my mind is a battlefield
the bullets being my thoughts
one too many and all too painful
and sometimes they become so powerful
that they pierce the pure gold that is my heart
because I care more than I should
and I love harder than what’s good for me

my eyes are a filter
letting the gold that is my heart shine out
in soft, warm beams of light
but keeping back
the battlefield that lies behind them

and although I wish sometimes that my mind was an open field of hundreds of flowers
without those bullets,
I wouldn’t grow
I wouldn’t be as wise

and although I wish sometimes that my heart
was instead made of steel for protection,
without the heart I have I wouldn’t be me
and I wouldn’t be the compassionate soul I am

I would rather be hurt and learn from it
to experience the insecurity and gather the strength to push it away
than to be oblivious to all that isn’t sunny
and never truly understand the person
that is behind the filter

nymphetrose asked:

capricorn confession- im actually a princess and the devil at the same time. one minute ill be princessing and the next minute everyone's dead. oopsies.

this is why caps are terrifying but u still kinda want to hug them

anonymous asked:

Why did you change your icon or whatever that is called. It was uber cute

hah yeah it was uber duber cute but i didnt want up anymore.