Well I have this account for one year, but I barely used it… But since university takes me all the time and I can’t rp, I decided to come more to my personal blog (yes this is my personal blog). 

So I want to thank you for all my followers for never give up on me, and I want to say to the people that don’t follow me back, that still amazing as you are, because if I follow you that means I stalk you for sure. 

So here is my 350+ follow forever. 

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Love you all (sorry if I missed someone ;u;)


(03/08/2014) American Canyon High School A-Line Winter Percussion performs “Pressure,” featuring songs from Attack on Titan, Guilty Crown and Sword Art Online. 

“Pressure” is relating to gas laws– ie. Charles’, Boyle’s and Partial Pressure laws. The larger the pressure, the smaller the volume. Which is why you can see the drumline condense as music gets more intense.

This show is almost done and we’ll be ready for Championships at the end of the month! :D