Haruka wanders over to Nagisa, placing his right hand on his shoulder, and in that instant, tears well up in Nagisa’s eyes as he begins to bawl loudly, wrapping Haruka in a big hug, heedless of those looking on around them.

     Haruka shows no surprise or hesitation, though, only settling his hand softly on Nagisa’s head. “…Next up is the finals.”

     “Yeah… Haru-chan! Haru-chan…!” After glancing up to look Haruka in his face, Nagisa goes back to weeping into his chest.

     – High Speed!  Chapter 7: Race


drew reve parfait chibis for me and my brothers for LINE icons LAFF. But we dont have a Reon–  (´;ω;`)

The rest I drew today my hair wasnt dry so I decided to draw a bunch of doodles based on their tweets until my hair was dry– I freaked out over Kuon last night cause of the big scoop— mY HEART. Pls always do your hair like that you..YOU STUPID ROCK HOPPER PENGUIN ;____;////// 

“Using only song names from 1 artist cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on 15 (at least) people”

danteslacie tagged me~ this looks tedious

Artist: Taylor Swift

What is your gender: Girl at home

Describe yourself: Never Grow Up

How do you feel: You Are In Love (with fictional boys but ye)

Describe where you currently live: A Place in This World

If you could go anywhere where would you go:  Holy Ground

Favorite mode of transportation: Superman

Your best friend is: Fifteen

You and your best friend are: I Knew You Were Trouble

Favorite time of the day: The Last Time

If your life was a tv show it would be called: You’re Not Sorry

What is life to you?: Treacherous

Relationship status: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Your fear: The Outside

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“All right! From today onward, we’re a team. Starting tomorrow, we’re going to practice like crazy!”

Makoto and Nagisa nodded. Haruka just kept rubbing at his head with a towel.

“Oh, right, we should start calling each other by our first names. That’ll make it feel more like we’re comrades, don’t you think? That means Nanase is Haru.”

For a second, Haruka’s hands paused in drying his head. He was hidden by the towel, so his face couldn’t be seen. But he quickly returned to drying his hair.

“Tachibana will be called Makoto.”

“Not very imaginative, huh?” Makoto raised his upturned eyebrows and laughed as if he were amused.

“Hey, what about me?”

“Nagisa, we’ll just keep calling you Nagisa, like we always have. And you all can call me ‘Leader’.”

“Whaaaat?” Nagisa spoke up in a discontented voice. “That’s not right. 'Leader’ isn’t a name at all!”

Makoto laughed, and Rin put both hands on his hips reprovingly. “Listen, the one called 'Leader’ is the most important one on the team, who looks out for everybody and is sort of like the manager.”

“Really? But 'Leader’ still sounds weird. Wouldn’t 'Rinrin’ be better?”

“Uh…” Rin tensed up, his mouth still open. Makoto held his stomach and laughed, and even Haruka’s back was shaking as he dried his head.

Nagisa pointed at Makoto and Haruka. “Also, Mako-chan and Haru-chan!

Makoto stopped laughing, and Haruka dropped his towel on the floor.

“Tomorrow is going to be really fun! After all, relays are all about teamwork, aren’t they? We’ll all have to work hard together. Let’s practice a lot!” An indescribable atmosphere hung over the changing room, and only Nagisa’s voice rang out with springtime cheerfulness.

–High✩Speed!  Chapter 4: Relay

0-haruchan-0 asked: your blog is really pretty skylar! I like the blues! reminds me of picnics and summer and bees ;)

hi 0-haruchan-0

Learn new like math say something quite similar two little wasps and yellow lay in leaves skylar learning skylar is a human learned to play bees cute. picnics?


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Thanks for the tag!! Now I show my phone backgrounds right~? …hopefully no one’s judging…I uh…am not…*coffs* obsessed with Mamo *coffcoff* What are you *coff* talking about *coffcoffcoff* AHEM. Wow. That was a little difficult! Not sure why all that coughing happened. AHEM. Anyways!
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It’s like the Rinharu was so undeniable and so strong that they felt the need to change it and make it more subtle

But the thing is Rinharu has never been subtle and they’re basically canon lmao

Like I’ve been saying, the fact they changed it reveals how strong the Rinharu is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I've met Ronnie once and seen falling in reverse a couple times. He's the COOLEST guy, he's so nice ;w; hope you have fun meeting him!!

I’ve seen falling in reverse once, I didn’t get a chance to see him when he was in escape the fate, but I’ve been following his journey for a long time! I’m so excited!! All I want is for him to smile at me, and I’ll be the happiest mofo that ever lived! ;u;


haruchans-utapri-pajimmyjams tagged me! Thank you for the taggg!! …Get to unleash all my Mamo songs. xDD

Artist: Miyano Mamoru!! The King of my Heart and Soul…probably not a surprise I would choose him…xD

What is your gender: Marshmallow (Love)

Describe yourself: Unstoppable

How do you feel: Ultra Fly

Describe where you currently live: My World

If you could go anywhere where would you go: Moon(light)

Favorite mode of transportation: Sea Tide

Your best friend is: Garnet

You and your best friend are: Magic

Favorite time of the day: Golden Night

If your life was a tv show it would be called: New Order

What is life to you?: Beautiful Life

Relationship status: Not Alone (cuz I have Mamo…LOL)

Your fear: Break it

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DUUUUDE. yowapeda is so amazing and literally the CUTEST anime you'll ever see omg I recommend it highly if you haven't seen it ;w;

Thank you for recommending it, I really will watch it :3. (All the gifs/artwork I’ve seen has tempted me lol.) Only problem is university gives a lot of homework, so idk when exactly I’ll start on it. >_<;

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Phone background tag!

Ok so…I kind of took a screenshot of my iPod touch’s background (my iPod touch is so old now wow) so it’s not a phone but oh well

aaaaaand it’s a pic of Roy Mustang why am I not surprised

I will add the source to the image after I find it

also it’s not 10:55 AM where I am anymore, that’s just the time it was when I took the screenshot XD

Edit: here is where I got the image for my background :3