Siiigh so I pranked my husband really bad on April Fools (as usual) and he’s like a makoto who’s too sweet to truly prank me… So for some reason he messaged me:
“I’m sorry, but it’s kinda like pay back. I love you. Guy 1: which looks more ‘fleek’? Guy 2: Tough call brah. You look fucking amazing in everything.”

I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about and went through the night taking care of my kids and now that I’m finally in my room relaxing, I looked up to see this blasphemous display:

     Haruka wanders over to Nagisa, placing his right hand on his shoulder, and in that instant, tears well up in Nagisa’s eyes as he begins to bawl loudly, wrapping Haruka in a big hug, heedless of those looking on around them.

     Haruka shows no surprise or hesitation, though, only settling his hand softly on Nagisa’s head. “…Next up is the finals.”

     “Yeah… Haru-chan! Haru-chan…!” After glancing up to look Haruka in his face, Nagisa goes back to weeping into his chest.

     – High Speed!  Chapter 7: Race

haruchan-lily  asked:

Who you'd rather be drunk with? Loki? Steve? Or Thor?

okay so the thing is that Loki’s initial drunk phase is being super affectionate and cuddly and probably a little giggly, like, initially drunk Loki would be great company but then he hits the “melancholy/maudlin” drunk phase and probably would just end up crying on you and also being really mad about it

Steve is just straight up a melancholy drunk, like, it’d take him a long-ass time to get there but then he’d just be super sad and then fall asleep

Thor is a party drunk though, Thor gets drunk and tells wild stories and laughs at everything you say and it’d be great to be drunk with Thor

haruchan-lily  asked:


One time Fandral falls behind while Thor, Loki, Sif, and the Warriors Three are fleeing (“Not fleeing, tactically retreating!” Thor later insists) from an enemy horde in one of their misadventures. The others only realize too late they’ve been separated, and have to spend time recuperating and forming a plan to be able to go rescue him. 

It takes far more time than Thor would like, but Loki slaps him upside the head and Hogun grunts his agreement that they need a plan or the whole thing will repeat itself. Eventually they’ve put together a rescue mission, and they go in, steel glinting, battle-cries baying, storming the castle to collect their friend–

–To find he isn’t there.

More regrouping. More investigation. Questions are asked, palms are greased, a few heads are cracked together, and they finally track Fandral down.

In a maiden’s bed. Well. Make that several maiden’s beds. (And one or two striking lads).

In the time it took to mount a rescue, Fandral somehow wooed the servant girls responsible for bringing the prisoner his meals, seduced the lord’s daughter, convinced them to enact his escape, and has been sheltered by them, eating grapes and enjoying their company for some time. 

He sighs when his friends finally storm in:

“I’d say it took you long enough, but truth be told, I could have stood for you to take a little longer…”

(It is not one of their more glorious exploits, but it is still the subject of a very bawdy song sung in some Asgardian taverns to this day.)