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surely alec would tease magnus about that ridiculous nickname

as suggested but the lovely @vivilionheart19 and an anon! they were kind of two separate prompts but i think they work well together, so thank you! <3

as always, let me know what you think! (also possible part 2 coming for this)(where magnus tells alec about what happened with dot) (??)

“You never have to prove yourself to me.” Magnus turned away from the balcony ledge and Alec pulled him in by the waist. “I love you,” Alec said in a gentle tone.

Magnus let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding and placed a hand to Alec’s cheek. His fingers caressed Alec’s deflect rune and Alec felt his skin tingle. Magnus swallowed hard, he knew Alec was just following orders. If Alec did truly distrust him, it would’ve come out much earlier. “I love you, too,” he said, softly, barely louder than the traffic below. But Alec heard.

Magnus pulled Alec in for a short kiss and he could feel the boy’s shaky breath. Alec pulled apart but stayed close, their noses almost touching. “I trust you, Magnus…” whispered Alec. Magnus could feel Alec’s eyelashes against his skin. “And I’m sorry.”

Magnus nodded. “I know.”

“I should have never asked you, I know that now.” Magnus’ eyes fell shut and the corners of his mouth twitched up in a smile. “Besides, my first order of business was to have those stupid tracking chips removed.”

Magnus pulled away, arms tangled with Alec’s. He squinted. “Order of business?” he asked.

Alec licked his lips and grinned. “Yeah,” he answered, looking at Magnus in amusement.

Magnus took a step back. “You mean…” Alec shrugged jokingly.

He let out a breath of a laugh and turned to face the city in front of them. “Interesting, isn’t it?” Alec said with a knowing smirk on his face that drove Magnus crazy. “How the High Warlock of Brooklyn and Head of the New York Institute make such a great couple.”

Magnus’ eyes widened, his jaw slack. Alec tried his best to contain his laughter at Magnus’ reaction. “You’re kidding!” he said, slapping the back of his hand against’ Alec’s arm. Alec smirked and shook his head, his smile only widening as he bit his lip.

Magnus laughed in surprise and grabbed Alec’s face, bringing him in for a kiss that was more intense than either of them expected. Magnus felt his heart stammering in his chest and it wasn’t even him that had received the promotion.

As they broke apart, Alec noticed someone standing by the balcony doors. He recoiled from Magnus slightly but stopped when noticed that it was just Dot. “I’m glad you two are okay now,” she spoke, leaning against the brick wall. Alec smiled at her and turned back Magnus. He frowned at Magnus’ slightly uncomfortable demeanour. His shifting eyes and awkward footing confused Alec. “I should get going now,” she said, addressing Alec, who nodded. “I’ll call you later, Mag.” Magnus nodded and opened the front door with a swift movement of his fingers.

Just as the door clicked shut, Alec turned to Magnus with an eyebrow raised. “Mag?” he asked slowly, a little sceptical.

Magnus sighed loudly. “Don’t,” he groaned with a roll of his eyes.

Alec smiled smugly at his boyfriend. “If I had known you like nicknames, I would’ve given you one… Maaag,” he stretched out in a tone that he was sure was annoying.

Magnus glared at Alec. “Alexander, stop.”

“Mags?” he said, testing the feel of the name on his tongue, knowing full how cheesy it sounded.

“I swear to-”

“You call me Alexander, I wanna call you Mags!” he teased, spreading his arms out to try and embrace his boyfriend. Magnus turned away from him, a playful pout on his lips.

“Oh yeah?” he asked, gesturing his fingers in a tickling motion. Blue sparks escaped his fingers and encircled Alec’s waist. Alec let out a laugh, clutching his sides. “Go on. You were saying?” he asked, the smirk now on his lips.

“Stop, Mags!” choked out Alec, backing back into the loft.

Magnus shrugged. “Nah…” he said, continuing to tickle Alec with his magic. Alec continued to plead Magnus to stop but the man only backed him further and further towards the couch.

Eventually, he stopped using his magic and switched to his fingers. The sound of Alec’s rare laughter was music to Magnus’ ears. He didn’t know if it was the boy or the times, but Magnus never really got to laugh as hard as Alec made him laugh. Alec was laughing so hard he fell onto the couch behind him and into a bed of cushions, trying to get as far from Magnus’ tickling fingers as possible.

“Okay, okay, I’ll stop!” he yelled.

Magnus frowned. “Sorry, I didn’t quite hear what you said, Mr Head of the New York Institute,” he teased. He liked the way that title sounded.

“Magnus!” Alec finally gave in, using the man’s real name and not the silly shortened version Dot had given him. With a satisfied smirk, Magnus stopped and smiled down at Alec curled up on the sofa, panting. Magnus let out a sigh.

Alec’s raven hair was a mess now, falling into his sparkling hazel eyes. Alec looked up at Magnus and couldn’t believe what he had asked of him mere hours ago. All he saw was the man he loved.

Magnus crouched down on the floor beside the sofa, eyes not leaving Alec’s. He reached over, one hand touching the exposed skin of Alec’s stomach where his shirt had ridden up and the other touching his neck rune again. Alec stayed still in his position, clearly finding it hard to breathe, and Magnus was sure it wasn’t from the tickling. Magnus leant over, kissing him softly and sweetly. And Alec felt every inch of his body burn up.

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in the meantime, alec decides to propose on christmas day.

To My Dear Imogen Herondale

Is #TeamShadowhunters even a thing? Who’s in it? Valentine?

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