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Anything with Matt Peake please?


Acing It by Lackyducks

Summary: Matt is asexual. His partners don’t know yet. He needs to tell them. Matt is panicking. [PG]

WC: 1,228

Adam K./Matt P.

These Whatever Moments by Lackyducks

Summary: Matt and Adam share a moment on the roof. [PG]

WC: 525

Matt P./Adam B.

Condensation by Zubrowka

Summary: Bones and Matt bask in each other, and enjoy a nice shower together after a long day at the office. [R]

WC: 3,134

Matt P./Sean

A Western Morning by EverythingCanadian

Summary: When Matt woke up that morning it was with matted curls and the curtains were lit up with the shadow of his window. He could hear the horses in the stables whinnying and braying. The chickens in their coup clucking away already. The rooster barely crowing in the mornings because Matt was already up before the pretty bird could start. [G]

WC: 1,862

James/Matt P.

I Missed You by dovingbird

Summary: James texts Matt forlornly for days. He acts like a big baby. Matt coddles him, but only in lowercase and with no emojis, the fucker, which just makes James pout harder. But it’s worth it. On Sunday Matt sends James a simple “hey i’m home” and James flies out of his apartment in only his t-shirt and boxers and breaks the speed limit and the sound barrier driving to Matt’s apartment. [R]

WC: 1,445

Viva La Peake - teaandotherstuff

3 a.m.

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Niall’s P.O.V. My dick throbbed in my boxers. I wanted her. I needed her. Y/N was horny earlier, but I turned her down and now I wish I didn’t. She was sleeping next to me, with her hair sprawled out all around her. Her soft skin called my name, and she was wearing my shirt over her matching pink lace bra and thong she knows I love so much. Her eyes fluttered in her sleep and she sighed. She looked so innocent, but I knew better. I knew exactly what those plump pink lips could do. My dick hardened even more so at the thought of her lips wrapped around me with her hair pulled back. I could almost imagine the floor littered with the few articles of clothing she was wearing.

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Omaha AU: You’re dating Gilinsky

I had so much fun making this :). 

I’m laughing so hard at the last gif, what’s wrong with me

imagine texting gilinsky 😈😇 // this is how i think how gilinsky and his gf would text okay

Naughty or Nice | Ashton Irwin Smut

“Babe, come here! I have to ask you something!” You continue to angrily spoon out your homemade sugar cookies onto the baking sheet, ignoring your boyfriend’s cries. Ashton had begged and begged and begged for you to bake him something. Now that you finally were, he was acting as if baking from scratch didn’t take time. You had been in the kitchen for no more than forty five minutes and Ashton was suddenly attention starved. His questions were actually really cute at first. Then you realized he had an infinite amount of them. If he wanted to ask you something, he could get his ass off the couch. “I’m busy, Ashton. These are almost ready to go in,” You snap. “They’re for you, remember?”

“But it’s important this time!” You don’t reply until the oven’s slammed shut with two racks of cookies inside. You planned on making the icing while the cookies baked, but since Ashton’s problem was so pressing, you decide to go check on him.

“What is it, drummer boy?” You wipe your floury hands on your apron and stand just outside of the kitchen. You’ll be so pissed if he makes you burn the cookies. An annoyingly cute Ashton perks up from the couch, giving you a dimpled smile.

“There you are! C’mere,” He motions for you to join him on the couch. Reluctantly, you trudge forward. You realize then that Ashton has something behind his back. “Sit and you can see.” Rolling your eyes, you plop down. “Ash, I don’t have time for your—”

“Naughty,” Ashton interrupts you, holding up a sheer lace negliee in deep red. The plunging neckline would leave little to the imagination. Neither would it’s matching thong, which also happened to be adorned with a big red bow on the back. “Or nice,” He continues, holding up the less racy of the two. You’d still look sexy if you picked the pale pink satin bra and crotchless boyshorts. That’s why he bought it out for you. Ashton liked giving you choices. It wouldn’t be fair if he didn’t, if sex was all about him. He places the two ensembles on your lap. “Choose wisely and go get dressed.”

“Ash I— what about the cookies?”

“Choose wisely and go get dressed.” He repeats sternly, as if reprimanding a child. You raise your eyebrow, but Ashton simply shoos you away. So he finally means business. En route of the bedroom, you stand up almost too quickly. Ashton chuckles as you scurry past him, cheeks burning red. “I’ll take care of everything, love.” He calls after you. “Be a good girl and wait for me.”

You lean against the bedroom door, biting your lip as you try to make a decision. How could you “choose wisely,” without knowing what either ensued? Maybe that was the fun in this. Whatever “this,” was. Taking a deep breath, you hold your selection to your chest and toss the other on the bed for later. Hopefully, you were making the right choice.

Once you’ve changed into the “naughty” outfit, admired the way the bow compliments your ass, and applied that red lipstick Ashton loves, you lay back on the bed, trying to contain your excitement. Thousands of questions swirled around your mind and even though there was no point in speculating what Ashton had planned for you, you couldn’t help yourself. Maybe he’d spank you. Maybe he’d make you ride him. Maybe he’d use those clamps he got for you. These were all the things you’d been waiting for ever since Ashton returned from tour. Ashton had been treating you like a princess. It wasn’t something most girls could complain about, but you knew Ash was holding back his more dominant side to make sure you were taken care of. You loved compliant Ashton, who would eat your pussy under the dinner table and gave you massages and washed your hair in the shower. But you also liked when Ashton was bruising your hips or leaving bright red marks on your ass or fucking you hard through an orgasm, making you see stars.

“I pegged you as more of a nice girl,” Ashton’s voice pulls you from your reverie. He stands in the doorway, trying his best to sound disappointed in you. The erection straining against his jeans takes away from the effect and you both know it. “Then again,” Ashton continues, eyes landing on the hand resting just above your panties. “It’s obvious that you can’t follow simple orders. Can’t even handle ten minutes alone without playing with yourself.” Despite the fact that you had no intentions of doing so, you knew that’s where you would’ve ended up had Ashton left you alone any longer.

“I want you standing for this part,” your boyfriend commands. His expression is absolute sex, those gorgeous hazel eyes of his now dark with lust. As soon as you get to your feet, Ashton pushes your tiny frame roughly against the wall. His hand tangles into the back of your hair, giving it two teasing pulls before drawing you close as if he’s going to kiss you. He doesn’t. Instead, he tugs your thong down to your ankles and smirks at your body’s response. The air is cold against your newly exposed skin and you whimper, begging him to make a move. Feeling a bit generous, Ashton kisses you. Hard. Your lips part submissively and his tongue explores your mouth, hot, passionate, and dominating against yours. He takes your bottom lip between his teeth as he pulls away.

“That lipstick makes you look like a fucking whore,” Ashton growls, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Ashton tilts his head to the side, studying you thoughtfully. “Are you a whore?” His fingers trace hot patterns onto your stomach, moving agiley your slick pink lower lips. Suddenly, he slips two fingers inside of you. You gasp and arch your back off the wall. With the hand that wasn’t fingering you, Ashton slams your hips back down. You gasp and groan and writhe to no avail; Ashton keeps his iron grip on you all while thrusting his nimble fingers in and out of you in perfect rhythm. He places his swollen lips right under your ear. “Answer me.”

“I—I—” You’re at a loss for words with Ashton fingerfucking you like it’s nothing. He speeds up and places his thumb on your clit. That does it. Your knees give out and you slide to the cold, hardwood floor. You can barely meet Ashton’s eyes for fear of his disapproval. The sound of him undoing his belt catches your attention, however. Ashton chuckles darkly. “I’m taking that as a yes,” He hastily kicks off his pants and boxers. Having already discarded his shirt somewhere in your haze, Ashton stands before you completely naked. His cock is fully erect and throbbing and just waiting for your pretty little mouth to work its magic. You want to hear Ashton say it though. The command comes a few seconds later. “Suck.”

You decide it’s best not to tease him so you opt to take him all at once. Unfortunately for both of you, it doesn’t work. Your eyes instantly begin to water and you try recover by fighting your gag reflex while pumping what you can’t fit into your mouth. Needless to say, Ashton is not pleased. This time he takes you by the hair to pull you off of him. He almost looks furious. “Since you’ve obviously forgotten how to give a proper blow job, I guess I’m going to have to take over.” Ashton retrieves his belt from the pile of clothes and wordlessly binds your hands together with it. When he’s finished he scans your face for any signs of fear or hesitation, giving you that dimpled smile you know and love as you reassure him
with a tiny peck on the cheek.

Jesus Christ, he loves you so much. If you didn’t get him shit for Christmas, he’d be glad because just look at what you’ve already done for him. Blushing slightly, he clears his throat. He’s back in dom mode when he tells you to  open wide. Ashton Fletcher Irwin is about to fuck your mouth.

Ash does most of the work for you. He holds your head steady and he thrusts his hips rhythmically and he fills you to the hilt and pulls your hair tighter every time he pounds into you. Just keeping your jaw slack and moaning around his dick is enough to keep him satisfied. Within minutes, Ashton’s abs go rigid and he can feel his impending orgasm washing over his entire body. His thrusts slow until he pulls out of your mouth completely to give himself three hard strokes before he finishes in long spurts all over on your face and chest. “Fucking hell,” He whispers, bracing his hands on the wall as he tries to steady his breathing. He’s wrecked. His entire body is rosy pink and covered in a slick sheen of sweat. His lips are puffy and swollen. His curly hair is matted to his forehead. You lick your lips then, wanting to taste as much of him as possible. You moan ferally. He’s so sweet.

“Babe?” Ashton joins you on the ground, stroking your hair gently, as if he’s afraid you might break. He uncinches the belt around your wrists and begins peppering kisses on each them. “You did so fucking great,” He murmurs against your left palm. “Yeah?” You can’t help but smile at his romantic side already shining through. He giggles when you poke one of his dimples.

“Yeah. Especially for a naughty girl.”