Chizuru: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you’ve lost throughout your life!

Hijikata: It would be nice to get my sense of purpose back.

Heisuke: Oh, lovely, my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this.

Souji: My will to live! I haven’t seen this in 15 years!

Shinpachi: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!

Sannan: Mental stability, my old friend!

Kondo: Guys, could you lighten up a little?

Hakuoki Kyoto Winds Walkthroughs - Hijikata Toshizou

**Note: Items bolded and italicized are choices that increase your romance level.**

(No choices to be made)

Find a way to escape.
Ran for it.
Stay put.
I could see that. / Wow, I had no idea.
Ask Hijikata if I can help around the compound. / Quietly return to my room.
Accompany Hijikata as his page.
Explain the situation.

Remain in the compound.
Why me?
Yamazaki, you should go.
Stay with Hijikata.
Sorry for not remembering.
…want to come.
To Mount Ten’nou.
Stop Nagakura.
…Keep running.
I stepped out of line… / Want to watch over everyone while you’re gone…

Return to my room.
Remain in the common room.
It’ll be okay.
Reached for my sword.
Refrain from drawing sword.
Yes, please.
It’s not any of my business.
The Demons.
I’ll help with the research.
The notice board.

The soldiers.
Someone high-ranking.
Yes / No
Go find the others.
You don’t even know anything.
Try to attack.
What would you like to eat?

Still wanted to help.
Help with Itou.
I want to help.
Trust Hijikata.
Return immediately.

I should leave…
Get revenge.

(No choices to be made)


At this point you have collected  all of the CGs for this route! Congrats :D

For the Bad Endings, go to the  title menu and make the following selections:

  1. Record of Service
  2. Chapter 5: Story Toshizo Hijikata
  3. Romance LOW

Bad Ending 1:
I have to leave.
Run for it.

Bad Ending 2:
I should leave…
Run for it.

anonymous asked:

Hc's on how Kamui, Hijikata and Sougo would be as parents? 💖

Writers Note: My bio went all funny and I can’t add the link for my rules until I get onto my desktop tomorrow, so don’t send in any requests unless you’ve already read the rules until the link is back up!

- Would actually never leave his child. Considering how absent his own father was during his childhood, he’d make it his business to always be there for his new little bundle of joy.

- Would definitely teach his child to fight from a young age, since their his child they’re bound to be pretty strong, but I think deep down he wouldn’t want them to end up like him at all.

- Would actually probably raise them on earth. Why? It’s nicer than the place he grew up, it’s not as rough and the streets are cleaner. There are no bullies who will tease his child about their family. But at the same time, it has that same aura of independence and brutal care that existed on Rakuyo, for all its faults it’s where Kamui grew up. A lot happened to him, good and bad, on that planet. He wants his child to experience the good, but not the bad. So here he is.

- Babies his child like nobodies business. When all the play-fighting, arguing and genuinely acting like children is over for the day, he would not let a single tear come out of the child’s eye. Given he can be quite childish himself at times, he tends to understand how the kid is feeling, and has an uncanny knack of knowing exactly what to do to fix things. (He’s such a softieeee)

- Strict dad. Or, he tries to be. He wants to raise his children to be model role-abiding citizens, he wants them to be accepted into society like he never was. However… they can totally walk all over him. He knows exactly what’s happening, but goes along with it all the same. These kids could practically get away with anything (as long as a small scolding doesn’t dishearten them)

- The most accepting, caring guy to his family. No matter what they do he will love them like he loved his brother. These kids won’t suffer like he had to, and they won’t grow up like him either.

- Probably brings them into work to subtly show them off like “OH KONDOU HOW ARE YOU? WHAT NO THESE ARE JUST MY LITTLE RAYS OF SUNSHINE NO NO I’M NOT SHOWING THEM OFF AT ALL” all said whilst photos of the children are being shoved in his face.

- Wants to be a good role model so badly. Will try to quit smoking and even lower his mayonnaise intake because he doesn’t want his precious children to get the wrong idea. He wants them to be perfectly healthy and happy, like all parents do!

- The Fun Dad™. Really though. Master of fun days out, pranking the neighbours+Hijikata, video game sprees, movie/cartoon marathons… he knows exactly how to make each day a new adventure.

- Pity whoever messes with his kids. He is infamous for making a real mess at parents evening if a mean teacher is involved, and will not hesitate to fight a child if they made one of his cry. His sadistic side is normally kept in check by the smol beans but when someone hurts them…

- Most extravagant holiday planner ever. Family holidays are the best thing ever in this house, he seems to find all the perfect attractions, and for once he is completely selfless in deciding what to do - it’s all for the children.

- He doesn’t put much energy into changing his attitude around his children. They learn his blunt tongue and brutal honesty, even a tiny bit of his sadism, although this shows in a childish way. He’s certainly not the best example ever, but at least his kids know their way around an argument. Others leave them alone not just out of fear of their father but fear of them themselves! (He is proud)