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Sentence Starter: #98

Sentence Starter: “Don’t cover your face, I want to see you.

Request: “Hey! I love your blog! I was wondering if you are requesting the sentence starters? If not that’s okay, but if you are I wanted to ask if you would do #99 and #98 please? Thanks! 🙂”

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Denied Orgasm, Smutty Stuff, Toys, I don’t hold back man, I’m warning you

The night had been the same as every other night with the Joker. You and He had been wreaking havoc throughout gotham and decided to head back your place.

You owned a small apartment on the east side of gotham for protection purposes. J’s house was filled with bad men and hostages most of the time and he didn’t want his muffin around all those men.

You could tell what J wanted the entire night. By the way he watched you in that tight purple dress. He watched the way your hips swing and hair flips every time you pulled the trigger or threw a knife.

So naturally, you decided to tease him. You took an extra long time putting the key into your door and made sure to drop it once, bending over putting what you had on display.

As soon as the sliver knob to your door twisted open, he had pushed you inside and had you against the wall. Your back up against the hard wall, and even something hard pushing into your stomach.

His wild blue eyes stared you down as he leaned so close that you could kiss him if you puckered your lips. “Doll, you’ve been very, very naughty tonight.” He leaned into your neck and snaked his arms around your waist pulling you closer.

The bulge hardened against your stomach, just aching to burst through the wall of clothes. It made you shutter. And made your cunt throb and moisten up. “Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it?” You challenged, you hand sliding down to his also throbbing member, teasing it with your pointer finger.

A throaty growl mixed with a chuckled passed through his red lips as he left a trail of soft wet kisses down your neck, only to leave your panties soaked. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard, you’re not gonna be able to walk tomorrow.”

You lightly pushed him off you and licked your lips, “Prove it.”

At your words he had picked you up, with your legs wrapped around his waist and him attacking your lips viciously. You were sure he could feel how wet you were, it must have been soaking on his bare chest and crocodile jacket.

He threw you on the bed, and stared at you for a moment, before taking a knife and cutting through your dress. His eyes wandered your body, each curve, each scar, each hickey from previous nights. “So damn gorgeous,” he breathed out before taking off his jacked and throwing it on the floor. He crawled onto the bed, and right on top of you. He hovered right above your face and you stared into his steel blue eyes.

A large gasp left your body as you felt his cold fingertips slip under your black laces panties and press onto your heat. “So soaked for Daddy, huh?” You couldn’t function properly, the pressure on your cunt throbbed and your eyes rolled back slightly. “I think this calls for some toys.”

He stood up off of the bed and pulled his fingers into his mouth, grinning at you before walking to the chest at the foot of your bed. You waited in anticipation to see what he had brought out.

The white tip of the vibrator reflected the moon light coming through your window and made you shutter. You knew you were in for it tonight. The machine started buzzing as he walked back to the bed and pulled your legs over the end, spreading them apart so that you glistened in the air. “Such a pretty pussy,” he whispered before leaning forward a doing a solid lick up your folds and placing a soft kiss on your clit.

You let out a small yell as he pushed the vibrator on you clit and his finger traced your entrance. “Now, doll, I don’t want you cumming until i say. Got it?” You nodded as your finger tips dug into the bed sheets and your breaths were ragged and uneven.

The ecstasy in his fingers plunging into your tight warm hole was incredible. Your back arched at the feeling and you bit your lip to suppress a moan. “Moan for me baby.” And you did. Loud, boisterous moans left your full lips and you could feel the building pressure.

Your back arched and your legs shook as you tried to keep from cumming. Your hands shot up to your face in attempts to slow to the orgasm but you quickly heard J’s voice. “Don’t cover your face. I want to see you.” You hands left your face and instead went to gripping the headboard behind you. “Cum, princess.”

You couldn’t hold back any longer. As a loud scream passed by your lips, Joker’s tongue attacked your cunt, swirling around catching your juices. Your legs shook and you back arched, so he had to hold you down so he could finish his job.

Let me know if you want a part two…😂

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Give and Take

One of the things that Dean enjoys the most, is eating a woman out. There’s nothing he gets off on more than hearing a girl moan and whimper beneath him; nothing that makes his cock twitch and leak more than feeling her squirm and writhe under his calloused hands, knowing that he and he alone, is making her feel that good, causing her make those sounds. He loves the rawness of it, how intense it is, how at home he feels with his head between her thighs, mouth and tongue stimulating the most intimate part of her. The way her clit feels on his tongue, how amazing her arousal tastes and feels, warm and shining across the stubble on his cheeks. He sucks, licks, tastes, and takes and enjoys every minutes of it. He gives light brushy strokes and hard sucks until he feels her clench around his fingers or his tongue. When she tugs on his hair, he swears he could come right there, untouched, and he moans against her; loves the way the pleasure that the vibration causes while his tongue thrusts in and out of her, makes her do. He loves how silky she feels on his tongue. So tight, so wet and warm, so perfect. Loves the way her back arches, pushing against him, silently asking for more and he gives. He grips her hips and kneads her thighs, secretly praying she’ll have small fingerprint-shaped bruises littering her hipbones tomorrow and she remember how good he was. And when she finally comes, when he finally gives in, decides to give in to her begs and pleas of wanting- needing to come, he’s mesmerized watching her. He’d never miss watching her. It’s too beautiful- too enthralling to miss. Dean feels immense satisfaction when she gasps his name and tries to squeeze her legs together, too overwhelmed with pleasure. He’ll never tire of hearing a breathy gasp or choked groan of his name falling from her mouth. Loves the way her lips falls open and her pupils dilate. Revels in the way she whimpers and moans his name as wave after wave of mind-blowing pleasure courses through her body; shooting up her spine and making her toes curl and her teeth bite down on her lip as she pulses against his tongue. He kisses and licks at her thighs while she shakes and quivers, slowly coming down from the high he’s just given her. It’s a silent, secret release for him too, to be able give something to someone. He knows it’s selfish and he doesn’t deserve it, but she does, and maybe for a while he’ll pretend that’s the only reason he loves it so much.

I don’t know where this came from. I’m slowly easing myself out of writers block. Got stuck thinking about Dean’s mouth… you know. 

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Agust D

Summary: Yoongi comes over to your place so that you two can “listen” to his mixtape.

A/N: This goes out to all the people dying because of Yoongi’s mixtape.

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: Smut

“WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME IT WAS RELEASED,” you yelled at Yoongi over the phone, angry that you had woken up to tumblr notifications about his mixtape instead of him calling you and telling you himself. 

“I didn’t want to wake you up,” he said calmly, completely blowing off your pissed off tone. 

“Where are you?” you asked him as you got out of your bed and walked into the kitchen, grabbing a cup of coffee and then leaning against the counter as you took a sip of the liquid. 

“Well, the boys wanted to have a quick celebratory party, so we just got done with that and I was planning on heading over to your place.”

“Really?” you asked, “Do you have time to stop by here.”

“Yeah Bang-PD gave me the day off today,” he replied nonchalantly, “Plus, I have a surprise for you.”

“Another surprise? Don’t you think you’ve murdered me enough today?”

“Definitely not.”

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-Dan likes to wear skirts, dresses, heels, thigh highs, and makeup. He wasn’t sure how his punk boyfriend Phil would react to his fashion preferences, as his last boyfriend wasn’t too fond of it. So he just stuck to his pastels and wore jeans instead to be safe.
-Dan and Phil were cuddling on the couch watching Buffy, and Dan got really cold. Phil removed himself from Dan’s sleepy grasp and went to go get him a hoodie or something. He went into Dan’s closet to look for something to warm Dan up, but he didn’t expect to see so many dresses and skirts hanging up next to his sweaters. Phil felt like he was invading Dan’s privacy, since he has never worn those around him, so he just grabbed a hoodie and went on his way.
-But Phil couldn’t get it out of his mind. Was Dan embarrassed of his love for dresses? Did he not think Phil would like his style? Did he not trust him? He didn’t know how to go about this, but he knew he had to try something. Plus the idea of Dan in a skirt or dress was turning him on immensely.
-He knew they were both kinky shits, so he thought he could bring it up that way. He did have a feminization kink anyway. Dan was sitting eating his breakfast at the table, and Phil went and sat next to him. “Hey, Dan, can we talk about something?” Dan instantly got nervous and fidgety. “U-um, sure..” Phil put his hand on Dan’s and laughed lightly. “It’s nothing bad, trust me. I just wanted to ask about a kink I have.” Dan’s eyes widended and he relaxed a bit. “Sure, what is it?”
-Phil crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair. “What do you think of feminization? Like you wearing dresses and skirts and me calling you baby girl and stuff like that..” Dan gulped and nodded a bit too excitedly. He noticed and tried to stop himself, trying to appear chill and nonchalant. “Uh, yeah, we can try that. I’d like that.” Phil chuckled and kissed his forehead. “Good. Let’s try it tonight, yeah? Maybe when I come home from work.”
-Dan was a man on a mission and wanted to be completely ready for when Phil got home. He was so excited that Phil suggested this and that he could finally show off his dresses and skirts to Phil. He was already stretched and prepped in that area, so he just needed to get ready. He put on his makeup (mascara, blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick) and put on his favorite dress. It was baby blue and was fitted at the top and flared out at the bottom. He loved to twirl around in it and it made him feel so pretty. He heard the door click, which meant Phil was home. He immediately sat on the edge of the bed, eagerly waiting for Phil to come in.
-Phil was just as excited as Dan, and practically ran to their room. His cock twitched in excitement when he saw how pretty his baby looked. “Come here, baby girl. Let me see you.” Dan got up and spun for Phil, giving him a full view. Phil licked his lips hungrily and his eyes clouded over with lust. It was even better than he imagined. “You look so pretty, princess. So pretty, just for me.” Dan blushed and put his hands behind his back, waiting for Phil’s instructions.
-Phil crossed his arms, getting into his dom headspace. “Why don’t you help me get hard, yeah? Come do what you do best, you little slut. Suck my cock, get me hard.” Dan scrambled as Phil walked over to sit on the edge of the bed.
-Dan unbuckled Phil’s belt and shoved his pants and boxers down to his ankles. He eagerly got to work and licked a stripe up the underside of Phil’s cock. Phil shuddered and ran his hands through Dan’s hair. Dan kitten licked his slit and took the head into his mouth. Phil gripped his hair harder and shoved more of his cock into Dan’s mouth. “Come on baby girl, we both know you can do better than that.” Dan moaned around Phil’s cock, making Phil groan at the sensation. Dan was bobbing his head, taking more and more of his cock into his mouth with each bob. Phil was now completely hard and leaking precum, so Dan pulled off and licked the precum from his slit. Phil’s hips bucked a little, loving how good Dan was at sucking his cock. “Come on, princess. Lay on the bed for me, on all fours.”
-Dan complied and got on his hands and knees. Phil pushed the dress up, exposing Dan’s pretty pink panties. He slid the panties down his thighs, but didn’t completely take them off. He was too desperate to care. He took one finger and inserted it into Dan’s fluttering hole. He found that Dan was already stretched, but he still wanted to make sure he wouldn’t hurt his baby. He took the lube from their bedside table and lubed up three fingers. He inserted two this time, scissoring and stretching Dan out. Dan was whimpering and moaning, wanting Phil to just fuck him already. “Please, Phil, I’m all ready for you.” Phil slid in the third finger, and hit his prostate once before removing his fingers completely. Dan rocked forward when Phil touched his prostate, not expecting the sensation. Phil lubed up his cock and slid into Dan. Dan tried pushing his hips back, wanting Phil to bottom out faster. Phil took his time, and eventually bottomed out. He started to thrust his hips, and Dan was in heaven.
-Soon, the headboard was hitting the wall and the bed was creaking with every harsh thrust of Phil’s hips. Dan was moaning with every thrust, his face scrunched up in pleasure. Dan was getting close, so he reached down and tried to stroke himself. Phil smacked his hand away and replaced it with his own. “This is my clit, you got that? Such a small clit you have, baby. But it’s all mine. Gonna cum deep in your pussy, baby. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Dan moaned at Phil’s words, getting even closer. With a few more strokes, Dan was cumming hard and fast, his cum getting all over his stomach and the sheets. His eyes were rolled to the back of his head, and he was chanting “Phil”. The sight of Dan so fucked out and the feeling of his hole clenching around him put Phil over the edge, and he came deep inside Dan’s ass.
-Phil slowly pulled out and put Dan’s panties back up and his dress down. He laid down next to Dan and wrapped him in his arms, Dan almost asleep already. “We definitely have to try that again, babe.”


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Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Language, Mild Alcoholism, and last, but most definitely not least: Unprotected SMUTTTTTTTTT (Wrap it before you tap it peeps!)

A/N: Argh it’s been so long, so long, since I last posted. I’m so sorry my darlings! Inspired by Touch by Pia Mia. It can be read as a sequel to Into You, so I’m tagging  @destiel-swagggy-chicken-nuggets, who asked to be tagged in a potential sequel. You can read it as a sequel however that wasn’t my initial intention so really, it’s in the ‘eye of the beholder’ so-to-speak. 

2:41 a.m.


You cursed yourself under your breath as you glared at the glowing red numbers taunting you with the time. You had been restless for hours now, tossing and turning between the crisp, Egyptian sheets that marinated you in your own frustration. You knew who the source of your insomnia was and you grumbled, burying your face in your pillows as you felt the heat rise through your body.

Sebastian fucking Stan.

The memory of your single night with Sebastian played in your mind as if on a reel; Sebastian’s mop of brown hair between your thighs, eating you out like a parched and starving man, the way he felt as he slid inside your warmth…just thinking about it all made you feel hot and bothered and your body respond with a familiar tingling in your groin. You thought about pleasuring yourself to the treasured memory but reasoned that it was unfair to Sebastian. You had been the one to break off the arrangement after just a single night of indulging in the lusts of your bodies. It was your own fucking fault that you were like this and you hated the thought of what you might be doing right now if it weren’t for you and your damned professionalism.

These past few days, Sebastian had tugged you along in a war of flirtation, giving you side eyed glances that could make any woman’s ovaries combust into flames, and it made your skin flush whenever he hugged you tightly or brushed his hand against yours, or made some form of physical contact. It only made things worse when you found out that Sebastian would be in the same hotel as you, in the room next to yours while Anthony and Chris occupied one up stairs. Your managers decided that it would be a good idea to have the four of you booked into the same hotel to help with organization. It hadn’t happened before and you found it strange that you manager/best friend suddenly decided that it was a good idea to book the room next to Sebastian’s, as though this was a part of an elaborate scheme to…

Swiping your hand down your face, you let out a dramatic and exasperated sigh, eyes boring holes through the ceiling.

Fuck this shit.

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Can you do a hc where Dan has a secret daddy kink but is really embarrassed about it and calls phil daddy on accident. In the end Phil really likes being called daddy.

-Phil had spent that past couple of hours working on editing his latest video. “Dan!” he called, knowing Dan was lounging in the living room, waiting for Phil to finally call. “All done?” he asked as he came into the room, wrapping his arms around Phil’s shoulders, kissing his neck softly. Phil muttered a yes and got up, leading Dan to the bed.

-Phil knew all of Dan’s wants and needs, at least that’s what he thought. They weren’t really open about kinks and turn ons, they were just discovered throughout their experiences. Phil had been kissing Dan’s neck, the obvious go-to with Dan, when he heard it. It was a small string of moans that went straight to his cock “Fuck me, Daddy,” however that didn’t stop him from pulling away.

-“What the hell?” He asked, almost chuckling to himself. Dan’s face had flushed completely as he stuttered to find an excuse.

-“Phil, I-” He was cut off, instantly by Phil pinning him to the bed, kissing him roughly. He forced Dan to look at him, gripping his jaw.

-“Say it again.” he demanded, fumbling the rest of their clothes. Dan began glowing with delight it seemed as Phil accepted what he wanted. Phil pulled away and reached for a small container and fumbled with the lube, spreading it through his fingers.

-“Fuck me, Daddy, give me your big cock, pretty please?” he moaned out softly, arching his back as Phil slipped a finger into his ass, stretching him slowly until he was ready to take Phil’s cock.

-Dan arched his back and moaned as Phil entered him. “Oh fuck!” he whimpered as Phil began to thrust, leaving sloppy hickeys on the smaller boys chest.

-“You’re such a slut for Daddy, aren’t you, love?” Phil whispered harshly into Dan’s ear, earning a whimper in response. Dan scratched down Phil’s back, becoming louder as Phil began to thrust into his prostate, sending Dan into ecstasy.

-Dan came with a loud moan of Phil’s name, sending his load across his stomach. Phil didn’t stop until he was pleased and came inside of Dan, collapsing next to him, breathing heavily.

“So, Daddy huh?” he smirked, cuddling next to his boyfriend. Dan swatted at him and smiled. “Oh shut up!”

Of course there are things I don’t like about the kpop fan life. Like the fact that when kpop idols try and show their love and support for the LGBT community after the worst mass shooting in US history, which targeted the LGBT community, they get so much hate for ‘supporting gays’ they have to delete their posts.

50 people are dead. Sexuality aside. They are people. And they lost their lives. And you’re only concerned that your idol is supporting LGBT+

Grow up. How hard is it to be kind?

Pumpkin Spice(x)- The Wrap Up

I hate that somewhere in between childhood and now we’ve learned to keep secrets from each other.

Like: I’m hopelessly in love with you.

Or, in her case: I’ve been shopping at the Brown Bag It for sex toys and condoms to use with some dickwad boyfriend who is not, and will never be, you.


A Modern AU. Rated E for explicit language and sexual content. The story can be read in its entirety HERE

A/N: The fic took a frickin’ village. If you’ll forgive me, I’d like to send love to a few of my villagers: @everhutcher, @joshs-left-earlobe, @hutchhitched, and @hutchercougarwife for spawning this concept for a series of Everlark stories featuring clearance condoms. To @the-peeta-pocket for creating @d12drabbles and providing the dialogue prompt “What’s in the bag?” And I’m sending my eternal gratitude to @dandelion-sunset for betaing and all-around friendship, as well as to @everlylark and @jennagill for pre-reading and nuclear disarmament. Sending love to my friends and Camp Nano cabinmates (you know who you are). If you’ve supported this fic and sent along kind words, or left kudos or comments, thank you with all my heart. This wasn’t an easy one to finish, and you made that possible. I hope this doesn’t disappoint– Cheers, c


With the taste of Katniss still on my tongue and the memory of her wrecked voice crying out that she loves me still echoing in my ears, I am forced to accept a truth that is as bitter as it is sweet: that everything happens—or, in some cases, not—for a reason. Every missed opportunity, every torment and doubt, all the nights we’d spent in other people’s arms or completely alone, listening to the clock strike midnight as we panted each other’s names under our breaths, pleasuring ourselves to the thought of the other, never knowing the other was doing the same…it brought us here, to this perfectly imperfect moment.

The reality is that when I was fourteen I met the love of my life, and she met me.

But I watched her as she grew up—stood by as she dated other guys, a parade of jerkoffs and fuckups who took her virginity and then whatever pieces of her they could—her innocence, her hope, her joy—until she thought she was broken and to blame, until she believed they’d stolen her fire too. And I did nothing but love her uselessly, holding her hand when I should have been holding her heart.

It took a box of Pumpkin Spice flavored condoms to get us to admit our feelings to each other—for her to fall apart and, in falling apart, to come back together.

It could have happened sooner, but it happened when it should—

So what’s the use of regret?

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Omaha AU: You and Jack G have a two year old son

‘Y/S/N’ = Your sons name

This was requested by Anon: Can u do a jack G au when you guys have a two year old son? And are seniors in high school?

That was the best I could do ❤️‍

REQUESTS ARE CLOSED FOR NOW! please give me some time to make the ones requested. You can have a look at the things that are going to come up and the stuff I made so far HERE😊

An Overdue Truth: Young!Remus x Reader [SMUT]


Request: Hi! I was wondering if I could please have a Remus smut where he and the reader are in love with each other and everyone knows it but them so the marauders like lock them in a closet or something and they start to get frustrated trying to get out and bicker and admit their feelings and then well… have some pretty passionate sex 😂. It’s totally cool if you don’t want to do this but please and thanks!

Warnings: Drinking & SMUT

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Y/N laughs along with the others as Sirius pounds down the girls dormitory stairs, throwing a cautious glance over his shoulder before entering the common room again. He grins mischievously, slingshotting the pair of dark blue panties into the middle of the circle. 

“Thank you, thank you.” Sirius says, bowing dramatically. Everyone shakes their heads, laughing at him as he reclaims his spot in between James and Remus. The 7 of them, Marauders, Lily, Marlene, and Y/N are all seated in the middle of the common room, fire burning away behind them and empty bottle of firewhiskey straying the area around them. 

“10 galleons, sweets.” Sirius says, cocking an eyebrow at Y/N.

 She rolls her eyes, taking a large gulp from her near empty bottle, “Piss off.” She growls, reaching into the pocket of her jeans and tossing the change at Sirius. Yet another game of truth or dare was underways for the wild group, as the recovered from the long week.

 “I can’t believe I’m dating you.” Marlene mutters, shaking her head at Sirius as she looks down at the random girls’ panties in the middle of the circle. 

“Oh come on love, yours are far more prettier than these.” Sirius hums, kissing her cheek before grabbing a new bottle of firewhiskey for himself.  Y/N dodges the pair of panties as they fly past her head, frowning at Sirius. The group momentarily forgets the game, everyone passing to freshen their drinks and grab some snacks from the  middle of the circle. 

“Remus, hand me one.” Y/N  says, gesturing to the drinks behind him. 

“That’s three, Y/N.” He says, giving her a look. 

She rolls her eyes at her best friend, “I’m fine, Remus, hand it over.” She grunts. Remus sighs, but nonetheless leans over on his elbow to grab one.He pops the cap off, wrapping his long fingers around the neck of the bottle and handing it to her. Their fingers brush as she grabs the bottle from him, her eyes meeting his as the electric shock runs through her fingers. She’s leaning in the middle of the circle, on her hands and knees, as he looks into her eyes.  A loud smack breaks their trance, as Y/N feels her face burn, whipping her head to the side and seeing Lily wink at her and wave her fingers. 

“Lily!” Y/N, your bloody butt was in my face, I couldn’t resist.” Lily says letting out a wild laugh. Y/N grabs the bottle completely from Remus before crawling her way back to her spot, shooting Lily a dangerous look. James, Peter, and Sirius all look over at Remus who is bright red. The pair had been in love with each other as long as anyone could remember, but both were too oblivious to notice the other.

 “Ah, where were we? Right, Y/N, since you doubted me, your turn. Truth or Dare?” Sirius says, clearing his throat. 

Y/N takes a long swig of her drink, narrowing her eyes at Sirius, “Truth.” 

James and Lily groan in annoyance, Y/N never chose dare.

 Sirius licks his lips, smirking, “Is it true that you have the hots for Remus?” Y/N feels herself freeze, everyone in the circle buzzed and snickering except Remus. 

She shoots Sirius a pleading look, but he just cocks an eyebrow at her, “C’mon, answer.” 

“N-No. Not true.” Y/N musters, her mouth dry. Sirius tuts in response, leaning over as James whispers something. 

“You know the rules, Y/N.” He says.

 Remus speaks up for the first time, “Guys..” 

“No Remus, liars have to be punished.” James says, winking at him nonchalantly. 

“That is, unless you’re too chicken, Y/N. Cause we all know wouldn’t lie, now would you? ” Sirius says, tilting his head at her. Y/N stares at him, glancing at the girls who are shooting their boyfriends looks.

 “Not a chance in hell, Black.” Y/N says, as she finishes off her fourth bottle with a pop.  

James and Sirius share a look, and Remus growls, “Guys, no.”

 Before anyone can act, Lily and Marlene have Y/N by the arms and the guys have Remus. They begin pushing the pair up the boys dorm stars, ignoring their protests. 


“Sirius stop!”  

They push the pair into the boy's’ dorm room and shut the door, holding the handle from the other side as James charms it. 

“Open up!” 

“Lily! This isn’t funny!” 

“We aren’t letting you two out until you finally hash this out! And they not to make a mess, mind you we share that room Moony!” Sirius cries, before their laughing  drifts down the hall and disappears. 

“I’m going to bloody kill them!” Y/N shouts, tucking on the door knob. 

“Y/N, it’s no use. You’re going to break it, stop.” Remus says, pulling her away from it. 

“C’mon, might as well get comfortable.” Remus murmurs, pointing to his bed. He grabs a stray book from the floor and hands it to her, taking a seat on his bed. Y/N freezes, she’s been here a million times, but it feels different.

 “Sit.” Remus encourages, patting the space next to him. Y/N sighs, giving in and sitting next to him. She pulls her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms around them.  Remus keeps reading, casually turning the pages, as Y/N incessantly drums her fingers against the covers of her own book.

 “How can you be so bloody calm!? They locked us in a room, Moony!” Y/N screeches, tossing her book aside. 

Remus sighs, closing his book and giving her a look. “They do stuff like this all the time, Y/N.” 

“Still! They- they think they know everything.” Y/N says, scowling. Remus watches her, her fists clenched tightly and eyes narrowed in the yellow light of the room. 

“Y/N, it’s not that big of a deal-”

 “It is, Remus! I’m so tired of it. They’re always making me feel bad for- for..” She trails off. 

“For what?” Remus asks softly, peering at her. She looks up shyly, her mouth pressed in a tight line.

 “For fancying you.” She says softly. Remus looks at her with shock.

 “I know, it’s silly and you could never-” Remus darts forward, cutting her off as he grabs her hands in his. She gasps, staring down at their intertwined hands. 

“I fancy you, too, Y/N.” He murmurs lowly. He kneels forward slightly, holding himself back, tilting his head at her. 

“Please, please don’t hold back. I’ve wanted this for so long, Remus. Please.” She whispers quietly. 

“Hey, hey look at me.” Remus says, taking her face into his hands and rubbing his thumbs across her cheeks.

 His eyes stare into hers for a long moment, before he closes the distant and presses his lips to hers. It’s soft, and sweet. He’s gentle, treating her like a porcelain doll, until she’s tired of it. She darts forward, wrapping her hands around the back of his neck and losing her hands in his chestnut locks. He catches her, lying back completely against his bed. He chuckles as she straddles him, her y/h/c hair framing her face as she stares down at him, hands pressed into his flannel. She bites her lips softly, as he places his hands on her hips, pushing up the fabric slightly and rubbing circles on her bare skin. She leans down and kisses him again, hair tickling his face. He keeps on hand on her waist, and the other runs through her hair. She grins against his lips, moving to his jaw and pressing soft kisses there. He lets out a low growl, before he grabs her hips and flips them over, pressing her into the mattress. He takes his turn next,  pressing fluffy kisses to  her neck and her face. She hums in appreciation, losing her hands into his hair. He lets his hands travel down her body, but stops when he reaches her jean covered thigh. 

Her breath hitches slightly, and Remus pulls back. “A-are you sure, love?” He pants out, staring down at her. 

She nods, meekly, “Yes, Remus.” 

He presses a kiss to her forehead before unbuttoning her jeans and pulling them off, he unbuttons her shirt and pushes it off her shoulders. She arches her back and let’s him toss it to the floor too, before helping him unbutton his shirt. “You’re beautiful.” He hums in appreciation, taking her in.He slides his hands in between her bare thighs, hands big and soft. Her hips buck up into his touch, whimpering. He hooks his fingers around the edge of them, pushing a finger in and stroking her wet folds. She moans at the bare touch, biting her lip. 

“So wet for me, sweetheart, look at you.” Remus says softly, before he pushes a finger into her. Her Back arches and eyes roll into the back of her head, whining softly. 

“Re-remus oh god.” She chokes out, clinging to his finger as he slides another one in. 

“There you are, you like that?” He murmurs, using his thumb to stroke her clit. He continues to curl and uncurl his fingers, watching with delight as Y/N falls apart in front of him.

 “Remus, I-”

 “Go ahead, love, cum for me.” He encourages, kissing her kneecap. She does, a soft sigh leaving her lips. 

“Good?” Remus asks softly, peppering kisses to her collarbone. 

“Good.” She whispers, smiling at him and leaning up to kiss him.

 “Remus, I want too..” She trails off softly, glancing down at his hardening member. 

“You sure?” He asks, nuzzling his nose into her temple. 

She nods, and Remus kisses her cheek before he spreads her legs with his knee. She grips onto his arms and nods at him, as he positions himself. He edges himself into her slowly, and she gasps as he fills her up, her walls contracting around him. She whimpers, softly, and he pulls back to look at her with concern. But she nods, giving him the single she’s okay. He starts thrusting, slowly, letting her get used to it. 

The sting goes away after a few minutes, and she leans up to kiss his shoulder, “ ‘M okay Remus, go on.” She says. He thrusts into her deeper, a grunt escaping his lips. It’s passionate, and slow, and deep, but it’s everything Y/N could have ever imagined. He’s gentle with her, but not too gentle, it’s the perfect combination of pleasure and pain. She’s wanted this for so long, she should’ve known it wouldn’t take long for her to come undone. The knot in her stomach is burning with such intensity, she knows it’s going to burst any moment. 


“Shh, you’re alright, go on, let go for me.” He encourages, pressing his lips to hers as she hits her second high of the night. He presses kisses to the span of her neck and and chest as she comes down, panting and a mess. She can feel him growing soft, and she knows that he hadn’t finished. 

“R-Remus, lie down.” She commands. Remus looks down at her with confusion, but pulls out and does so. She sits up, straddling him once again, 

“Y/N, you don't” “Shh.” She hushes, lowering herself down onto him. She mews at the feeling of him inside her again. He lets out a groan, hands flying up to her hips to help aid her movements. 

“So tight, love.” He musters, panting. 

She continues to ride him, until he starts to push her, “Y/N, I-I’m going to-” 

“Go on, Remus.” She encourages, sinking down as far as she can. He lets out a loud groan, leaning up and wrapping his arms around her, pulling her into his chest. She pants, wrapping her arms around his neck and resting her cheek on his head. 

“Good?” She says, echoing his early words.

 “Good.” He breathes into her neck. He pulls her off and puts her next to him on the best, pulling the covers over them. He leans over and brushes his thumb across her cheek, before intertwining their hands, staring at each other with love. 

“I love you.” She whispers, leaning forward to kiss his cheek, eyes droopy. 

“I love you more, Y/N.” He mutters, pulling her into his arms. Her breathing slows down after a bit, and he turns her on her side slightly, rubbing circles into her lower back as she curls around him. They’re so wrapped around each other, that when the boys come into the room, Remus has to turn his back so he doesn’t wake her as he covers her from his friends wandering eyes. 

“Finally.” James says, winking at him before the boys guffaw and shut the door.