these are like, really bad karuta icons i made at the beginning of the year when i rped her, but i figured i would put them up for other people to use if they actually want to use these crap icons before i delete them.

honestly they’re crap so if you don’t want them i don’t blame you at all, i’m even going to be making myself better karuta icons once i rp her ever again.

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i love how soushi and natsume just stand there normally, just smiling. like something that looks like a tnt is the usual thing for kagerou. like they were expecting him to throw a fucking party because of his absence. “oh hey lookie here a tnt it’s most likely fake and has random shit in there oh well i don’t need to clean it up”

and then you got nobara there, not caring that there’s a tnt coming her way. “fuck this tnt if it gets any closer to me i could just freeze it”.

THEN WE GOT THE PANSIES OH GOD THE PANSIES. look at fucking ririchiyo, she’s so surprised it makes my kagerou muse laugh in pleasure at how masochistically surprised she is. just like how she should act. but she should know not to think that’s a real tnt, because soushi didn’t get in the way to protect her. then you got watanuki WHO SHOULD KNOW but he’s a pansy delinquent. just look at this guy. pink pants, sandals, and don’t get me started on his arms flipping in the wind there. “holy shit a dynamite!! help me body and do a 360 for me!!” ohmygod HIS FACE TOO


also have i ever told you guys that kagerou most likely likes the fact that watanuki loves karuta and wants to protect her? like i think he’s really proud of rascal for actually wanting to be strong. because knowing kagerou, he didn’t think such a weak tanuki would ever be strong or try. he thought watanuki was going to be weak from all the beatings he went through when they were all kids.

he probably knows karuta second most, besides watanuki he would obviously know a lot about her. kagerou knows karuta does need someone to protect her; but not physically. she needs someone to protect her mentally, because karuta most likely fears that one day she will snap, and scare off everyone close to her. watanuki must be strong mentally, though, because he’s just so, so close to connecting with her completely. connecting with her emotions through all her life. watanuki’s little power that kagerou knows he has is connecting with her. not even kagerou can read the mind of karuta, even though he seems like he can read the mind of someone as disastrous as soushi, even if he admitted not to.

he loves how concerned watanuki is when he sees karuta with kagerou, because watanuki knows kagerou is a bad guy from the inside out. kagerou’s intentions to steal away his fiancee even though she’s completely happy with soushi is proof of that. his jealousy against soushi is also proof of that. kagerou wants the two to be happier than him; karuta, who shut herself out from emotions, and watanuki, who’s life was spoiled, and yet terrible because of the influence of the three sadists. karuta needs watanuki, and watanuki needs her. wanting them to be happy is something kagerou wishes, but won’t admit to watanuki, even if that might strive watanuki.