With the reintroduction of 1999 forums, I would like to revive two other concepts.

  1. Reblogging now called bumping.
  2. Reblogging really old posts that have died now called necromancy and forbidden.
sapphicscience replied to your post:sapphicscience ok really tho ive only seen gifsets…

i’d forgotten? i know there was a thing with scissors & cutting hair. i feel like? her mom stabbed her? with scissors?

woah wtf i havent heard of that ???

i just looked it up lmao

“ A search of the Jones’ apartment reveals a shirt soaked in blood & Nick brings Nicole [taylor swift’s mom] in for questioning. Nicole admitted that she argued with Haley [taylor swift] after she cut her hair like Tanya’s. She brought out a pair of scissors & tried to insist that Haley changed her hair. During the argument, Haley ran into the scissors which killed her “

darcisprime asked:

Amethyst came to the gates of the Kingdom. Her bright purple chassis glimmered in the sun as she crossed the gravel to the gateway. "I'm sure this is the place. Rosefire said she was here." She approached one of the guards cautiously. "Um... Hello?"

“What business do you have here?” The guard asked looking down at her his optics staring deep into her