msspookypuffs  asked:

Hi this the person who sent the ask for the vitiligo gamzee and I was wondering for a friend if you could do a human albino karkat with freckles and a black sweater and his hair is like messy.Thank you in advance!

two versions cus actual human albinos have blue/grey eyes mostly from what i saw and a red version cus that’s what people seem to know most as albinism!!

kabashsystem  asked:

Please more hal amd dorp hcs I beg of thee

ISHJKS yeah yeah i’ve got hc’s out the wazoo

dork strider does not sleep but when he does he hits that rem rebound so hard he sleeps through an entire day and messages roxy the moment he wakes up like “if crickets chirp during the night and they’re awake and you can catch them during the day, when do they fucking sleep?” and everyone hates it but finds it hilarious 

dirk talks SO MUCH when he’s tired, it’s just a never ending flow of words and regret 

hal? cleaning? ha! ha HA!! 

dirk refuses to say boobs, like he will not talk about boobs!! doesn’t like them!! he’ll say breast but that’s about it and it’s great because roxy and john will randomly text him “tiddy” with no context 

hal gets called a twink a lot and he hates it (is it true? i’ll never tell) 

hal likes kids more cause they’re easier to talk to, dirk can do babies but doesn’t like it when they hit the age they socially interact 

dirk stays weary of karkat cause he’s a loud anxiety triggering firecracker but eventually gets used to him and they team up to fuck with dave and jake 

hal will literally fight you if you forget to say the lil part but no one actually does

dirk loves running okay? he will just,,, run,, when he needs to get away 

don’t ever let hal watch a movie with you because he’s already seen it and he WILL spoil it for you