Today’s simple ootd // button up flares from Abercrombie (no I’m not ashamed I fuckin love Abercrombie), white cami, and freeps hat with a green tea latte that I fell in love with 🍵 👅💛 // 📷 @yensphoto


Continuing to bring you friendly advice to help you put your best foot forward- this week, I speak not to my regular audience, but to the owners of tattoo shops that also do piercing. Many piercers want to do a better job than they are, and YOU, tattoo shop (or indeed any business that has a piercer) are in a perfect position to help make that happen. As a piercer and shop captain, I tell you truthfully- the investment you make pays for itself VERY quickly, and not just monetarily! 

ahaha freep is melting the fuck down

“We were told repeatedly that Officer Wilson had a "blown out eye socket.” How much of the rest of what we were told by our side was a lie?“

divide-by-zero errors all around, potato-shaped heads whirring and sparking