fairy tail 30 day challenge | day 10

Couples I Support: Gray x Erza, Natsu x Lucy, Laxus x Mirajane, Gajeel x Levy

Gray x Erza - It’s kinda like I’m destined to ship non-canon ships. But Mashima set up these two so beautifully! I’ve lost count how many times these two subtly hint at the fact that, under different circumstances, there might actually be something there between them - especially from Gray’s front. Gray, as someone who is socially awkward, being completely honest and very vocal about his feelings towards Erza whenever she’s in peril (knowing full well that she could hold her own in a fight) just makes my shipper heart go pitter-patter. There’s a mutual respect and trust between these two that I absolutely love; that report they have stem from the fact that they treat each other as equals and that is something I can’t see with Gray and Juvia or even Erza and Jellal. *shrugs* I suppose that’s just me though since fans seem to love Erza with melodramatic Jellal and Gray with clingy Juvia. 

Natsu x Lucy - All I really have to say is “Rainbow Sakura” and you should totally know why I can’t help but ship these two. There are no bonds to what these two wouldn’t do for each other. Ahh, these two are just so adorable. I do love the fact that this ship is built on such a strong friendship. There is so much love and trust between these two. How many times they support each other and fuel each others’ fire? Ah, I’ve lost count. It’s almost like fate that they were to meet and as we follow their story, we can’t help but cheer them on as they strive to be stronger wizards and work together to bring fame to the Fairy Tail name! :D

Laxus x Mirajane - Sweet, kind Mirajane + Rough-around-the-edges, aloof Laxus= the most fitting pairing. These two might actually be my favorite pair from Fairy Tail if only they got more screen time! I do love that they both also might have the best chance of being the next master of Fairy Tail (so I figure they might as well do it together! ;D). I think that Laxus needs someone stable and down-to-earth like Mirajane to come home to. He’s a bit of a wayward soul and to know that Mira is there for him is something that I think is insanely romantic. Also, Mira has a very strong moral center that I think would be good for him; keep him in keep and she can knock him down a couple of pegs when he gets too full of himself. Either way, I think that Mira would be good for Laxus and I think that Laxus is just wild enough to satisfy Mira’s “fun” side. :D

Gajeel x Levy Ah, the enemy to lover trope is strong with this one. Perhaps Mashima’s most unsubtle pairing ever! It is so obvious that the mangaka totally ships these two like crazy. And, yet, unlike Erza x Jellal or maybe Elfman x Evergreen, Gajeel and Levy offer a blatant ship without being too over bearing which makes their interactions adorable. I love how possessive Gajeel gets when it comes to Levy and it makes me smile whenever Levy just excepts that this crazy iron munching dude is here to stay. It’s actually really sweet. 

fairy tail 30 day challenge