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Louis ends up next to his ex at the theatre and just might end up killing him.

{KK’s going to kill me that this is my favorite, but it just is. I may be a tad obsessed with this fic. I honestly don’t understand why every person hasn’t read it and declared it to be their favorite. There is so much packed into this 4k. It’s incredibly brilliant is what it is. Do you know how hard it is to create meaningful characters and dialogue and plot in four thousand words? Very. This fic makes me laugh at the banter and tugs at my heart at the hurt they both feel. And the smut. Holy hell. I’ve reread this fic over and over again, and I think you should, too.}

Fate brings back to Harry someone he never thought he’d see again.

{Never mind, she’s really going to kill me for this one. Yes, it’s animal!direction, but you should give this a chance. It’s tagged as a crack fic, but it just is so much more than that. I remember my eyes welled up with tears at the sweet emotion of the story. It’s so utterly lovely.}

Harry and Louis’ plan to prank Liam and Zayn on their wedding day backfires, big time.

{The banter! The speeches! The twist! The apparently British novelty of cutting wedding cake with a sword! I love everything about this fic. It’s fantastic. Go read it immediately.}

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In slightly belated honor of KK’s aka @dinosaursmate aka waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee’s birthday, I made this fic rec for my favorite three KK fics. I’m sure you hate my choices, KK, but really what’s the point in reccing the Catfish fic/When We Were Younger? Surely, everyone already knows they should be reading that one. Like I literally made friends with people based purely on yelling about that fic with them.