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(Some spoilers for GotG 2)

Headcanon that, as a slave, Yondu never learned how to read and write. After Stakar got him free, he learned some things, the absolute basics and the most commonly used runes of that part of the universe he lives in, but Yondu was too proud to let Stakar’s team see him struggle over something so little, and too impatient to be taught, so he never deepened his knowledge. He struggles with reading, has to read slow and with squinted eyes, letters tumbling around in his head, and writing… well, he can, but he does so horribly, without any rules of grammar or spelling. He simply settles for asking people questions (either nicely or with the help of his arrow) to get information that he needs. He has a translator for spoken words, after all – it’s easier than learning to read those silly runes where there is no device translating them for you.

Later, when Kraglin and Horuz join his Ravager clan, he simply leaves the whole reading and writing thing to them. Especially Kraglin never asks why, would never think of questioning him.  

The funny thing? It’s Peter who, indirectly and without knowing, helps Yondu get better at both reading and writing.

The boy is Terran – he has no idea how to read and write the alien runes he encounters after he has been abducted. But he is curious, determined and young and smart enough to learn a lot of things, if he finds the patience to do it. And after he finds out that Kraglin doesn’t always have time for him to read him everything, and Yondu is strangely aggravated whenever Peter asks for help with reading, Peter decidces that he needs to learn it himself.

It takes whining, yammering and being the most annoying little pest he can be, mixed with good arguments (“How am I supposed to be useful to you guys if you not even teach me?”), but finally, he manages to convince them that they teach him. Kraglin teaches him the basics, knowing that the others would not have the patience to teach those to a child like Peter, who barely can sit still as it is. After that is done, Horuz takes over the finer details, teaching Peter how to do correct grammar, write whole sentence, and how to write formal and informal.

Peter learns quick – despite everybody always telling him that he never learns, he has a good head on his shoulders and is quick on the uptake. He is more than proud of his success, in fact, he may or may not be gloating a bit.

So much, in fact, that he has to show Yondu his success. The Captain always insists that Peter’s head is filled with air, so Peter will prove him wrong.

So the boy carries the few easy books the Ravagers picked up for him to Yondu, who is currently placing a new trinket on his control console, and plops down in front of the Centaurian. “Yondu, look what I learned today!”

“Ain’t got time for ya, boy.”

Peter ignores the grumbled answer – Yondu isn’t even doing something important, just glancing out the window every now and then, or looking over to that one communication device that has never shown any sign of life since Peter’s been here. It looks bigger and flashier than the other direct and private comms, decorated with the Ravager’s flames. Yondu has never once touched it, and never has someone called from the other side.

Perhaps Yondu is waiting for a call.

Since that’s not going to happen, Peter knows, he starts explaining, draping his book all over Yondu’s lap, making the Centaurian grunt in surprise. “See, today Horuz explained to me how to read Xandarian runes…”

“Boy, what did I just tell ya…!”

“And you see, I had this big problem with this rune here, but once I figured out that it can have two different meanings, it’s super easy! You just have to read the rest of the sentence to see which makes more sense, and…”

Peter babbles onwards, pointing and explaining at highspeed, and he’s so captured by all the new things he has to show, he doesn’t even notice that Yondu has neither kicked him off nor threatened him any further. In fact, had Peter paid attention to his surroundings, he would probably have noticed that Yondu’s interest had long since been captured, red eyes following Peter’s finger dancing over the runes intently, Yondu taking in what the boy gives him.

“… so, it’s not even that difficult, once you get the hang of it!” Peter finishes, beaming up at Yondu… who looks weirdly calm, the boy realizes only now.


“Pete!” Kraglin’s loud voice saves Yondu from any explanation he has to give, his first mate appearing behind his seat. “I told ye you’re supposed to help with dinner in exchange for the readin’ lessons!”

“But the cook will try to make me for dinner!” Peter protests.

“Bullshit, I told ye we won’t let him. Scram, boy, Capt’n got stuff to do.”

Yondu stays behind as Kraglin drags the boy off (“Sorry ‘bout that, Capt’n.”) just sits there with the books Peter has forgotten on his lap.

He gingerly lifts one of them up, squinting at the letters Peter had just explained to him.

It really didn’t sound that difficult…

“You just have to get the hang of it.”

That’s what Stakar had told him, once, a long time ago, when Yondu had thrown his books away out of frustration.

His gaze wanders over to the silent comm – the one and only direct comm to Stakar and his team. He hasn’t used it since… their fallout, and Stakar hasn’t called him, either. Of course not.

His hand twitches towards it, as if he wants to use it… but he doesn’t. Won’t ever do so.

The next evening, when Peter leaves his reading lessons (and hooray, he had survived the cook the night before!), he runs into a pair of legs at full-speed.

The whistle he gets for that is unmistakable, as is the glint of red somewhere over his head. Luckily, the arrow is gleaming, but not out of its holster yet.

Leaning back that he doesn’t have to breathe in leather and plasma, Peter waves up. “Uh, hi, Yondu.”

“Quill,” Yondu’s grin is gold and copper and pointy, but Peter has long since learned when he has to fear that smile. Right now, he doesn’t have to. “How ya doin’ with that readin’ stuff?”

“Eh?! You want to know?!”

“Better make sure that ya don’t mess up, eh?”

Peter’s surprised (delighted) expression falls, and he pouts. “I’m not messing up.”

“Oh? Show me what’cha got, then.”

This time, when Kraglin walks in and finds both Peter and Yondu sitting on the ground next to Yondu’s collection of trinkets, Peter having strewn out the books in front of him and eagerly explaining what he has learned today, Kraglin doesn’t dare to intervene.

Something about the way Yondu actually listens, nodding from time to time when Peter can’t see, together with the fact that Kraglin never has seen the Captain read up until now, tells the first mate to shut his mouth about this.

He very, very quietly leaves the room, closing the door behind himself.

He will just pretend he hasn’t seen anything.

The light that disappeared

Request:  Hi :) I’d like to request a Jughead x reader. But it’s a bit sad. Like he tells someone about the reader, that she was great and he loves her and stuff. And when the person he’s talking to asks where the reader is, he tells them, that she disappeared a few years ago, but no one really bothered looking for her( for some reason, idk😅) And maybe they could all start to search for her? Thanks already 🤗

A/N: I didn’t even proof read this because I got so emotional writing this. It’s probably not as intense as it felt when I was writing it but bloody hell I feel drained. If you want to get the full I-might-cry-at-any-moment experience I would highly suggest listening to the song Highspeeds by Elliot Moss. I really hope I did this request justice, any feedback would be much appreciated 💓💫 - Axoxo

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Warnings: a very sad Jughead.

Jughead sat, slouched in his chair as he focused intently on trying to quell the tears that were brimming in his icy eyes. Archie, Veronica and Betty were all discussing the most efficient way to get Jughead a girlfriend as Kevin feverishly nodded in agreement.

“You should smile more Jughead, nobody wants to date an angsty emo y’know.”

“Veronica’s right Juggie and you need to get off your laptop more, it makes you look unapproachable!”

“Betty’s right Jug and maybe try and lighten up with the humor, girls don’t like people who joke about death.”

“Yes! You could totally slay if you just put the effort in, after all there’s someone out there for everyone,” Kevin added with terrifying enthusiasm.

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He couldn’t bear it anymore, all of them talking about him as if he were pining for a romantic companion. He didn’t need anyone, he needed her. He slammed his fist down on the table in front of him, silencing his friends but going unnoticed by the rest of his schoolmates that were eating lunch in the courtyard around him. A singular tear escaped from the reddened rim of his eyes and ran down over the purple circles – accumulated after many late nights staring intently at the bright, white illuminated screen of his laptop – beneath and onto his pasty, slightly sunken cheeks. That was what shocked his friends the most. Not his sudden outburst but his sudden revelation of raw emotion. They didn’t dare to move, just awaited an explanation with wide eyes and slackened jaws.

“I don’t need anyone so please just stop. I don’t need to change and I don’t need to impress any girls because somehow I impressed her and she’s all that I want. I don’t know how I did it but I did, I managed to peak the interest of a girl who’s smile made the rays of the sun seem dim and unfulfilling. Then somehow that innocent curiosity turned into something more, something that terrified me so much that I lay in bed at night in my dad’s trailer wondering how I’d let myself fall so hard and cursing myself, knowing how fractured I would be when I hit the ground. Then one night in Pop’s she sat across from me and with tears in her eyes, brows furrowed with sincerity and told me that she wished I could love myself as much as she loved me. She told me that she saw a shooting star the previous night and she had wished upon it but she hadn’t done so in vain, she had wished that I saw myself as she saw me; emotionally strong but with the gentlest touch, harsh but beautifully honest and imperfect but perfect to her. For the first time in my life I saw myself in a different light because she told me to and I clung onto her every word as if I was hanging from the edge of a precipice and they were my lifeline. Then she leant over and placed a kiss on my lips, except it wasn’t just a kiss, it was my salvation. With my lips pressed against hers I felt safe for the first time in my life and at that very moment I welcomed the feeling of falling because I was falling in love with a who’s love was vaster than all of the oceans and who’s kindness melted even the iciest of hearts…” Jughead’s voice trailed off as the growing lump in his throat prevented any more words from escaping.

“Well then where is she?” Veronica asked with raised eyebrows, lacking tact or the ability to mask her apparent confusion and doubt.

“She disappeared,” Jughead began, hoarse voice eliciting a small gasp from each of his companions. “She disappeared and nobody cared but me. They said she’d run away, that it was a common occurrence with girls her age. They said she’d probably found herself an older man, a forbidden relationship and run off with him to indulge in some naïve teenage fantasy but I knew better. I knew she’d never do that; her selflessness wouldn’t allow it. She would have never left knowing the pain it would have caused the people around her…the people closest to her…me. Something happened to her, something terrible and yet everyone just accepted the simple explanation and moved on. I won’t move on. I can’t move on until I know what really happened to her and it’s exhausting.”

Jughead looked up at his friends; Betty was sobbing violently into the sleeves of her pink sweater, Veronica had teary black streaks running down her face and Kevin was dabbing lightly at his eyes with a perfectly folded tissue. Archie placed a calloused hand on his best friends’ slender shoulder and his brown orbs – glistening with unshed tears – met grey ones.

“We’ll find her Jughead, all of us,” He began, auburn brows furrowed with sincerity and concern. “We’re gonna help you find out what happened to her no matter what, okay?”

“She was my everything Arch and nobody cared. Everybody ignored her like she was nothing but when Jason Blossom died the entire town rallied together even though he was an awful person. Nobody even remembers her name…” Jughead spoke in a strangled whisper, tears now flooding down his ghostly face.

“What was her name Jug?” Archie asked gently.

“(Y/N), her name was (Y/N).”

The Sprousehart Bakery
  • Me : *has full highspeed internet*
  • Sprousehart: The Bakery is closed, we're sorry
  • Me: *has no internet or takes a long nap*
  • Lili: *post a picture of her new id card saying "Lili Pauline Sprouse" and is also expecting a child from Cole*
  • Cole: *takes pictures of Lili looking like a goddess*
  • Sprousehart: *has three photoshoots (taken by Damon Baker)*
  • The CW: *is releasing a making of of the Bughead kitchen counter scene*
  • Me: ...

     Haruka wanders over to Nagisa, placing his right hand on his shoulder, and in that instant, tears well up in Nagisa’s eyes as he begins to bawl loudly, wrapping Haruka in a big hug, heedless of those looking on around them.

     Haruka shows no surprise or hesitation, though, only settling his hand softly on Nagisa’s head. “…Next up is the finals.”

     “Yeah… Haru-chan! Haru-chan…!” After glancing up to look Haruka in his face, Nagisa goes back to weeping into his chest.

     – High Speed!  Chapter 7: Race