badgengar asked:

I know you don't really do requests but I have one, can I hug your gengar? Fucker is cute and I like invading person space...I'm a "Personal Space Invader".

I’m sure Gary would accept hugs from other Gengars

Gary: except they arent hugs

Gary: they’re bro hugs

Gary: brougs

computer generated cyber girl that doesn’t actually exist in the real world it’s all a lie

anonymous asked:

God I am so mad oh my god female is a gender female. Is a gender! A gender is f. They is t??5they????? Why ... Why 2$7 why why why... She Laura Jane Grace Is A Woman Not A She You Don't Use They Pronouns For A Trans Woman Or Trans Man You Just Don't Goodbye Gerard Way

i’m genuinely confused

deerteethqueer asked:

can I just say that some LGBT+ people are cis or hetero? a hetero transgender individual belongs on the community just as much as a queer cisgender individual. I love the sharks and I've got them on both my blogs because they are adorable, good job!