Spotlight: Urban EDC Supply

In an age where the number of items we call necessities increase, one would be hard-pressed to leave home without an abundance of what they regard as “essentials.”

These particular items that call pockets home can tell a lot about a person and Urban EDC Supply has lead the line in offering what the contemporary man or woman deems important enough to warrant a place on them each day.

With a huge focus on collaboration, supreme quality, and the art of Everyday Carry essentials, Urban EDC Supply releases a “Gear Drop” every Wednesday at noon Pacific Time with a limited edition selection of the latest and greatest in hand-made goods.

What makes Urban EDC Supply especially dope? It’s the ability to merge the lines of style and Everyday Carry supplies. No longer does tactical gear have to be an eye-sore. Peep the brand’s full range and get a pair of essentials for yourself now at urbanedcsupply.com



We had to dub it

original idea from @paper-mario-wiki

aesthetic — Major Revolver Ocelot (( mgs series O7 // ?? ))

I will not speak of your sins
There was a way out for him
The mirror shows not
Your values are all shot
But oh my heart, was flawed I knew my weakness
So hold my hand consign me not to darkness
So crawl on my belly ‘til the sun goes down
I’ll never wear your broken crown
I took the road and I fucked it all away
Now in this twilight, how dare you speak of grace?

( x )


Here’s my full live set from our monthly residency “Beats And Geeks” at Vagabond in Richmond, VA on June 23, 2017. Enjoy!

Set list:
New Order - Elegia (F1NG3RS MGSV:TPP Remix) - 0:31
The Division - Ola Strandh - Precinct Siege (F1NG3RS Remix) - 4:07
Final Fantasy VII - Crazy Motorcycle Chase (F1NG3RS Remix) - 6:24
F1NG3RS - Neons - 8:42
ActRaiser - Birth of the People (F1NG3RS Remix) - 11:36
Noctis Dreams - (F1NG3RS FFXV Remix) Feat Mega Ran & Jermiside - 12:59
Gauntlet - Title Theme (F1NG3RS Remix) - 15:27
Mario Kart 64 - Toad’s Turnpike (F1NG3RS Remix) - 17:49
Streets of Rage 2 - Title Theme (F1NG3RS Remix) - 19:34
ToeJam & Earl - Alien Breakdown (F1NG3RS Remix) - 22:26
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time - Sewer Surfin’ (F1NG3RS Remix) - 24:00
F1NG3RS - Press Start (Mode7 Remix) - 27:36
Dino Crisis - Save Room (F1NG3RS Remix) - 31:30
Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake - Zanzibar Breeze (F1NG3RS Remix) - 31:51
Maniac Mansion - Michael’s Theme (F1NG3RS Remix) - 34:45
The Sims - Danger Theme (F1NG3RS Remix) - 38:05
F1NG3RS - Blackout - 39:49
Snake’s Revenge - Big Boss (F1NG3RS Remix) - 42:29
They Played Us Like A Damn Fiddle (F1NG3RS and Fenakkusu MGSV Bitch Remix 2017 Edition) - 44:07
Street Fighter 2 - Balrog’s Theme (F1NG3RS Remix) - 45:08
Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped - Warp Room (F1NG3RS Remix) - 47:28
Final Fantasy 7 - Sephiroth Theme (F1NG3RS Remix) - 50:14
F1NG3RS - Firestorm Feat. Mintorment - 52:53
F1NG3RS - Acid Rain - 55:28
Terranigma - Open The Door (F1NG3RS Remix) - 59:03