Hogwarts Houses as Theater Kids

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Gryffindors: The ones who lead improv games and go into directing and audition for every show, no matter what part they end up getting. 

Slytherins: Assistant Directors, great at monologues but save their talent for the stage. 

Ravenclaws: Techs, sound and lights, they prefer the written part of theater (like going to shows and reading plays) instead of actually performing most of the time. 

Hufflepuffs: Makeup and wardrobe techs, Stage Managers. Always there to help and is good when confronted with an issue.

Pretty boy Diggory. Every person at Hogwarts lusted after him. He was an enigma. He had half the school contemplating dropping to their knees just at the sight of him. Everyone was in complete and total awe of him.

Cedric was aware of his beauty; he never denied it, but he never flaunted it either. He carried himself with confidence, not with arrogance. Even still, he knew that he could have whomever he wanted at the snap of his fingers. Whoever he wanted, except one.

Oliver Wood was also a gorgeous man, but his looks were often overshadowed by his passion for Quidditch. It was too much for most people; they found it annoying, overbearing. Cedric Diggory was not most people. Sure, Quidditch didn’t get his blood rushing in quite the same way as it did Oliver, but he found Oliver’s minor obsession with the sport to be endearing. Unfortunately for him, he was not the only one.

Marcus Flint, the insolent, pureblooded, Slytherin chaser with the crooked teeth and rumored troll heritage, certainly seemed to love it. Cedric detested him. Who could blame him? He had the one thing that Cedric wanted that he couldn’t have: Oliver. Darling, beautiful, Oliver. 

Cedric was everything that Marcus was not. Cedric was beautiful; Marcus was ugly. Cedric was kind and patient; Marcus was hotheaded and aggressive. Cedric was loved by most everyone, but Marcus received far more hatred than admiration. Cedric clearly was more deserving of Oliver’s love than Marcus. It wasn’t right that Marcus had him; it wasn’t fair. That much was obvious to everyone; everyone except Oliver. 

Cedric didn’t hide his affections. He made them known, the same as his admirers did for him. Even deep down inside, Marcus knew that Cedric would be better for Oliver. But Oliver didn’t care. He didn’t want some pretty boy that he hardly knew and shared little in common with besides his position as Quidditch captain. He wanted a man that he knew could treat him well; a man that was a little rough around the edges with wonky teeth and a bit of a temper, but loved him unconditionally.

Oliver and Marcus were opposites, but they fit each other so well. They complemented each other in impossible ways. They were made for each other, as cliche as that may sound. Even if the rest of the world could never understand, Oliver knew that he made the right choice. Cedric was so beautiful and so kind. It was understandable why he was so sought after, but he wasn’t the man for Oliver. That man, with the broad shoulders and raven colored hair, was sitting right in his arms.

Every person in Hogwarts lusted after Cedric. Except one, and that one didn’t regret it one bit.

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Me and my friends are playing a game called let's see how close you can get to your friends without becoming a gay couple

being gay isn’t “funny” or a joke my dude it’s pretty shitty for us actual gay people out here in the world

honestly tho most people who do this kinda shit end up realising they’re gay at some point so bookmark this post, come back in three years, and let me know if you identify as gay then or not

111. James didn’t pick up his wand when Voldemort attacked because he shoved it in Lilys’ hand when she ran up stairs - she’d left hers in the kitchen. “I love you so much Lils, take this and run, maybe it can buy you and Harry some time. Now, GO, RUN.”

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  • Ron: Hermione, stop being such a know-it-all! It’s annoying!
  • *2 hours and a spell or two later*
  • Harry: Hey Hermione, where’d Ron go?
  • Hermione, flames of mirth playing in her eyes: I don’t know.
  • Ron: *stuck inside a lamp, being chased by a spider and screaming*

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At this point, people complaining about discourse is far more annoying than the discourse has the possibility of being! I have a solution to the problem they complain about: Don't read everything that comes in front of you! It is so unbelievably easy to scroll past things you don't want to see! Making a new blog for discourse wouldn't work anyway, since people would still send the asks here anyway. I think it bears repeating that both of you have the patience of a saint.