Match II

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Gintoki was hurting.

He wasn’t easy to admit that, but he wasn’t feeling well at all. His head was pounding something fierce and nausea was a constant companion, but it was his back and shoulder that hurt him the most. The Bludger had done its job and that coupled with cushioning Takasugi from hitting the stands had put Gintoki in a bad way. He’d do it again given the chance, of course, but he was certainly paying the price.

Gintoki was surprised Kondo hadn’t called for a timeout or challenged the referee for some kind of penalty, but Gintoki assumed there was a reason for that. The match was back in progress and Gintoki was even more determined to be a nuisance. Gryffindor was down by twenty points and while he knew the Snitch was the most important thing, he couldn’t just abandon everything else he was doing to seek it out. He was stuck, in a way, and that was becoming more and more of a frustration for him.

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