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nicola sturgeon sitting there lookin smug while the whole of english politics is crumbling underneath her

Send me photoshop requests :)) 

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I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while as I reached this milestone sometime ago. Still. Thanks to all my followers, here you are:

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My biggest wish for Legends S2 is that halfway through the season the evil guys suddenly realize their vault has been emptied and all their left shoes are missing.Meanwhile there is a knock on the loading bay hatch of the Waverider and nobody really wants to open it because they're out in the time stream and you don't open the hatch in the time stream, but that's okay because Gideon never erased Leonard's finger prints from her database and so he just lets himself in. (1/2)

(2/2) He drops the bag of shoes in a corner, announces he got them some funds and booze and then goes and kicks out whoever is now using his bedroom. Then they play cards. Once they land somewhere they use the shoes for target practice.

@marywisdom there’s nothing I could possibly say that would improve on this in any way, this is perfect and thank you for sharing it with me


Gideon helps Jude rise from the ground. He feels terribly for Jude, but he also needed some answers. Police had cleared Jude as a suspect in Danica’s attack, as they were able to verify that Jude had been participating in an MMa fight in the hours of Danica’s crime. Still, Gideon Salas wanted to discuss what Danica had told Jude just before she slipped into a coma.

Gideon: Jude, please tell me more about Danica’s last words to you. You say she begged you to go to Windenburg? I know Danica really enjoyed her internship there and that she was planning on attending Windenburg University, but I just don’t understand why Windenburg was the last thing she was able to think about.

Jude: I don’t know either, Mr. Salas. I don’t know why she couldn’t tell me who hurt her instead. All I know is Danica was desperate to move out there. It was all she could talk about ever since she returned. She even wanted me to leave my mother behind so that I could go with her.

Gideon: And you say you don’t know where your mother is either?

Jude: No, she disappeared a few days before my fight. I feel so lost, Mr. Salas. My mother has vanished, now Dani is hurt. I feel like my life is falling apart!

Gideon gazes sadly at Jude, who puts his head in hands to hide his tears.

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fmk: gideon, mactavish, mitchell 😏😏😏

OMG! Is this punishment for the angst I posted earlier? Lol..I seriously said “aw shit” out loud..this is EVIL

Fuck: Gideon (that neck tattoo does things to me and he just looks like he would love really dirty stuff)

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Marry: Soap MacTavish (he was my first love and I would love to hear that Scottish accent every day for the rest of my life)

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Kill: Mitchell (I’d have some fun with him first, of course..he has that cybernetic arm..who knows what kinda things he can do with it lol)

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This was the hardest one yet lol. It was hard for me to say kill Mitchell because its Troy Baker hahah


These are three sketches I did of Reverse Pacifica reading from the third Journal from my Reverse Falls fic Broken Mirrors. This is inspired by the real life Journal 3 that just came out today. I want to make digital copies of both of these soon…along with Dipper and Gideon reading from them too. I want to make some edits to the bottom one once I make it digital version since Pacifica’s face looks too wonky to me.

 In the fic, Pacifica had a rough first day in town. After all, fighting off gnomes that want to make you their queen and only escaping because of Gideon’s help; going to work for the first time and the stresses that come with it and fighting off another supernatural creature because Irene (OC) accused you of stealing her things and only being able to fight it off with your new friend’s help, can do that to a girl. On the bright side, she met some new interesting people, made some new friends and, more importantly, found the Journal. After a long and exhausting day, she kicks back and reads the journal with the help of her favourite tunes to around 3 am.