Happy Valentine’s Day from Team Natsu to You  ♡

Yet another collab with Naaa!! This specific piece looks so damn beautiful and I’m so honored that I got to color it!! I love it so much, especially Natsu, I mean?!?!?! Anyways, this is very late already, but I hope you all had an amazing day!! ^^ THANKS AGAIN FOR LETTING ME COLLAB THIS MASTERPIECE NA, I LOVE IT SO MUCH I’M SO BLESSED

Walk through the fire

chapter 1 

Strategist and priestess Lucy Heartfilia gets caught up in the turmoil of war. Torn between duty and love she must decide whether to follow her heart or mind because the destiny of two nations rests on her shoulders.

Chapter 2: Breathe

“I hear the sound, echoes beneath
Angels and skylines meet
And I’m straining to reach 
The light on the surface, light on the other side

I feel the pages turning
I see the candle burning down
Before my eyes, before my wild eyes
I feel you holding me, tighter I cannot see
When will we finally


Before Lucy opened her eyes she could rather feel it than see it. She was lying on something large, hard and moving. She could feel his powerful muscles under her body and his legs, pushing forward and shifting her weight with each step. When her eyelids fluttered and slowly opened, a sharp, white light clouded her vision and she needed a couple of seconds until her sight focused.

Lucy narrowed her eyes, lifting up her head a little. The sun had been long risen up and she could easily see the tall, massive pines that were surrounding her. And under her… she was riding. More specifically she was lying on a brown stallion and had probably been on it for a long time because she could hardly feel the inner parts of her hips. Lucy tried standing up but something prevented her legs and hands from moving. Her ankles and wrists were tied to the horse’s saddle.

“Well, damn!”

The unknown voice, croaky and deep, made her jump as far as the ropes were letting her. She turned her head on the other side but again couldn’t see the man, because her golden hair let down like a curtain in front of her face.

The unknown man laughed hoarsely and rough, calloused hands pushed her locks away.

Lucy stared at her kidnapper in surprise.

“It’s you!”

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