a court of thorns and roses: the seven courts of prythian

the spring court’s high lord is tamlin 
the summer court’s high lord is tarquin 
the autumn court’s high lord is beron
the winter court’s high lord is kallias
the dawn court’s high lord is unnamed
the day court’s high lord is helion
the night court’s high lord is rhysand

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to stop by and thank you for creating such amazing characters like Cibrán, Uxía, Léocadia, Iria, Maristela. Aracely. Akihiro and Masaru, even Sumiko. Your take on what Helion and Kaliias would be like. Even your take on what Miryam, Drakon and their people on that island would be like. You spin stories like a true word smith, and I am so proud that we have you in the ACOTAR fandom. You're truly a blessing. Hopefully you won't stop at ACOWAS. I'll even take one-shots.

Thank you so much! I’ve become very fond of my OCs, and I want to give a shout-out to @illyrian-baby for helping me brainstorm them! Sumiko was her idea. ;-) She’s also kind of adopted the Dawn Court, lol. 

Creating characters is so much fun and I’m happy to hear that you enjoy them as much as I do!

ϟ 41 Gorgeous Ladies

Gemma Arterton // Occasionally, I come home and say to my fiancé [Stefano Mioni], ‘I feel really fat.’ He says, ‘Will you just listen to yourself? You know you’re being silly.’ And I do know that when I’m home, but in the business it’s different. The only way that I could ever be a size 6 is if I didn’t eat. I’m not naturally meant to be that size, and I just feel like there’s a responsibility to people who aren’t that size to make that known. All I can do, I think, is try to look good. I have things made for me, so they fit.

ϟ 41 Gorgeous Ladies

Leven Rambin // I work a lot, and I prepare a lot. I think that’s really important when you live out here (L.A.), to go the extra mile for whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve. You realize out here that when you stop moving so fast, it’s a lot harder than you thought. A lot of hard work has to go into your career, and preparation, and being your best at all times. That’s an element that I didn’t really understand until I moved here, which is a good and bad thing. I think you just have to always present yourself at your best, and you just need to be prepared all the time. Looking good, and feeling good, and being positive, and being in the right set of mind to accept whatever comes your way.