i went to my fav salad place just before they closed and theyre closed all weekend so they were trying to get rid of perishables and they just… Gave me… This huge ass thing of bread……

suho: [wakes up exo for their schedule n is ready 2 go leave w/ them] wait ! i forgot my wallet one second guys :)

exo: [leaves w/o him]

suho: [comes back n sees tht thyre gone] [texts thm on their group chat] i came out n saw tht u guys were gone ? im not blaming u all or nything !! we have a lot of members n it’s hard to keep track of all of us its ok dont feel guilty :) i just wanted 2 lt u all kno im not there !  i’ll call a taxi or smething see u there n stay safe !

exo: Read at 8:10 am ✔

motherfuckingredsaber asked:



1. Has quite a few disabilities mentally and emotionally

2. Is in love with Godzilla 2014

3. Loves Dinosaurs and wanted to be a paleontologist for a long time but discovered science wasn’t his thing

4. Can be short tempered and rude but is working on fixing that

5. Hates schools because of bad bullying experiences…

6. Relates heavily to his two favorite Fate characters

7. Reads fan fiction way too much….

8. Is a Doctor Who fan

9. Loves most of what Urobuchi writes…besides Rebellion Story

10. Goes to the movies frequently