I love tumblr when I have an empty inbox. I can just have normal conversations and enjoy life, instead of having to constantly defend myself and “politely” telling people to mind their business.

Anyway, my life as it stands currently is as follows:
- Kanye’s new album is called the Life of Pablo and I really want to listen to it and I hope it’s good.
- Also I’m watching season 4 of Hart of Dixie, and season 2 of Young Justice and the 100 on Netflix, and started an anime called Durarara or something like that. I just finished one called FLCL and I really like the cartoon Gravity Falls.
- I’ve recently learned about “highlighting” in regard to makeup, and increasingly appreciate makeup as an art form the more I learn about it. Bending light and shadows to accent certain features is amazing.
- and also I find it really interesting that for the first time we have evidence of gravitational waves caused by the crashing of two black holes. An actual ripple in space and time.
- I don’t like the taste of rabbit

Kay. The END. Have a great Friday y'all!


For Anon. The two on the bottom are at my dad’s along with Mamimi’s red star shirt so I couldn’t get pictures of them but here are all my flcl shirts.

all about that anime aesthetic

after my last anime rec post I thought it might be fun to do something a little bit different. This is going to be all about works with style. Not necessarily very fluid animation or pretty backgrounds (though that can play a part), but more about a distinct feel that is hard to find anywhere else. Those kinds of shows people like to make pretty gifs of. I do expect people will have seen at least a few of these as they’re decently popular (for good reason).

I already wrote about Serial Experiments Lain and The Tatami Galaxy in my last post, but I can’t ignore them for this one too.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

A classic. But on this list NGE will probably feel the most familiar. It doesn’t have any strange style or bright striking colors. Instead, Evangelion favors very strong writing and direction and an intense psychological emelment to stand out more than almost anything else. It’s a series that still holds up incredibly well today, go watch it now. After that, cap it off with the concluding movie The End of Evangelion

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is a western in space. That gives you a pretty good explanation of the premise but it’s much more than that. Bebop takes a pretty grounded look at humanity’s voyage into the stars. And it kinda sucks. Criminals run rampant through the solar system, Earth is abandoned almost entirely, and most everyone is either poor, dirty, or poor and dirty. And it’s got jazz. One of the best shows ever made in my opinion, just take a look at that opening.


Pardon my French, by FLCL (pronounce fooly-cooly) is fucking weird. I don’t really know how else to describe it. There’s aliens, bass guitars, robots, and pyromaniacs and it’s all tied together with a slick style. Except when it isn’t. It often devolves into bizarre and avant-garde styles including manga panels and, I kid you not, South Park at one point. And it’s all backed by (in my opinion) one of the best soundtracks ever (this is the dub btw) by Japanese rock band The Pillows. 

Also I feel I should note this series does have some fanservice that might be distasteful to some, but its certainly not disgusting or even the worst offender on this list.

5 Centimeters per Second/The Garden of Words

I’m almost certain that you’ve seen at least one image or gif from one of these films. Directed by Makoto Shinkai, they have some of the most detailed and intricate art I think I’ve ever seen. I mean, many scenes could be mistaken for photographs. They probably win for most beautiful on this list. That’s really all there is to say.

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Bakemonogatari/The Monogatari Series

The Monogatari series is strange, but not quite in the same way as FLCL. Rather than balls to the wall action, it’s almost a quiet strangeness where it always feels like it’s just about to dip into the bizarre at any moment and remains visually striking throughout. Instead of aliens, it’s monsters, ghosts, and spirits that we have to deal with. But be warned, this series isn’t for everyone. There are long and confusing monologues, Japanese puns, blink and you miss it cuts, and a generous helping of fanservice dolloped on. I feel like this scene gives a good taste of what this show is up to, whether you think that’s good or not. But it’s almost worth it just for the music.

Most of the Monogatari Series (Bakemonogatari 1-12, Nisemonogatari, Nekomonogatari: Kuro, Monogatari Second Season, Hanamonogatari, and Tsukimonogatari) is available legally on Crunchyroll

Bakemonogatari 13-16 (which is required) and Kizumonogatari Part 1 are not available online, Kizu parts 2 and 3 have not yet been released


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So before you ask, no this is not related the previous entry. Well it is in a way because they’re both adaptations of books that were written by the same guy (Nisio Isin) but that’s kind of beside the point. Katanagatari is set in Edo-era Japan, with the shogunate, swords, and of course ninjas. The coolest part about Katanagatari is the way everything is drawn to look like it was done with a brush, much like the artwork of the time. It’s style is simplistic but absolutely gorgeous in every way, and worth watching even if you’re not normally interested in this kind of story. Also every episode is an hour long, dang.


Nichijou is another series you’ve probably seen before but didn’t realize it. It’s full of just downright hilarious bits and GIFable moments. But as bombastic as these moments are Nichijou is about humor in the small things. And yet despite looking like a simple slice-of-life show, Nichijou has the feel of something like much more… actiony. Even if the jokes weren’t as spot-on, this combination almost feels like enough to carry the show on its own.

Panty and Stocking

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Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt is totally morally reprehensible on every level. I was uncomfortable watching it as a fully frown adult. But holy crap is it awesome. PSG takes a very un-anime look and runs with it to make an fast-paced, balls to the wall comedy-occasionally-with-some-action series. It dials everything up to 11 all the time that almost can’t be described (that dub is p accurate btw). If you want a super extended look at what’s up. But if those clips doesn’t let you know, this series has sex, violence, every bodily fluid (all of them), demons, boobs, stripping, toilets, movie parodies, BDSM, demons, and of course panties (yet it still comes off as more tactful than others). Panty and Stocking is truly unique in that there is literally nothing else like it.


Hyouka is on here for a similar reason as Neon Genesis Evangelion, it’s not easily identifiably different but the little things that make it stand out. And tbh I had a hard picking one show in particular by this studio, because what makes Hyouka great is pervasive through almost all of their works. Every scene feels carefully composed to tell a story by itself, in some cases the dialogue almost feels irrelevant. Many consider Hyouka to be Kyoto Animation’s greatest work and I’m hard-pressed to disagree.

*shuffles up to you in a trenchcoat* “ey mac, u wanna watch some anime?”

I’ve been asked to create a list of shows that i would recommend for someone lookin for good shows to watch so here u go


👊: fighting/shounen

👀💦: Fanservice

🙀: horror/gore

😍: Has love story

😂: humorous


💯: one of my favorites

🔍: Mystery

🔮: supernatural

😪: slow at the beginning BUT HOLY CRAP THE ENDING

🚗: Mech


🕘: Ongoing, not finished


💭: Psychological BS


Akatsuki no Yona👊, 😂,😍,🔍, 🎨

Aquarion Evol:  🚗, 😂, 🎶, 👀💦,😍,👊,🔍

Avatar: The Last Airbender💯, 👊,😍, 😂, 🔮, 🎶,🎨

Bakemonogatari: 😪, 👀💦👀💦, 👊, 🔮, 😂, 🙀, 😍, 🎨, 💭

Blue Exorcist: (read the manga too, tbh) 🔮,👊,😂,🙀but not a lot, 👀💦,💔 

Erased: 🕘, 🔍, 🔮

Ergo Proxy: 🎨, 😪, 👊, 🙀, 😍, 🔮, 🔍, 💭

Eureka Seven: 🎨 (seriously it’s like a Ghibli movie), 🚗, 🔮, 🔍, 💔, 👊, 😍

FLCL (Fooly Cooly): 💯, 👀💦, 👊, 💭, 🔮, 🎶, 😍, 😂, 🔍, 🎨 

Gurren Lagann: 💯, 🚗, 👊, 👀💦, 😍, 😂, 💭, 🎨, 💔💔, 🔮, 🎶

Katanagatari: 💯, 👊, 👀💦, 🙀, 😍, 😂, 💔💔, 🔍, 🎨🎨

Kekkai Sensen: 💯💯, 🎶, 🙀, 😍, 😂, 💔, 🔍, 🔮, 🎶🎶, 🎨 holy shit just pls go watch Kekkai Sensen omg

K-Project (season 1 bc season 2 sucked tbh ): 👊, 👀💦, 😂, 🔍, 🔮, 🎨

Kyoukai no Kanata: 💯, 👊, 👀💦, 🙀, 😍😍, 😂, 💔, 🔍, 🔮, 🎶, 🎨

Magi: Kingdom of Magic ie: If you’re from the Middle East, why are you white?

💯, 👊, 👀💦, 🙀 (mild gore), 😂, 💔, 🔍, 🔮, 

Mononoke: HELLA GOOD ART 🎨🎨, 🔮, 🔍, 💭, 💯, 🙀, 😪, 🎶

Noragami: 💯,  🎨, 👊, 😂, 💔, 🔍, 🔮,🎶, 😍😍

One Punch Man: 💯,  🎨, 👊👊, 😂, 🔮, 🙀

Owari no Seraph: 🎨, 👊, 🔮, 🙀, 💔, 🔍, 😍 (hella ghey), 👀💦

Punchline: 👀💦 (but not in the way you’d expect), 👊, 🔮, 🙀, 💔, 🔍, 😍, 🎨, 😂, 💭(time travel UGH)

Parasyte: 💯💯💯MHMM GOOD SHIT,👊,🙀,😍,😂,💔,🔍, 🔮, 🎶,🎨, 💭

Samurai Champloo: AGH MY FAV💯💯💯, 😍, 😂, 💔, 🎨🎨, 👊, 🎶🎶🎶

Shingeki no Bahamut: 😍, 😂, 💔, 🎨🎨, 👊,🙀, 🔍, 💭,🔮, 🎶, 👀💦,

Snow White with the Red Hair: 😍😍😍, 😂, 🎨

The Legend of Korra: 💯, 👊, 😍, 😂, 💔, 🔮, 🎶🎶🎶, 🎨

Tonari no Kaibustu-Kun😍😍😍, 😂, 🎨, 💔, 😪, 

Tokyo Ghoul: 💔, 👊, 🙀🙀🙀, 🔍, 🔮, 🎶, 🎨

Xam’d: Lost Memories: 💯,👊, 🙀, 😍😍, 😂, 💔, 🔍, 🔮, 🎶, 🎨, 💭

Zankyou no Terror: RATED T FOR TEARS 💯💯💯, 💔💔💔, 🔍, 🎶🎶🎶,🎨🎨🎨, 💭💭 No seriously this is one that you really shouldn’t ignore.


Howl’s Moving Castle😍,🔮, 🎶, 🎨🎨🎨

Princess Mononoke 💯,👊,😍,🔮, 🎶, 🎨🎨🎨

Wolf Children: 💯,💔💔💔,😍,🔮, 🎶, 🎨🎨🎨

The Girl who leapt through time: 😍, 💔, 🔍, 💭, 😪, 🎨

Summer Wars:  💯, 👊, 😍, 😂, 💔, 🔍, 🎨🎨

Epic: 🎨🎨, 👊, 😍, 😂, 🔮

Spirited Away:  🔮, 😍, 🎨, 🎶,  

Journey to The West: Monkey’s Return: (this is the best quality link i could find i’m sorry TT - TT )  

And just for the heck of it have some of my favorite non anime cartoons:

Gravity Falls

Steven Universe

Star vs the forces of evil

Samurai Jack

Sym-bionic Titan

Go nuts

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