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CHANGBIN: listen, no need to be offen-

FELIX: - cause I am and I would really like it if you went out with me.


it was not a peninsula :T 

also im gonna use a new format for page navigation lol, this ended up getting a lot more in depth than i originally planned sjdlkfsj

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Butch, Oswald’s ‘right-hand-man’ position was filled a while ago.

extra extra:

In case any of my followers don’t know: I’m using Kickstarter as a kind of preorder site, people pledge to buy stuff ahead of time and if it gets enough funding aka sales, then the artist will have the items made and sent to the pledgers. If a ks doesn’t get funded everyone gets refunded their money. It’s a way to test the waters and see if anyone actually wants an item before dishing out 1k+ making them.

Thank you everyone who supported my ks so far and reblogged to spread the word~!  You can check it out here: >>>[Link]<<  I’ve got 4 pin designs and a 13″x18″ zippered tote bag. : ]

anonymous asked:

Hey Bucky. So I write a lot of random bs fanfic stories for marvel, most of which I never finish. But would you mind if I used some of the things you've said on here in the fanfics?

This is the third or fourth such ask I’ve gotten about this lately, so I’ll actually answer this one publicly. (Though generally, I WILL NOT answer this type of character-break ask unless you’re logged in and I can do so privately; I don’t like to bother everybody about this unless it’s relevant to lots of you.) 

Yes! You can! Please link back at the end of the fic. Just a general link to the blog is fine, I’m not looking for APA cited sources here. If you’re writing something you actually intend to publish (by which I mean non-fanwork) we may have to have a bit more discussion about that. But generally, you’re welcome to use quotes from this blog as long as you link back. Have fun with it! 

-Mod Hell

A collaboration between @vstrider and myself!

We each sketched a character and then swapped to color the other’s sketch. A great learning experience and lots of fun!! (*゚∀゚*) Thank you for doing this with me vstrider!