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The Cake Is A Lie


Rating: G

Setting: Modern AU

Word Count: 3,584


Merlin and Will pretend to be engaged to get free wedding cake samples. Obviously this backfires on Merlin when the baker turns out to be the gorgeous Arthur…

Comments: Oh my goodness, this fic is just delightful. The banter between Merlin and Will was hilarious, and I loved the interactions between Merlin and Arthur as well. So sweet!

Outside the Border

Author: Fulgance

Rating: G

Setting: Canon AU

Word Count: 14,364


In the aftermath of the confrontation with Kilgharrah, Merlin returns to Ealdor to tell his mother Balinor is dead. Arthur tails him.

Comments: I loved this take on how Arthur could have found out about Merlin’s magic. It was angsty and heartbreaking when Merlin finally tells Arthur, but it was nice to see Arthur come around afterwards and realize just how much Merlin cares for him and vice versa.

anonymous asked:

meine mama, oa bosnierin die wgsm krieg noch österreich ko is, hot grad gset dürft sie wählen hett sie'd fpö gwählt omg meine welt bricht zsammen


i hob des schon so oft kert, dass Balkan Leit (die die AT Staatsbürgerschaft hoben)  FPÖ (oder zu seiner Zeit BZÖ in KTN) wählen weil  “die so viel für Österreichische Staatsbürger tun”    

und du denkst da nur so ,,,,, fuck off,,,,    

estesa  asked:

What's the "same page tool"? Sounds useful

Okay, for long-time followers, feel free to tune out because you’ve heard this rant before.

For the rest of you, the Same Page Tool is an amazing way to help GMs and players gset their expectations as far as railroading, inter-character conflict, the importance of the rulebook, and other unspoken aspects of RPGs.

Example excerpt:

As one of my friends said, it’s basically a Social Contract.  If we had gone through it at the beginning of the campaign, it likely would not have changed the course of the campaign itself, but it would have helped change my expectations so I’m not feeling quite so disappointed here, several sessions in.

I think it’s especially important for players who have frequently gamed before, as everyone has a different perspectives of what an RPG “should” be.  This helps people with different backgrounds and assumptions verbalize their expectations and adjust their mindset when necessary.  New players don’t generally have any baggage coming into a new campaign, and can more easily adapt to however the game operates.  Long-time players need to have their expectations challenged so they can adjust to however this particular campaign is going to operate.

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