Haruka wanders over to Nagisa, placing his right hand on his shoulder, and in that instant, tears well up in Nagisa’s eyes as he begins to bawl loudly, wrapping Haruka in a big hug, heedless of those looking on around them.

     Haruka shows no surprise or hesitation, though, only settling his hand softly on Nagisa’s head. “…Next up is the finals.”

     “Yeah… Haru-chan! Haru-chan…!” After glancing up to look Haruka in his face, Nagisa goes back to weeping into his chest.

     – High Speed!  Chapter 7: Race

Oh you shippers...

Well, after I read some stuff again about “how awfull AND disrespectful” shippers are, I’d like to share some humble opinions of mine.

My age puts me right between Jared and Jensen. I am very mature, lived some parts of my live, went through highs and lows. Like every human on this planet. I work very, very hard for my money, so I am not delusional. Not in the slightest.

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Rin was on the starting block, watching Nagisa swim with a sense of unease. Nagisa touched the wall with both hands and raised his face from the water. Rin, who should have jumped in over Nagisa’s head already, was still standing on the starting block.

“What’s the matter, Rin-chan?” Nagisa asked, between ragged breaths.

“Were you swimming at full speed just now?”

“Yeah.” Nagisa was peering earnestly through his goggles at Rin, his eyes big and round. There were no worries, doubts, or untruths to be found in those eyes. Even so, Rin tried to peer into their depths, but he quickly realized that there was no need to do so, and looked away. Nagisa’s eyes weren’t the slightest bit murky; they were as clear as anything. So much so that Rin could tell even through the goggles.

Nagisa wouldn’t try to hide what he was thinking. And anyway, Nagisa wasn’t the type to feel ashamed in front of people. He was able to believe things earnestly, and so his expressions were earnest. That was how Nagisa was. For Rin, that was the most difficult personality type to deal with. If Nagisa had been the deceitful, evasive type, his heart would have been vulnerable due to the things he was hiding. Even Rin himself had weaknesses in his heart from where he was hiding the truth.

But Nagisa had no such weaknesses.

– High✩Speed! Chapter 5: Stroke

So, I finally, FINALLY got a smartphone. (For free, from my sister-in-law - and it’s a really really good one too!)

Basically, I wanted to get one, because all my co-workers communicate through Whatsapp and because I wanted play Pokemon Go really bad. Priorities and shit, you know?

Anyway. Turns out, I live right on a pokestop and Pokemon regularly spawn on my bed. AND my city provides free highspeed wi-fi in some areas, coincidentally covering the whole way to my workplace.

Which means, I get to use the phone without needing any mobile contract. I can simply use really cheap prepaid (like… €5,-/year) to make emergency calls and otherwise my home wi-fi and the free city wi-fi to do anything else.