Last time I read Howl's Moving Castle I made a list of all of the things Howl calls Sophie and here they are

Outspoken old woman

Nosy old woman

Dreadfully nosy, horribly bossy, appallingly clean old woman

A terror

You overactive old thing

That one-woman force of chaos

Dear Sophie

My good Sophie

Rude as well as a bully

Sophie dear

Dear Sophie

Mrs Nose

Sophie dear

Busy old fool, unruly Sophie

Mrs Nose

Mrs Moralizer

Mrs Longnose

Mrs Snoop

That fool Sophie

Thrilling Intent Week day 5 - Crossover:
i bet you expected ashe as princess mononoke. sike! so did i

ashe - nausicaa
markus - howl
gregor - ashitaka
kyr - fio (you know the cute mechanic from porco rosso)
inien - kiki

Every time I watch The First Avenger I have the same thoughts:

  • Why is Steve’s date so mean to him
  • Did Bucky have a threesome with those girls
  • I love the Howling Commandos
  • I’d check Peggy out too, Buck
  • Everyone looks really hot in their military uniforms
  • Did Steve like making out with Pvt. Lorraine because it’s hard to tell if he is uncomfortable or just can’t flirt
  • Poor Bucky :(
  • Poor Steve :(

anonymous asked:

I have lost MC in a crowd. Shit. How do I....? Mentally prepared self, shakes out shoulders and cups hands over mouth: "HOWEL IS THE BIGGEST COWARD AND DAMA QUEEN I HAVE EVER MET," oh shit that's true. Wait I got it. "AND HE NEVER LOVED SOFIE!" -Brizzy

*busts in from the background* “WHO SAID THAT!!! WANNA FUCKING FIGHT!” *Shakes off suitably magnificent suit-jacket and let’s it puddle dramatically on the ground ‘Grandma, its me Anastasia’ styles* Gotta do Howl proud.

((Thems fighting words my friend. I’m not saying you wouldn’t find me, but you’d find my fists too :P))