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Imagine Metroman and Roxanne just chilling, having a movie night at her apartment. And just as they’re about to take the pizza out of the oven, Metroman stops dead in his tracks and drops the whole pizza and just

“Megamind’s heart just stopped beating” 

And disappears out of her apartment in a flash, leaving Roxanne in confused panic.

Now I know Metro man has super hearing, so Im assuming he can hear heartbeats from far away too.
And maybe megamind has a distinct heartbeat out of all of the other normal people. 
So Metro man picks up on Megaminds heart beat now and then. And sometimes on purpose cause he knows that his little buddy are dealing with some dangerous villainous shit from time to time, and he sorta wanna make sure that he’s safe

Now, his heart may have stopped for several reasons. Heart attack? A fight? An experiment he wanted to try out on himself? choking of gas? Drowning? Got something dropped on him such as things falling on him in the lair??


A laugh escaped at her question. Him? Jealous? What would he be jealous about? He was the best man he knew. In town, a true hero. Saving the village from being hurt during the war. He was brave, courageous, handsome, famous. The very IDEA that he could be envious of anyone was laughable. Still, he couldn’t grasp why Belle would chose someone over him. “I’ve never been jealous in my life. I have nothing to be jealous of.”   

“Ah well, in that case is good to know you don’t care.”
Belle explained as she kept folding the wet clothes on the edge of the well.- “Because Tom invited me for dinner, and I was thinking of accepting. Now that you say you will not be jealous, I think I might say yes right now.”

Scorpions and Daffodils


Valerie hated this. She hated it, she hated it, she hated it. Her business proposal had gone over well with Picquery, mostly because of her family name. The King family was well respected and held in the highest regard in the wizarding community. She had expected to have to compromise, but she hadn’t expected this.

If the No-maj’s could have private detectives, why couldn’t the wizarding world have private aurors?

Sure she was young and not technically an auror, but she didn’t need a babysitter. She definitely didn’t need the man she despised following her around either. Yet here she was, pacing in the halls of MACUSA waiting for the Director of Magical Security.

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Okay so Clawen prompt where (after Claire and Owen's disastrous first date) Claire goes out with a different guy a few times (a guy Owen sees regularly and now suddenly dislikes).

It’s Owen’s turn to be jealous! (And I’m half thinking of making this into at least a two parter, but I’m not sure and wanted to at least get this part up.) I’m slowly getting through prompts (since I abandoned them all to work on my other story). And yeah. Enjoy!

He hadn’t seen her in three weeks, not since she stormed out of the restaurant and he let her, because good God could that woman infuriate him.
(She also made him feel other things, but since a second date was probably, definitely, not happening, he was going to focus on how much she irritated him instead.)

Owen wasn’t avoiding her, exactly, but he also wasn’t seeking her out. He was even making sure to turn his reports in on time as a preemptive measure to stop her from having to hound him for them. The date had been awful from top to bottom and he had taken a good amount of ribbing from everyone before and after, and the last thing he needed was Claire coming all the way out to the raptor paddock and having to deal with Barry’s shit-eating grin on top of the inevitable awkwardness that would accompany her.

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Lyra sighed sadly as she lay in a candy field and sucked on a lollipop. Dante still hadn't been found and she was still miserable from the loss of her home. She sat up and looked around when she heard a kart engine. "King Candy!" She smiled when she saw who it was.

King Candy parked his kart, and stepped out, arms clasped behind his back as he approached Lyra.

How have you been?“ He asked.

Lonnie and Ben have never been the best of friends but when playing a game of truth or dare with everyone there dare to stay in a closet UNTILL they work out the problems…

SkaterGirl Your request is a order! This is a friendship fic and pre-movie in case it gets a little confusing. I hope you like it either way and let me know what do you think about it.

Oh, and if anyone has a prompt for me then all you have to do is ask and I’ll do my best to answer, it may take some time cause Uni will come back tomorrow for me but I’ll swear i’ll do my very best.

Loonie always prided herself on being friends with everyone she could. But that was a hard thing and as much as she tries some things are hard to forget.

Even if it’s childish play that turns wrong. But still she gets along with everyone.

“Come on, Loonie!” Audrey calls her. Everyone had agreed to get together and play some games for the night, as a celebration for the start of the school year and Ben’s future coronation.

Oh, yeah. Ben. That is who Loonie has problems with, but that is a long story.

Loonie looks at herself in the mirror -Oh god, I need to do something about this hair- and walks away with a smile, even if she doesn’t want to go; she is aware that arguing with Princess Audrey is pointless.

When they finally enter the room, a select room made only for the royals of Auradon Prep, pretty much everyone else is already there and ready to play.

“Truth or dare!” Chad announces, already choosing the game and not letting anyone else have a word.Tipycal Chad.

After a while it is finally, or not so much, Loonie’s turn. “Truth.”

“Not again. She’ll go with dare.” Chad says, clearly bored with how everyone always picks the truth. “I dare you and Ben to stay locked in a room and to talk.”

He obiviously knows tha although both Loonie and Ben are friendly they hardly talk with each other.

Ben shrughs his shoulder and gets up, Loonie does the same thing and they sit on a corner, behind a courtin. neithe rof the them speak until the future king does so.

“Is this still about what happened when we were kids?” These words made an inpact on Mulan’s daughter. She had no idea he remembered it. “That is why you don’t talk a lot with me?”

“Well, you and Chad took my doll away.” Loonie says and before Ben asks she continues “I could expect that from him but hardly the same for you. I was from my grandpa.”

“I’m sorry, but it wasa stupid game and we were like six?” Ben says, he hoped she had forgot that, he was just playing with Chad, he did not wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings. “Can we start over?"ben asks with a offered hand which Loonie takes.

"I’m Loonie.”

“I’m Ben.”


It was easy enough for Dante to infiltrate the castle when he could climb walls. It was easy enough to chase the oreo guards off by threatening to eat them. He easily slithered into the throne room and grabbed King Candy with his tail, hanging him upside down. He flicked his tongue and hissed angrily. “What have you done with Lyra?”

The king’s crown fell to the ground with a clatter; a panicked yelp echoed throughout the hallway as he was hoisted up by whatever, and held upside-down in suspension.

Milk my dudth! Put me down!