Science-Backed Study Tips to Ace Your Exam (+ Free Checklist!)

As we are getting closer to the final season, a lot of us would frantically search for exam study tips and skills to help us better prepare for finals. I have previously covered quite a lot on how to prepare for exams (and I have also got a free email course on how to study for exams effectively. Sign up if you haven’t already), but there is always more tips to add on it! Now, here I am to talk about the following things (with science-backed tips!) that would help you to ace your exam!

  • The attitude that you should have for exams (and studying)
  • How you can best prepare and study on the day before the exam (and why you shouldn’t pull an all-nighter)
  • What you should do the morning of the exam

Download the printable HERE!

- Sabrina | StudentsToolbox.com

Newly Archived Fanfic

I went through my “not yet archived” tag this morning and archived the majority of them. Nothing “new” in the sense that it’s all been on my tumblr, but if you’d like to see them on AO3, they are now there!  

Each title is a link, but for LJ/DW users where this crossposts, the link is also in parentheses after each blurb. 

Nice Work If You Can Get It: A coda to “Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do”, in which Steve reconsiders his policy against being a Kept Man.( http://archiveofourown.org/works/805427/chapters/20055307 )

The Exhibit: Set in the Izzyverse; Steve and Bucky chaperone Izzy’s class field trip to see the Captain America exhibit, and discuss their legacy. ( http://archiveofourown.org/works/2152299/chapters/20055418 )

The Vice-President’s Snowball Initiative: Set in the Leader Of The Free World universe, regarding Steve’s love of a good snowball fight. ( http://archiveofourown.org/works/6579205/chapters/20055592 )

The Buche De Noel Job: A short coda to the Cyborg Arm Job universe, where Bucky is the fourth member of the new Leverage International. ( http://archiveofourown.org/works/6242446/chapters/20055892 )

The DIY Family Job: Eliot Spencer stole a baby, but in true Leverage fashion, that’s the least of their problems. ( http://archiveofourown.org/works/8749018 ) 

A Taste Of Vinegar: The Leverage crew invades Nero Wolfe’s brownstone, trying to figure out why Wolfe is after Eliot. Turns out Wolfe just wants a recipe. ( http://archiveofourown.org/works/8749222 )

Giving away villagers!

What’s For Sale: Fauna, Wolfgang, Poppy, Octavian, Marcie, Punchy, Tutu, Flurry, Cherry, Diana, Benjamin, Bunnie, Daisy, Cole, and quite a few others (all from amibo cards). I have others as well but those are some really popular villagers. I can only give away one villager per day though so please, be patient because time travel takes a little time! I also have Maddie, Dobie, Weber, Wade, Julia, and Vivian from welcome amibo cards. You can request to go look who is in the campsite as well :) Near the train station there are items that you are allowed to take. BUT; for every item you take whether it be bells or tools, you have to replace them with 1 item that can drop onto pavement (not flowers!). Please be courteous as this is the way the town will be most helpful as I’m NOT using powersaves at all except for the stuff that the town will start with, after that, its all up to you whether there is stuff there!!

Looking For: I’m only looking for items because I need to decorate my room, but otherwise they’re free.

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Sausage Party (2016)



Sausage Party, the first R-rated CG animated movie, is about one sausage leading a group of supermarket products on a quest to discover the truth about their existence and what really happens when they become chosen to leave the grocery store.

redroses879  asked:

when you want, can you do a third part for single dad sosuke? pretty please? its WONDERFUL

I’m glad that you guys have taken an interest in this series! Feel free to ask for more if you think it still deserves another part XD 

Enjoy this mountain of fluff! 


You weren’t expecting your first date with Sousuke to become successful and memorable for you in a good way. All of the dates that you’ve had in the past have given you a bad experience which almost made you lose your faith in finding your true love. But you’ve proven to yourself that you just have to wait for the right person who’d love you for who you truly are. 

Unlike the other guys that you’ve went out with, Sousuke was very different. He’s a gentleman who’d offer to open doors and pull out a chair for you. He offered you his coat when you were feeling cold and he waited until your third date before he kissed you. He was the sweetest during your first kiss, even asking you for permission first before he firmly and carefully pressed his lips against yours. It had been gentle and full of love, and he made sure to make you feel just how special you are. He never rushed you in anything, even when he finally asked you to become his girlfriend. You told him that you have to re-organize your thoughts before you could give him an answer, and he respected that. He was so patient and he never gave up on you, which soon made you finally agree with becoming his girlfriend. 

Kenji has never been a problem in your relationship. In fact, he’d always look forward to the days when you could come over to their home. He’s actually very chatty and lively and he’s very polite like usual. He may not be your biological child, but you’ve already considered him as yours when you started dating Sousuke. 

You could still remember the day he proposed to you. You thought it was ridiculous at first that he asked his little son to bring the ring to you, but when you finally got what’s happening, you broke down into tears. You sobbed out your approval to his proposal as he held you in his arms. It was the only time that you ever saw him cry in happiness and you felt like you were the happiest woman in this world. 

You groaned as you felt an arm fall over your waist. You cracked one eye open to glance back at your warm husband who was still snoring in his deep slumber. You turned around and openly admired his wonderful face. Maybe you died for a kingdom back then, during your past life and now, your heroic deeds were being rewarded by the heavens. 

“Good morning my love,” You whispered as you caressed his cheek and planted a kiss on his nose. Seconds later, he opened his eyes and smiled back at you. 

“Good morning, ____.” Without even letting you respond, he leaned forward to kiss your lips passionately. Your fingers quickly tangled itself with his hair to deepen the kiss as he held your waist to pull you closer to him. But your early morning kiss was interrupted when an energetic Kenji suddenly opened the door and jumped on the bed. 

“DADDY! ____-CHAAAAN!” He shouted as he jumped around the bed even though the two of you were already up and awake. He went to your side to smile and give you a hug, which made you and Sousuke laugh. Afterwards, you all made your way to the kitchen to prepare for the day. While you were making a traditional Japanese breakfast, you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist. You felt his warm breath on your neck and you laughed when he kissed the same spot. 

“Is it just me, or do you look hot today?” You did your best to will away the blush that was creeping up on your cheeks at his compliment. 

“Thanks, Sousuke, but I won’t fall for that,” You chuckled and turned the stove off before you faced him and kissed him. 

“Don’t you think we should add another member of the family?” He said as his lips hovered just mere inches from yours. His question made you blush, but laugh nonetheless, and playfully slap his chest. Just as he was about to lean in for another kiss, his son suddenly appeared from around the corner, interrupting Sousuke from kissing you. He clung on to the hem of your dress and looked up at you with his sparkling, teal eyes.

“What is it, little guy?” You stooped down and he reached for your cheeks. 

“Nothing. I’m just glad that ____-chan made Daddy happy and became my new Mama.” He shyly ran back to where he came from after he said that. You felt tears forming in your eyes as you were moved from the words of your husband’s son. You turned to him, only to see him flashing you the same kind of smile that he showed you when you two first met. 

Your life became perfect, and it was all because you met him. 

There were ups and downs, but you proved that, with love, it’d be possible to brave all of them.