Siiigh so I pranked my husband really bad on April Fools (as usual) and he’s like a makoto who’s too sweet to truly prank me… So for some reason he messaged me:
“I’m sorry, but it’s kinda like pay back. I love you. Guy 1: which looks more ‘fleek’? Guy 2: Tough call brah. You look fucking amazing in everything.”

I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about and went through the night taking care of my kids and now that I’m finally in my room relaxing, I looked up to see this blasphemous display:

     Haruka wanders over to Nagisa, placing his right hand on his shoulder, and in that instant, tears well up in Nagisa’s eyes as he begins to bawl loudly, wrapping Haruka in a big hug, heedless of those looking on around them.

     Haruka shows no surprise or hesitation, though, only settling his hand softly on Nagisa’s head. “…Next up is the finals.”

     “Yeah… Haru-chan! Haru-chan…!” After glancing up to look Haruka in his face, Nagisa goes back to weeping into his chest.

     – High Speed!  Chapter 7: Race

haruchan-yuri  asked:

Loki looks kinda like an owl. Adorable, wise (not when it relates to him), intelligent and for some reason looks at the whole world like it's goddamn stupid.

im sorry when you said ‘like an owl’ i think like this… 

anyway.. intelligent yes ✔️ and watch the world burn yes ✔️✔️

haruchan-yuri  asked:

[pt.2] He did what he could to protect himself first. But also, since he's essentially a trickster, why not protect himself while having fun in between? So he schemes and plans and executes it. When all fails, he deemed it necessary to fail with dramatics and sass. But when things hurt, he hides. Behind his usual theatrics or be the smartass that everyone came to know. When it comes down to it, he still cares. Like myth Loki that helps a child, mcu Loki cares for Thor and the world.