19 Fanfiction Reader Reactions

As Demonstrated by Chris Pratt Gifs

1. The “Reading a Perfect Summary” Reaction

2. The “Reading Fluff” Reaction

3. The “Trying to Read One More Chapter at 3am” Reaction 

4. The “Unexpected NOTP Hook-up” Reaction

5. The “ I Don’t Read Smut” Reaction

6. The “ I …..Don’t…Read…Smut” Reaction

7. The “Reading Smut” Reaction

8. The “Accidentally Clicking the Wrong Chapter” Reaction

9. The “Trying a Different Genre/Tag” Reaction

10. The “Reading Unexpected Angst or Character Death” Reaction

11. The “Trying to Read a Summary in a Different Language” Reaction

12. The “New Chapter Notification for an Author’s Note” Reaction

13. The “Trying to Converse with an Author Without Being Weird” Reaction

14. The “Trying to Make Friends With an Author” Reaction

15. The “Deciding Whether to Follow/Subscribe to Story/Author” Reaction

16. The “Reading OTP Married and Growing Old Together” Reaction

17. The “Not Knowing What Popular Abbreviations Mean” Reaction

18. The “Reading a Perfect Story Without Knowing It’s Abandoned” Reaction

19. The “Feeling Like You’re the Character” Reaction


20. Look up any Chris Pratt gif and it probably fits in this list.