Okay guys, so the meeting between Beauty, Boe, my brother, and I went awesome and we took her home tonight. She’s a pretty fearful/anxious dog (she’s been kenneled outside for the past year basically) and that’s something super new to me but something I’m willing to work on. She’s a little nervous around men so that’s something we definitely have to work on as well, considering my brother also lives with me. We got them home and no aggression has popped up between either of them (so far) which is what I was worried about. 

The only thing is, Boe keeps trying to play with her and she’s kind of scared of him? Her owner/breeder said she doesn’t really know how to play with other dogs and it seems like she wasn’t around them too much besides through kennel walls. I’m hoping they’ll get used to each other in a couple of days, once Beauty has had a chance to settle down and get used to us and Boe gets used to her. 

After that is the introduction to the cats which I hope goes well. She doesn’t seem like the type to chase them and Harvey is used to Boe but we’ll see how it goes.

I told the breeder to give us a week and see how it goes so it’s just a temporary situation for right now. If she’s not good with the cats or continues to be scared of Boe I’m going to have to give her back. I don’t want to that to the cats or to her. And if she does stay I’m definitely going to get her into training. I’m really glad my trainer has GSD’s so she really knows the breed.

So in the meantime, does anyone have any general advice with this kind of thing? Like I said, fearful dogs are completely new to me but something I’m 100% willing to work on. I know @shepherdsteps has a fearful GSD but I can’t think of anyone else at the moment. @herebelife,  @crippledhockwalker, @molosseraptor, @doberbutts, or @bigpointyears, could you maybe help me out? Just general advice. I’ve done some research but I would love your guys’ opinions as well. Thanks!


Ralph, practicing head tilt by DigitalBite