Hi guys just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for 1K followers!! In this post I’ll mention a few people who have been with me since the start, and have been supporting this blog ever since, which I am so grateful for I don’t have words 😢
First off…
@potatosacks7 @kingsobi @la2244 @riccasexyyy @keepcalmthereishope @lostrboy @zeynepchim01z @parkchimxchim @pizza-pusheen @a-entregadora-de-pizza @supadupasuga @woah-wonwoo @itsslupe @niallsmidnight @itsrealistdreamer @natimoonthings @lop7a1 @paper-heart-s @hyped-kid @crystall1z3d @i-will-never-be-loved @i-love-demi-lovato-fan @sshunniewife @theylovelexi33 @jinsei-uranashi (sorry your url’s not working? ☹) @jammedbyjimin @0namjam0 @jongdaeisbae @jimin-is-my-religion @qiuraisha-jr-01 @acekook @pizzante @kpopiconedits2806 @tiemi-chan123 @gre-dae @alisha-loves @lovely-darkness @taeattack @maknae-dumb @nutella-berill @sailorkim42 @suga93firstlove @jmnii @chrona-death-me @ainnx7 @ki-ute @neko-princess-kaguya @asgardian-pie & @aki-yoshida
… All have been with me since the beginning and I can’t thank them enough ❤️
I would also like to mention…
@potatosacks7 @yemumisthedankofdankmemes @kingsobi @la2244 @riccasexyyy @zeynepchim01z @lop7a1 @hyped-kid @i-love-demi-lovato-fan @iwishthiswere @jinsei-uranashi @jimin-is-my-religion @tiemi-chan123 @lovely-darkness @suga93firstlove @aki-yoshida @lilacmoonrose @sailorkim42 @vlada-hellgirl-kim @natt-boo-studying @time-to-dance-rey @izraaz7 @rafaela-ariana-leal-things @daddy-shimada @koriand @sakuralove842 @needlesslexx & @super-yuna-chiibii-san
… For always supporting my blog and edits and making my day each time they do. 😄
Of course there are many more people I would like to mention and thank because it’s thanks to ALL of you for getting me this far and I am so so grateful. Thank you SO much, I love you guys and I look forward to making more edits for you to enjoy 😘