This was all Rie, Josh had no involvement with this. WARNING! LOUD!

Homestuck Playset 2 is Now Available!

Download Now via Steam Workshop!

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Homestuck Playset 2 (beta) is now ready for your immediate consumption! Click the link above to find its page on the Steam Workshop, subscribe to it and it will automatically download and install next time you start Gmod. An SFM version will follow later, if you’re interested in that.

Have fun! And if you have any trouble, feel free to ask for help. If you run into any bugs, feel free to report them to me.


My friend mag worked on this for a year and I’m so glad it exists please watch it

R.I.P Kitty0706 (Update: R.I.P Ultimo pictures)

On January 25th, 2015 the Gmod machinima community lost one of the best Gmod machinima makers, Kitty0706. Kitty passed away after a two year long battle against his case of leukemia. Doing Gmod (and other) videos since 2008, Kitty inspired countless fans to get into machinima making and made many individuals question their sanity (or at least he did for me). He was one of my favorite Gmoders and one of the most popular ones. My heart goes out to all of Kitty’s fans, close friends, and family.

R.I.P Kitty0706

You will be missed Kitty, but you won’t be forgotten.

Update: Another popular machinima artist Ultimo pictures has passed away. To learn more click here. I thought I would include this to show respect to another great artist no longer with us. A great artist I could have gotten to know, but I let that opportunity pass me by :(. This indeed is a dark week for machinima makers.

Kitty0706 youtube Below are some memorable stuff from Kitty’s work.


Welcome to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Gmod Edition!

I found this creepy map the day after watching gameplay of the real thing on youtube. So I decided to take some screenshots from the most recent update to the map. The map is still in it’s beta form, and is being updated every few days, and although Freddy and the gang are no where to be seen(no character models made just yet) the ambiance, the lack of lighting in some room, and the creepy laughter can still make this place very scary.

Update: Took some new screenshots from the Gmod map. As you can see, there are a lot of changes to the map including new textures and animatronics (3 out of 4 move), and a new room(well new-ish, it’s been there for a while now) Also, I hope no one minds that I replaced the original screenshots(I still have the old ones, just thought I’d share the new stuff)