Comic dub of an Overwatch fancomic by @dogtit​ - featuring the voices of @hnilmik​ as Sombra, @totalspiffage​ as Tracer and Widowmaker, and myself as Reaper! There’s a big difference between hitting on someone and putting a hit on someone, Widowmaker…

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anonymous asked:

ur blog is incredible to scroll through holy shit. i feel like im in a highspeed fistfight i literally cannot predict what ur gonna post luv it thank u

Thanks for this description, my blog will now be the new villain in Rocky VII

btw i decided to get rid of the hiatus tag since i am able to be on here regularly bc of my highspeed data but i’m still in rehab and i’ll still update you guys


The speed painting video is now ready on Youtube! Check it out!

The Signs as my Current Favorite Songs

Aries: Hollywood by Marina and the Diamonds // Knee Socks by The Arctic Monkeys

Taurus: Lost Boy by Ruth B // Brother by Gerard Way

Gemini: Have Faith in Me by A Day to Remember // Control by Halsey

Cancer: Running with the Wolves by Aurora // Slow it Down by The Lumineers

Leo: Harlem by New Politics // It’s Time by Imagine Dragons

Virgo: You Could be Happy by Snow Patrol // You There by Aquilo

Libra: Gasoline by Halsey //  Under the Gun by The Killers

Scorpio: What you know by Two Door Cinema // Remembering Sunday by All Time Low

Sagittarius: Homewrecker by Marina and the Diamonds // Highspeeds by Elliot Moss

Capricorn: Is This It by The Strokes // Northern Wind by City and Colour

Aquarius: Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade // Don’t You Dare Forget the Sun by Get Scared

Pisces: When You Were Young by The Killers // Perfectly Out of Key by The Maine



highspeed witch dave sketch

by day he is but a humble hedgewitch. he runs an apothecary out of the back of john’s much more successful fortunetelling business. it is vastly overstocked on dead creatures in jars.

by night he ironically vandalizes the great temple tent of the mirthful messiahs. the antics of dulcet bro and hella jefferson are considered by the clown brethren to be both inscrutable and highly offensive.