rusame during ww1 gets me because alfred would know exactly what it’s like to go through a civil war and feel oneself being torn apart from within after his own recent experience. 

ivan’s very identity and essence splintering as he takes bloody blows from the eastern front and feels his people die by the thousands–from war, from starvation, from rebellion, from assassination. in the end, it’s all he can do to accept a little moral support and comfort from his friend.

(i’m not crying who says i’m crying there’s just something in my eye)

Hetalia High School AU?

So the one thing I don’t get abut Hima’s highschool AU is the uniforms. The reason I say that is because some of them where blue and some of them weir tan. So does this mean that the Hetalia High School has houses like Hogwarts?

And if they were split into houses what would they be? We should be talking about this AU more.



Well, I did eat too much fast food these days ….😅


  • Canada: Knock knock.
  • America: Who's there?
  • Canada: America.
  • America: America who?
  • Canada: Oh how the tables have turned.
  • America: Well... Knock knock.
  • Canada: Who's there
  • America: Brittany spears
  • Canada: Thats not how a knock knock joke works...
  • America: OK. Knock Knock.
  • Canada: Who's there?
  • America: Brittany spears.
  • Canada: Eh?
  • America: *singing* Oops I did it again.

“Look within yourself..
What do you see?
Is it truly what is given to you right?
The little seed of future planted in your palm
Watered by the unchanging fate.
Growing from the very depths of your body feeding on your soul
And then ,as the flower blooms and is reaped, so will the new ‘you’ will be created.
Changing your nature,changing your mind,changing your soul.
Giving you..a new color..
Look within yourself…
What do you see?.. ’



I’m I a cold hearted person? I didn’t cry at all…nice movie and I love it though