speed Medals and JUST BABY, XION. AHHHH…

Oh, and I got Vexen too…guess he can’t go anywhere without his child, lol.

“I’m six stars, dad! I can take care of myself!”

”Nonesense, child! You still have a lot to learn!“


Completed Bridesmaids Boxes!

I regret not taking more photos, I swore I did but I must of deleted them during the shooting process. I have a bad habit of doing that. But most of them were the same anyways minus the backgrounds on the cards and the rest ended with “Bridesmaid?”

All of the boxes are hand painted and you can see my process in this previous blog entry. I want to send another thank you to Akili-Amethyst for making all the “Dives to the Heart.” She also created a beautiful Jasmine and Alice that were never previously in the game. I do not have the images to provide but if you are interested please contact the artist directly, they are not mine to give.

The shoes were ornaments I ordered off Amazon and the charms were provided by a seller on Etsy that upon revisiting has taken the items in question off market. But if you want some temporary tattoos give them a look.

This project was both equally fun and frustrating but I am so glad my ladies enjoyed them so much. It really made all the late nights and ugly crying worth it.

KHUx - 07/25 announcement

A new event, Tag Team Tournament, has begun! Team up with Hercules to progress through the tournament’s rounds!

  • the event will last from 07/25 0.00 JST to 08/07 23.59 JST
  • this event is tournament style: clearing one round will unlock the next!
  • clear challenges to earn jewels, ducklings, and the event limited medal: Hercules & Phil (upright power)!
  • there are 20 rounds total; you’ll face two enemies in each round
  • Hercules will help by buffing you after each player turn!

I’ll have (most of) the event quests up right after this!

Also just a note - I’m going on vacation tomorrow for the next three weeks; I’ll try my best to get online when I can and keep up and stuff but uhh no guarantees orz


Alice blinked at the sunlight spilling over her face. At first, she though she was in her apartment, but that quickly proved not to be the case. As soon as she recognized the wall, she sat up quickly, looking around.

She was in headquarters. Vincent. Hojo.

Seeing a familiar and very welcome face, her shoulders slumped in relief. “Aerith…is everyone okay? Is Vincent…?”