Bad Boy!Clifford convincing you to join him to sneak into an abandoned amusement park. He’d hold your hand from the other side of the gate, giving you pleading eyes. “Please Y/N? I promise nothing bad will happen.” You looked around, shifting in the spot you were standing in, your nerves on edge. He gave your hand a gentle squeeze, “Do you trust me?” Your eyes shot to him, giving him a small smile, “Of course I do.” You gulped, letting the adrenaline move your legs as you slid passed the gate, joining him on a adventure.

Não faz assim, não diz que você se foi por amor ou me amou algum dia. Não mente pra mim dizendo que era pra ser assim ou que você não tinha opção, poderia ter ficado. Você sabe bem que poderia ter ficado aqui e separaríamos as coisas, enfeitaríamos as paredes, mudaríamos o contrato. Não vem com essa de que foi embora porque era o melhor pra mim, você não sabe o que é melhor pra mim e se soubesse, teria ficado, teria tentado mais. Não vem com essa de que o amor te fez ir, porque o amor só faz ficar. E você não ficou.
—  Azuelar

amichaelgirl asked:

omg. i love your fluff. can you do another mikey fluff where you make him be the little spoon? i feel like you'll make it beautiful.

✧。(◍>◡<◍)。✧  awe thank you! Sorry, this took long beeb. Thanks for fueling my love for Michael lmao 8)

You puffed your cheeks, kneeling beside him. He had his back turned to you while he was on his phone. You poked his back, scooting closer to him. He looked over his shoulder and giving you a questioning look. “I wanna cuddle.” You said in a low voice.

He was getting ready to turn to you, thinking you wanted him to cuddle you. “No!” You quickly said, “I want to cuddle you.”

He furrowed his brows, “You mean you want me to be little spoon?”

You nodded your head eagerly, your eyes glowing down at him. His face softened and he returned to the position he was in before. “Alright babe, go nuts.”

You smiled widely and lied on your side, worming your way to his back. You pressed against him, shaping your body to fit his so there would be no space at all between the two of you. You had your cheek pressed against his back and one of your arms wrapped around his torso. You tangled your legs with his, rubbing the softness of your against his hairy ones.

You sighed in content and he smiled, “You alright?” He asked.

“Very much so yes.” You placed multiple kisses to his shoulder blade and all around his back where you could reach without moving much. You nuzzled your face every now and then against his back and let out a happy hum, till he felt your grip on him soften realising that you fell asleep like that.

As palavras são os vômitos que sua alma dá, tenha orgulho delas, mesmo que ninguém mais sinta o mesmo.
—  Azuelar

Que vontade de te encontrar
despir sua alma
chegar ao centro do teu coração e
sentir sua saudade
sendo morta com a minha.


26980) Since I lost my voice at the beginning of junior year, I’ve relapsed and gotten far worse than I ever was. Bethany, you’re my best friend. Please notice. Please say something. I need you now more than ever. I’m SO scared, but I can’t say anything.

little b things:
- calling sainsbury’s ‘salisburys’ no matter how many times i correct him
- our first date was at a kebab shop and we had chicken nuggets and chips bc we couldn’t be bothered to go anywhere fancy
- eating chocolate muffins and cheersing with our rubicon mango juice boxes at breakfast
- his face lighting up everytime he uses his oyster or presses the bell on the bus
- watching documentaries on netflix
- trying to fit as many 'british’ phrases into his speech as possible
- smelling heavenly 24/7
- napping 24/7
- being cute 24/7